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Scooter Insurance: Should You Get It?

Scooter Insurance: Should You Get It?

Owning a Scooter significantly adds to the convenience you love to cherish in your everyday life. These light two-wheelers largely ease up commutation locally and within your city. Scooters are open motor vehicles, where the seat of the driver is positioned over the enclosed engine. The floorboard supports their legs once the driver sits in the driving position.

Whether you are traveling to work or getting back, or enjoying a leisurely ride across the city, scooters continue to be an affordable means of transportation. Besides, you would love the breeze washing your face during the leisurely rides around your home. Regardless of your purpose in using a scooter, protecting the vehicle is a necessity. This explains why most scooter owners insure these vehicles.

It’s logical to customize your plan after consulting Insurance specialists like Remember, it’s mandatory to purchase insurance for your two-wheelers as per government regulations as soon as you purchase one.

Different Types of Scooter Insurance Policies

While purchasing Scooter Insurance online, you can choose from different types of policies that reputed insurers have come up with. Here are some of the most popular ones to choose from.

1.Comprehensive Scooter Insurance Policy

A comprehensive insurance policy would cover all the damages to your scooter. Logically, this is the best type of policy the owners should opt for. A comprehensive policy would secure your vehicle against everything for which the rider is not at fault. Therefore, with this type of policy in place, you can cover the repair expenses of your vehicle that arise from accidents.

Some comprehensive policies cover third-party accident costs as well. Eventually, this provides monetary assistance for damages caused by another individual. This also includes their property or scooter. A comprehensive policy would also cover the medical expenses in case of accidents where you’re not the one at fault.

2. Third-Party Cover

Third-party insurance for your scooter would cover all the costs arising from damages and injuries suffered by a third party following an accident. However, this type of policy would not cover the damages incurred by the rider.

3. Add-on Covers

Some individuals prefer to purchase an additional insurance policy to further secure their expenses. These include:

  • Insurance cover for daily allowance
  • Cover for protecting EMIs
  • Nil depreciation cover

Reputed insurance specialists like Surex have experts thatwould guide you over your specific requirements.

What Does Scooter Insurance Cover?

Scooter Insurance covers the following and thereby secures you against unpredictable expenses:

Burglary and Theft

After all, you cannot ward off the chances of your two-wheeler getting stolen. With a comprehensive insurance cover, you can secure your expenses following theft or burglary of the scooter.

Personal Accident Coverage

Purchasing scooter insurance would help you obtain financial assistance to cover personal injuries. This applies to the rider or owner and covers the expenses to treat disabilities, both temporary or permanent, or loss of limbs. This type of cover is applicable when a person mounts, dismounts, or rides the scooter.

Fire and Explosion

Chances of an explosion, self-ignition, or fire cannot be discarded altogether when using a scooter. Comprehensive coverage would secure your vehicle against these perils.

Own Damage Coverage

In case the scooter is damaged in an accident owing to your own faults, the insurance company would cover the losses. Depending on the amount of coverage that suits your requirements, the premium would vary.

Legal Third-Party Liability

In an accident, you might end up in a position where you need to compensate a third party for the losses they’ve incurred during an accident. Besides, you need to cover your legal expenses following an accident as well. Scooter insurance would secure you against these expenses.

Damages Caused by a Man-Made or Natural Activity

Your scooter may incur damages as a result of riots, strikes, floods, lightning, earthquake, terrorist activities, transit by any means, etc. With a proper insurance package, you can cover all these dangers.

Benefits of Buying a Scooter Insurance Policy

As a scooter owner, you might be wondering whether it would be worth investing in an insurance policy. In case you’re in a dilemma, here are some reasons explaining the value of these policies.

1. Financial Protection

In case you meet with an accident, expenses may mount unreasonably. An insurance plan can cushion you in these situations, limiting your actual expenses. After all, you can get all the damages fixed without shelling out anything from your pocket.

2. Cost of spare parts

Purchasing spare parts like bolts, nuts, or tail lights over an extended period can significantly add to the expenses. Having an insurance plan in place would secure you against such costs.

3. Roadside assistance

When you purchase a policy, it’s wise to opt for roadside assistance. This would help you in scenarios such as flat tyres, minor repairs, towing, etc.

4. Accidental injuries

Following an accident, you may need treatments to heal from injuries. Once you get yourself insured, you can get financial assistance to deal with such accidental medical costs.


As a scooter owner, you should be fully aware of two aspects. Firstly, you need to get your vehicle insured as per the mandatory norms of the government. Next, you need to shield yourself against unwanted expenses arising from accidents, injuries, calamities, and other dangers. It pays to secure yourself against these perils, given that you don’t have much say over how others would be driving when you hit the road.

Considering the plethora of insurers in the market, choosing the right one can be a tough call to make. Insurance specialists such as Surex give you professional guidance which allows you to narrow down your options logically. Purchasing your policy online is easy—you simply need professional guidance to help you decide the right package!

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Scooter Insurance: Should You Get It?


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