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How Much Does Epoxy Flooring Cost

Are you in the middle of remodeling your home? Or did you buy a new house and are laying out your plans with your designer? The Flooring is the first thing you need to work on then. Have you already decided on this? How about picking out the basic components such as the Epoxy coating?

Epoxy flooring is a long-lasting surface paint or coat that is applied on either wood, cement, metal or concrete as another layer.

The epoxy coat flooring cost depends on several factors such as the size of the property or space, the labor and supplies cost, and the type of epoxy to be used.

How Much Will it Cost to Have Epoxy Applied?

Initially, the epoxy coat flooring cost will depend on the quantity of your order, which will, of course, be dictated by the floor area of the space you will be working on. For you to get a good estimate, try comparing a low-cost and  high-cost price range. This will give you a good compare and contrast before you plan your budget.

Epoxy FlooringThe epoxy flooring cost per square foot is around $2.50 to $2.60. The usual average size of one flooring project is around 500 square feet. Following this, it will cost you a starting price of approximately $1,250 – $1,300. However, if you want to compete for the ceiling price just to be ready, then know that it can reach a safe $1,700 to $2,000.

These price ranges are only pegged on the cost of the materials, though. You still have the labor, supplies and tools costs to add to your computation. 

As for the labor cost, the amount depends on your arrangement with your contractor or laborer. Both of you need to agree if they will be paid per hour or if they will pose a fixed price.

For a good 30 hours, which is the usual total number of hours spent for a flooring work, the workers charge from around $800 to $2,500 in epoxy flooring cost per square foot. Considering this, pick whichever suits your budget and which works to your advantage.

Meanwhile, the supplies and tools cost will depend on the difficulty of the work to be done. Usually, the low-cost types are priced at $160 while the high-cost ones are at $180to $200. However, if the epoxy application requires more effort for reasons such as previous paint or seal damages, then your workers will have to purchase supplies and tools for a workaround.

The types of epoxy vary in consistency and texture. According to an online cost helper, flooring epoxy is categorized into three groups: the 100-percent solid type, the solvent-based type, and the water-based type.

If you prefer the type that is 100-percent solid, then you will need to prepare more in your budget.

The main purpose of applying epoxy is to protect the floors from stains like grease and oil. Naturally, you would want a clean and neat foundation for your home. After all, this will make or break your guests’ first impression of your being a homemaker.

Consider all these mentioned factors in your decision, but as long as the quality of work is not compromised, then you can always choose the cheapest rates.

Purchase with Homewyse

The online guide that Homewyse provides aims to help a client pick out the best options that are suited for saving up. Although they do not provide exact quotations that only the contractors themselves can give out, they have listed tips on how to get a good deal for your flooring project convenience.

The most notable saving tips include choosing several vendors or suppliers instead of just one so that you can make different bids or negotiations and compare which ones will work best for you. Another tip stated in the website is to have similar jobs combined so you can save up in paying labor costs.

Do not hesitate to weigh your options before diving into this project. Check not only for estimates but also for referrals and recommendations from friends or acquaintances that have already experienced having their floors fixed with epoxy.

Do-it-yourself Epoxy Flooring Project

After checking all the estimates you may have realized that it is quite expensive to have an installer do it. So now, you might be planning on doing it on your own to save money or maybe just to try out something new.

First of all, you have to understand that this is a tedious work to do. If your reason for doing this is you are bored, you may want to look for another outlet instead. This is not an ordinary painting job that you can enjoy, unless you are really interested in these kinds of work.

If you are still convinced and willing to do this on your own, then be mindful of the different aspects such as shopping for not only the most affordable but also the most effective tools and supplies, the proper application procedures, and the possible errors to be committed while doing it.

How is Epoxy Applied?

Before anyone could start doing a flooring project, the first step is to clear the entire floor of any debris or dirt. If you want the layout to be leveled and to appear neat, you have to spend time cleaning first. It is expected that the application will be very intricate and will consume time.

If there are stains from the construction work, you may use basic and easy-to-wipe commercial cleaning products. If the space is lumpy and too unleveled, you may want to use a sander, sandblast or sandpaper.

However, in case the work needs heavy-duty sanding, you can purchase a grinder to finish it. This first step will also be very important if the floor has already been previously painted or sealed. If you will have an expert do the job, let him assess how much cleaning has to done before the epoxy application.

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How Much Does Epoxy Flooring Cost


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