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2023-06-09 06:35
Canadian borrowers are fortunate to have so many alternative lenders to choose from when they need a personal loan. Even those with bad credit have plenty of options, but with so many choice… Read More
2023-06-06 19:16
When you don’t have good credit or a high income, it can be very tough to get approved for a loan, especially through banks, credit unions, and other prime lenders. If you don’t… Read More
2023-06-06 16:55
While easyfinancial offers lenient lending criteria, it’s still possible to get turned down for a loan. If that’s happened to you, you’ll be happy to know that there are pl… Read More
2023-06-05 13:20
Whether you’re looking to buy a vehicle that’s built for economy, luxury, or performance, Mazda has it all. They have produced cars for almost 100 years and even provide Mazda fi… Read More
2023-06-01 15:19
There are seemingly endless ways to make a few extra bucks on the side, and refer-a-friend programs are one of the easiest. The Fido Refer-A-Friend program, however, is different. You can ea… Read More
2023-06-01 12:38
Keepa, the tracking platform for Amazon product prices, is exactly like stock alerts and cheap flight alerts, but for products you want. Plus it is about Amazon, which dominates Canada&rsquo&hell…Read More
2023-05-31 17:35
Buying a used car can be much more affordable than a new one. Nonetheless, the average price of a used car can still be very high. Plus, what’s affordable to someone else may not be fo… Read More
2023-05-30 12:20
If you have bad credit and are having trouble getting approved for a loan with your bank or credit union, Fairstone might be able to help. This alternative loan provider offers personal loan… Read More
2023-05-29 15:55
One of the many benefits of online shopping is the possibility of finding a great coupon code. This is the type of thing that would never happen at the mall. But searching for codes that act… Read More
2023-05-26 17:15
Buying a house in Canada is extremely expensive, with the average price for a home across the country currently sitting at $686,371. Given this cost, saving up for a down payment for a mortg… Read More
2023-05-26 15:43
The stress of having maxed-out credit cards or needing to use payday loan services just to get through the week can become a heavy burden to bear. If you’re feeling this pressure, you… Read More
2023-05-26 14:43
Cell phone plans in Canada are expensive but they come with different ways to earn perks. Koodo Refer-A-Friend is a referral program that can pay as much as $300. While other discount or low… Read More
2023-05-25 18:31
If you’d like to make some extra money, there are now many rewards-based financial platforms that give you cash rewards for helping them grow their customer base. Some of the best refe… Read More
2023-05-25 15:46
There are so many ways to make a little extra money, and Wealthismple Refer-A-Friend is one of the best refer-a-friend programs in Canada. A Wealthsimple referral code is a potentially lucra… Read More
2023-05-24 15:05
Before you buy a car in Canada, it’s important to factor in any sales taxes that the seller might charge. The sales tax on cars in BC can drastically change how much you’ll pay o… Read More
2023-05-23 18:29
Paying property taxes may not be the most pleasant experience, but it’s a necessity for homeowners. You may have noticed that your property taxes tend to change every year, which… Read More
2023-05-19 16:33
It’s the last thing you want to see in your rear-view mirror when driving: police cruiser lights signalling you to pull over. You were speeding and got caught, which can happen to anyo… Read More
2023-05-19 15:08
It’s no secret that cars are expensive, especially when purchased new. That’s why some drivers prefer to lease vehicles, which essentially allows them to try out a car for a spec… Read More
2023-05-17 17:51
Home insurance can protect you, your family, and your possessions from loss or liability in the event of a fire, flood, or other disaster on your property. That’s why home insurance is… Read More
2023-05-17 16:10
Inflation has caused a significant rise in prices across Canada. That effect is particularly noticeable when it comes to the cost of rent in provinces like British Columbia, where many of th… Read More
2023-05-16 12:00
Every three to five years, you’re required to renew your mortgage. While renewing your mortgage can lead to lower interest rates, it can also lead to a denial. If your finances or cred… Read More
2023-05-12 17:10
When you buy a house or piece of in Canada, it can come with certain conditions that you must take responsibility for as the new homeowner such as property taxes and insurance. It may also b… Read More
2023-05-09 13:49
If you have a student loan and are a resident of Nova Scotia, you should be aware of the Resolve platform. You can use this platform to manage your loan online and even save money on interes… Read More
2023-05-05 14:09
Consumer proposals are Canada’s number one alternative to bankruptcy. They help those who are experiencing serious debt problems repay a portion of the money they owe and become debt f… Read More
2023-05-04 14:59
