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2020-03-31 20:47
After passing the $2T Economic Stimulus deal, many americans are left asking when they will receive their 2020 Stimulus Check. The Treasury Department and IRS today announced that distributi… Read More
2020-03-19 20:02
Everything we know about Stimulus 2020 as a result of the Coronavirus. The post Stimulus 2020 appeared first on IRS Refund Schedule Read More
2020-03-18 12:06
The important thing to know is that as of right now, there is no plans to delay 2020 tax refunds. As in the money the IRS/Treasury owes to you will not be delayed as of right now. The post N… Read More
2020-01-06 15:09
First Day to E-File Today is the First Day to E-File and for most other Tax Software companies. We do not actually file income taxes for individuals at We merel… Read More
2019-02-15 16:53
How will a National Emergency impact your Tax Refund in 2019? We will breakdown how it has impacted Tax Refunds in the past. President Trump declares a National Emergency to have wall built… Read More
2019-01-07 19:02
The IRS just announced the First day that 2019 tax refunds will be processed. The IRS First Day to Process in 2019 is January 28th, 2019. We have updated our 2019 Refund Schedule to match th… Read More
2019-01-02 23:15
So far H&R Block is the only tax provider to announce that it will have a tax advance program for 2019. Refund Advance 2019 H&R Block Refund Advance 2019 Details: Q.) What is the H&a&hell…Read More
2018-08-14 18:45
See below for the 2019 Refund Schedule for your 2018 Tax Return. IRS Refund Schedule 2019 We have all the news and information about the 2019 Refund Schedule. Read below for the disclai… Read More
2018-01-17 19:26
IRS have finally updated their Where’s My Refund tool. They will be unloading millions of dollars over the next few days to taxpayers. We have received news that the IRS updated their… Read More
2018-01-17 18:47
Instant Tax Refund: Pros and Cons. Is an Instant Tax Refund worth it? Find out our opinion. We have had this question many times. Where can I get an “Instant Tax Refund?” or Is a… Read More
2018-01-01 15:19
Child Tax Credit after Tax Reform 2017 We recently had some Tax Reform in 2017. We want to explain exactly how it will impact your Child Tax Credit. This is very complicated and we will… Read More
2017-12-01 15:39
Trump Tax Plan 2018 We have the full breakdown of all the current tax regulations going on for 2018. See below for the full Trump Tax Plan 2018. On November 16, 2017, the U.S. House of… Read More
2017-06-02 18:32
2018 Refund Schedule for Tax Year 2017 See below for the 2018 Refund Schedule for your 2017 Tax Return. We have all the news and information about the 2018 Refund Schedule. Read below f… Read More
2017-04-17 16:23
The IRS reminds taxpayers that tomorrow is Tax Day 2017 Tax Day 2017: Tomorrow is final day to file for a 2016 Tax Extension or file your 2016 Tax Return. The IRS would like all taxpayers to… Read More
2017-02-11 13:39
Where’s My Refund Update for PATH act We will constantly update this page as we have news regarding the PATH act tax delay message. We have now had a validated Married-Filing Jointly P… Read More
2017-02-06 21:08
What does the PATH message mean? We have got this question so much that we decided to give you the exact answer to the PATH message alert on Where’s My Refund. The PATH message on Wher… Read More
2017-01-25 01:27
IRS set first Direct Deposit Dates in 2017 Today the IRS set the first Direct Deposit Dates for 2016 Tax Returns. We have had many reports from our Facebook followers as well as through emai… Read More
2017-01-05 21:36
Commissioner John Koskinen released a statement on 2017 Filing Season Kickoff Today the IRS Commissioner released a statement regarding Tax Season 2017. Today is the first day for many tax s… Read More
2016-12-13 15:18
New 2017 Standard IRS Mileage Rate Announced! IRS announced 2017 Standard Mileage Rates for Business, Medical and Moving Expenses  The Internal Revenue Service today issued the IRS Mile… Read More
2016-11-27 20:53
