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Get vaccination for your children now: prevention is better than cure


The Zika virus is now on Malaysian shores, what is next? Viruses are evolving at a pace that we may not fully understand, yet there are still many parents who fail to grasp the serious consequences of delaying their child’s immunisation in Malaysia.  

Vaccination: More important to get it now than ever

Earlier in July, we have also recorded the first outbreak of diphtheria which resulted in 13 cases and five deaths. Diphtheria is a serious bacterial infection that affects the mucous membranes of the throat and nose. Without consistent Vaccination, it can spread easily from one person to another through the air and liquid.

Just like humans, animals and all other living organisms, pathogens (bacterium, virus, or other microorganism that can cause disease) find ways to adapt and survive, and are always on the lookout for their next victim.  Why wouldn’t you want to have your Children protected from the various strains that vaccinations exist for? It also serves the greater community, by ensuring you and your children are protected, and the chances of the infection spreading to others severely reduces since the virus cannot find a host to latch onto.


Parents still choosing not to vaccinate their children in Malaysia

Yet, it is still a long journey before we can get everyone in the country to be on board with the idea of vaccinating the children against infectious diseases like polio, mumps and diphtheria.

In an exclusive interview with KPJ Rawang Specialist Hospital’s experts Dr. Koh Lee Min and Dr. Azlin Ahmad, said vaccination does not stop at their children, parents need to be immunised as well to minimise the exposure of any infectious diseases.

“Rural communities require the highest attention as they still do not understand the necessity for vaccination. We urge all parents to consult the nearest medical centres or hospitals to keep themselves informed so that they can take preventive measures on time,” Koh explained.

Free vaccinations for your children up to 12 years old at public hospitals

The Government has revised the latest immunisation schedule and it is considered to be comprehensive, according to Koh and Ahmad.

Vaccinations for your children are free at public hospitals. Follow the immunisation schedule and consult the nearest public hospital. Adults can update their vaccinations at public or private medical centres in accordance to charges by hospitals.


Teachers, travelers, medical practitioners and food handlers need to ensure they too are immunised

Many Malaysians are still taking vaccination lightly and this has largely increased the risk of children facing fatalities, considering their weaker immune system.

“By ensuring everyone in the same area gets vaccinated, it will create a herd community and lowers the risk of them infecting the children in the neighborhood,” Koh added.

Among the group of people that have higher risks toward these infections are teachers, travellers, medical practitioners and food handlers. Doctors and teachers whom deal with people especially children from different backgrounds are highly recommended to keep themselves updated with vaccinations against diphtheria, Rubella, typhoid and Hepatitis B.

“Travellers that visit countries with high health risks such as Africa (yellow fever) and Middle Eastern countries, must ensure they immunize themselves with the necessary vaccinations before they travel to minimise the risk of getting infected in these countries,” Ahmad said.

For women and especially pregnant ladies, it might be time for you to review your medical records and consider equipping yourself with vaccinations that you do not have yet including Hepatitis B, measles and HPV that can cause cervical cancer.

Here are some of the diseases and its vaccine:

  1. Tuberculosis – BCG

Caused by the bacteria Mycobacterium tuberculosis, it infects the lungs, the brain membranes (meningitis) and continues to spread to other organs. Tuberculosis spreadsthrough air. It causes prolonged cough and bloody coughs/expectorations.

  1. Diphteria (Chicken cough) – Dtap-IPV/Hib

Caused by the bacteria Corynebacterium diphteriae, it infects the throat, leading to difficulty in breathing and death. It spreads through water droplets expelled during coughs or sneezing. Incubation period is between two to six days.

  1. Tetanus (Lockjaw) – Dtap-IPV/Hib

Caused by Clostridium tetani, it leads to muscle spasms especially in the neck and jaw.

  1. Hepatitis B – Hepatitis B

A chronic disease that leads to liver damage and cancer due to hepatitis B virus infection. It spreads through sexual contact, pregnancy (mother to child), instrument sharing such as needles among drug abusers, shaving blades, tattooing needle, earlobe puncturing etc.

  1. Measles / Rubella / Mumps – Measles-Mumps-Rubella(MMR) Vaccine combination

Infection causes fever and rashes. Virus can spread to the brain, lungs and the inner ear. Virus spreads through air when the patient coughs or sneezes.

The cost for these vaccines range from RM64.00 to RM300.00 offered by KPJ Healthcare. To fully embrace you and your loved ones in leading a healthy and happy life, you play an important role by not just taking vaccinations yourself, but also ensuring your children and loved ones are protected too!

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Get vaccination for your children now: prevention is better than cure


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