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Great Weekly Reads #9

The Practical Saver Great Weekly Reads #9 is my weekly roundup of posts I found thought-provoking, substantive, and worth-reading. These posts may help readers in fulfilling their life goals. Please message me if you know of posts you think should be included in The Practical Saver Great Weekly Reads.

Great Weekly Reads #9

Is Investing On Your Own That Scary? – Slowly Sipping Coffee

A lot of people feel that they need to hire financial advisors because they want to make sure they are making the right investment moves. They want to hire these professionals because they feel they don’t have the knowledge on investments. My take on this is, unless you know what you are getting into, it is best that you stay away from investing.

The heart or content of the post revolves around understanding what you are getting into and knowing everything about your investments. Mr. SSC, the author, used his friend and his conversation with him/her to describe how unaware his friend was. Of course, many people can and will relate to this example.

Investing especially investing in the stock market can be a great way to make money or bad way to lose money in a blink of an eye. I recommend that potential investors need to study and gain knowledge on investing or investments before hiring a financial advisor. For me, knowledge is power. I like using war as analogy for investing, that is, you don’t want to go in a battle without knowing what you are getting into or your opponents. Arm yourself with knowledge before speaking with an advisor.

Small Successes On The Road – Mr. Take Escapes

I have always believed that small steps can turn into something big, something valuable.  The author clearly shows just that. He explained the power of positive and small successes.

Mr. Tako, the author of the post, indicated that financial independence is difficult to achieve. I totally agree with such statement. If financial independence were easy to achieve, then, a lot of people would be financially independent.

Some people do take forever to achieve financial independence. Some take only a couple of years to do just that. Some just give up after a couple of tries. Some just quit even before start. I agree with the Mr. Tako’s tip, that is, to stay positive.

I say that whatever you do, always think and remain positive no matter how hard the things that come your way.

Ten Things – Plan.Invest.Escape

Do you ever create your own list of something? I like to create a list of my goals both met and unmet goals. It’s my way of looking how far I have gone and what else are missing that I need to do.

I like Mr. PIE’s new post as he laid out 10 things that he did well and the 10 things he could have done well. The post is simple but very substantive. He stated, in one of his did-well lists, that he understood the power of compounding interest. He further detailed he and his wife max out their 401Ks and invest in 529s.

I am such a proponent of investing early primarily due to the concept behind the compounding interest. I think it’s one of the best discoveries or inventions in the entire universe.

Please checkout Mr. PIE’s new post. I found it interesting, inspiring, and revealing. He said some things there that I never thought of but are really brilliant pieces of advice. One advice that stuck in my head was “doing your best is actually all you need in investing”. I’m sure you’ll find some lessons from his post.

6 Emergency Financial Steps to Take After a Job Loss – Debt Roundup

The stress brought by job loss is difficult to comprehend. In the event that you lose your job, do you know what steps you are going to take? Do you know who will be affected by the sudden change in your life? If your answer to any of these questions is a ‘No’, then, you may want to read this post.

The guest post author, Kayla, explains the 6 steps to take after a job loss. Some of the steps she indicated are filing for unemployment benefits, informing the family, and contacting the bill collectors.

With so many companies laying people off, it is a good idea to understand what you need to when it happens.

Post Graduation Advice for Millennials – Millennial Boss

It’s graduation season once again. A lot of newly grads are transitioning their way into the real world, that is, the fierce job market. Unfortunately, not all will be lucky to get a job.

MB, the author of the post, has great advice to those who are looking for jobs but can’t land one. She started her post by describing her situation (in the past) and how not landing a job helped her find her own career. She explained what mistake(s) she made and provided advice to new graduates.




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Great Weekly Reads #9


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