2017 Tax Tables released (Tax Year 2016) The IRS have released their 2017 Tax Tables for Tax Year 2016. The 2017 Tax Tables were released and we have them below. Source. These are the Tax Ra… Read More
2016-11-09 15:10
President Donald Trump’s Tax Plan What is Donald Trump’s Tax Plan and how does it impact you? We have previously wrote regarding the different between President Elect Donald Trum… Read More
2016-09-12 17:49
Have you received strange phone calls from other states representing your state government or the IRS? Did you or your family member receive a strange phone call from someone claiming to be… Read More
IRS Rebate Program 2016
2016-08-31 20:57
IRS Rebate Program 2016 IRS Tax Rebate Program 2016 was a rumor spread in late 2015 to give consumers false hope for a federal tax rebate. The last time there was any form of IRS tax re… Read More
2017 Refund Schedule Now Available
2016-08-23 19:44
2017 Refund Schedule now available We have the Refund Schedule and our estimated first 2017 IRS acceptance date below. We know it is early this year, but just for informational purposes we h… Read More
Income Tax Return 2017
2016-08-10 15:01
Income Tax Return 2017 Are you ready for your Income Tax Return 2017? Before you know it, it’ll be time to file your 2016 IRS Tax Return. Get an early start by Calculating your 20… Read More
2016-07-15 22:30
2017 Tax Refund Delay For Some There is a new federal law enacted that will cause a 2017 Tax Refund Delay for those claiming the earned income credit as well as the Additional Child Tax Cred… Read More
Today Is Tax Day 2016.
2016-04-18 12:48
Today is Tax Day 2016 Today is Tax Day 2016. This is the deadline for filing all 2015 Federal Tax Returns. If you attempt to file and are rejected, you will have until the 23rd to refile… Read More
2016-04-10 13:34
Tax Day 2016 approaching In 8 days, Tax Day 2016 will be here. The 2016 Tax Deadline for 2015 federal taxes filed is April 18th, 2016. The IRS pushed Tax Day 2016 back by three days t… Read More
2016-04-04 17:39
Match My 2016 Tax Refund Winner Announced We would like to thank everyone who liked and shared our facebook and twitter posts. We consider this to be a great success and plan to do th… Read More
2016-02-23 14:00
Contest: We will match one lucky taxpayers 2016 IRS Refund. We have invested a lot of money into social media marketing. We have decided to stop spending money on advertising in an effort… Read More
2016-02-07 13:18
How do you plan to spend your Tax Refund? Just for Fun: Those who have already gotten their refund or will get it Wednesday, how do you plan to spend your Tax Refund? We know a lot of pe… Read More
2016-01-18 02:59
IRS Free File 2016 now available Taxpayers who want to take advantage of the Internal Revenue Service’s free tax preparation e-filing program won’t have to wait. The IRS Free F… Read More
2016-01-14 18:00
When will you get your tax refund? Updated 2016 Tax Season We are getting many many questions from taxpayers regarding when to expect their tax refund. We have our E-File Cycle Chart, but… Read More
2016-01-09 15:25
2016 IRS Tax Refund Pins dated incorrectly. The IRS just announced that the 2016 IRS Tax Refunds Pin letters sent out had the incorrect year listed. This is due to an internal error on the I… Read More
2015-12-17 02:29
H&R Block Holiday Loan 2016 now available We recently found out that H&R Block is now offering a program to help for the holidays. We are sure that this does mean some added cost, bu… Read More
2006-06-07 11:16
First IRS 2014 Direct Deposits Just Went Out. February 6th, 2014, 12:00A.M. the I.R.S. sent out thousands of tax payments to individuals who filed before January 31st, 2014. Some individuals… Read More
2006-06-07 11:16
I.R.S. have finally updated their Where’s My Refund tool. They will be unloading millions of dollars over the next few days to taxpayers. We have received news that the I.R.S. updated… Read More

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IRS Refund Schedule - 2016 IRS Refunds - Where's My Refund


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