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Halloween’s Treat – Tales From KL

I know managing our finance can be a scary thing. But in the spirit of Halloween, lets take a break from all things finance and dwell into the realm of the uncanny.

From Poltergeist to the Nun, many of us are always fascinated with horror films. But what fuels these fascination or excitement towards horror? Is it the adrenaline? Or maybe the fact that we are not alone? What ever the reasons maybe, one thing is for certain in my point of view, ghosts do exist. its just a matter of acceptance.

I have listed below are 3 creepiest mini stories from our very own Malaysia. I must warn you though, some may cause you sleepless nights. Ready? Let’s begin. Oh if its possible, do read this at night…

1. Needy little toddler.

I have always felt that spookiest horror moments are the one that actually occurs during the day. We naturally feel safe in the presence of light and crowds. Hence why when ‘They’ choose to show us their presence in broad day light, it puts you in a very unpleasant surprise.

Petaling Jaya – December 2001.

A family had just purchased a new house some where in Old Klang Road. So they decided to renovate it and had some contractors to work on it. One one particular Monday afternoon at approximately 10.30 am, the chief contractor had told his staff to wait a while while the lorry carrying materials would reach shortly. He had asked them to have a quick breakfast while waiting. The all decided to go except for 1 worker. He said that he would stay on as he had his breakfast already.

He then Walked about the house just to inspect. As he was walking into one of the rooms, he saw a pair of what appeared to be a child’s legs in socks and black shoes on the floor. It was as though the child was lying down. He went closer and asked who’s there, and as he waked closer he actually saw a little girl dressed in a red dress writing on a book. She looked up to him and smiled while saying ” I’m hungry. Where is the food you cooked?,” The worker was shocked and asked who are you and what are you doing here. The child then stood up and walked pass him towards the kitchen. There she went behind the corridor and cried before she vanished. She was never to be found.

Upon investigation, no one knew or heard of that girl. The worker had mysteriously fallen ill and was unable to commence work.

2. Working late

Kuala Lumpur – May 2015

Its pretty obvious that there are no such thing as going back on time if you are in the corporate world. Working late is a norm. But what is not a norm is the scenario below.  Dave is the head of department in corporate communications for a well known company. One day he had to stay back late to complete some reports due the next day. Everyone else had gone home. The time indicated that it was close to 9pm. Glaring at the number on his excel sheet, he felt a warm breath over his left shoulder as though someone was behind him. The breathing got more intense and what he saw from the reflection of the front glass door left him speechless. He saw a silhouette of what appeared to be an old man with his hands on Dave’s shoulder. 

All Dave did was stood and prayed but the reflection soon showed that the apparition was getting closer to him, he remained still and his heart was beating faster than usual. He closed his eyes and all of a sudden the figure disappeared.

3. That old painting

Kelana Jaya – March 2013

Siti a mother of 3, had always been fascinated with art and paintings. She loved to purchase anything that is artistic and her latest one was an old Painting of an aged lady sitting by the window. It was a dark and gloomy painting but Siti saw something beyond that shady canvas. What Siti didn’t know is that her fascination towards that painting will soon turn horrific.

That night Siti hung up that painting right above her dinning table at her home. As soon as her boys and hubby had dinner that night they all chatted away in the hall and soon retired to their slumber. The time was 3.20am and Siti woke up as she felt she heard someone singing. Dazed, Siti slowly walked towards her bedroom door. The singing became louder. She gathered some courage, and walked down towards the dining area and from the top of the staircase, she saw an old lady, siting at the table wearing a scarf with her head facing down. She was weeping as she sang. The figure than slowly looked up and turned towards Siti and continued crying.

to Siti’s surprise, the lady was the exact character in the painting she had bought and when she looked at the painting for a split second, the painting was empty. Siti fainted and rolled down the stairs. The commotion startled her husband and as soon as she woke up she narrated the incident to her family. Later that day, Siti got rid of the picture.

I think these 3 stories should get you to get deeper into that blanket tonight! if they did not scare you, try watching this video below.

Happy Halloween guys!

(Video Source : Top5s YouTube Channel)

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Halloween’s Treat – Tales From KL


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