Credit cards are among the most popular credit products due to their convenience and perks. Plus, they’re easy to qualify for and there are many types of credit cards for every user. T… Read More
2023-05-03 16:23
Having equity in your home is advantageous because it can improve your net worth and provide you with access to affordable credit. This is why building equity in Canada is important. If you… Read More
2023-05-02 14:48
After bidding on an auction item on eBay, you’re having second thoughts and are now wondering how to cancel a bid on eBay. Is this even possible? As per eBay’s rules, transaction… Read More
2023-05-01 15:50
Canadian labour laws vary depending on which province or territory you work in. It’s important for employers to abide by these laws because they set the standards for our wages, break… Read More
2023-05-01 14:30
We found you an extra $250. Cancel one premium subscription and you’ve got it.  Today, free beats fee in every domain. In fact, the only real benefit of a monthly subscription is… Read More
2023-04-27 15:28
You’d be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn’t use Google in some capacity. Having a Google account is common, and it’s free to create and use. Instead, Google makes mon… Read More
2023-04-26 16:39
If money is tight, one of the first budget items you should consider cutting out is delivery services like Uber. Depending on how much you use the service, you could be saving a ton of money… Read More
2023-04-25 15:55
Delivery apps have made life super convenient for Canadians. With a couple of taps on your mobile device, you can order groceries, food, drinks, and rides. But you’re paying quite a bi… Read More
2023-04-25 14:40
There are many different media streaming services you can subscribe to nowadays, but summer is right around the corner, which usually means less time for binge-watching. In that case, cancel… Read More
2023-04-24 17:27
The concept of free shipping is no longer a novelty. But back in the day, I was excited about Amazon Prime’s free shipping feature, as were millions of others.  The thing is, Amaz… Read More
2023-04-20 17:48
Cars are expensive, and one way to keep costs low is to buy a used car with a rebuilt title. But while you might be saving a lot of money, you might also be taking on a lot more risk. So, is… Read More
2023-04-20 16:06
*This post was created in collaboration with Alpine Credits. As a homeowner, the longer you pay into your mortgage, the more you’re building your investment. More specifically, you&rsq&hell…Read More
2023-04-18 18:04
If you’ve ever bought a product or service in Canada, then you’re all too familiar with the sales tax you have to pay on top of the ticket price. But are you familiar with &lsquo&hell…Read More
2023-04-18 15:47
The world of real estate is chock full of terms that you might be unfamiliar with, and “freehold strata” may be one of them.  There are several variations when it comes to p… Read More
2023-04-14 15:34
Buying a car of any kind is a huge financial responsibility, one that can cause a lot of debt. In fact, a high-cost car can land you an upside-down car loan. This happens when your car loan… Read More
2023-04-13 17:58
When birthdays, holidays, and other gift-giving occasions roll around, it can be tough to figure out the right present to give someone. While some people are easier to get gifts for, others… Read More
2023-04-12 15:45
Filing your taxes as a family can be a lot more complicated than as an individual. There are many more family tax credits and benefits you can qualify for. Unfortunately, when you file taxes… Read More
2023-04-12 15:40
It’s not uncommon for students to need a little extra help with their classes. But tutoring can be expensive, especially for students who may not have the financial resources to cover… Read More
2023-04-11 18:38
Whether you want to find a new career path or start a family, there are many ways that you can give yourself a better life by immigrating to Canada. Luckily, the federal, provincial, and ter… Read More
2023-04-11 16:47
Credit cards are some of the most common financial products in Canada, but they can be hard to get when you have bad credit. Moreover, having zero access to credit can become a real problem… Read More
2023-04-11 16:39
Looking to immigrate to Canada? If so, there are plenty of steps and paperwork involved that you’ll want to get familiar with. And while you could try to navigate all the complexities… Read More
2023-04-10 19:13
When you’re short on money, a personal loan can help you pay for expenses and spread the costs over multiple months or years. But sometimes getting approved for a loan isn’t poss… Read More
2023-04-10 18:31
*This post was created in collaboration with Alpine Credits It seems like just about everything is taxed, and your home is no exception. Property taxes are part and parcel of homeownership… Read More
2023-03-30 17:48
What are you going to do with the possible $467 you get from the Federal Budget Grocery Rebate to feed your family of 4? How far will it go? When will you get it?  Canadians are really… Read More
2023-03-30 16:01
Amazon has become the go-to source for online shoppers all over the world.  You can find just about anything you’re looking for without leaving your home. With prices so low there… Read More

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