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How To Get Over Business Jealousy

Jealousy for aweber and blogI have a confession to make…

I used to get crazy psycho super jealous of women who had the kind of business I wanted.

So jealous that I could not even stand following them on social media.

One of these women was NY Times bestselling author and gorgeous seemingly perfect spiritual goddess Gabby Bernstein.

I went to a lecture for her book May Cause Miracles and found myself seething with envy while staring at her stunning face and a room packed full of people who adored her work.

I spent the next 6 months tearing her down in my mind with harsh judgments like…

She’s not THAT pretty!

She’s probably a big fake who just writes about this spiritual stuff to make lots of money :(

She’s really skinny. does she even eat?

And on and on and on…

But I knew deep down that all my scathing judgments of Gabby were just masking anger I had towards myself.

She was unapologetically creating the kind of life and career I had always wanted.

I felt like a lame weak loser because I was not doing that for myself.

And that pissed me off bigtime!

But then I had a eureka moment about what spending so much time and energy being jealous was doing to me.

I changed my perspective and it shifted my entire world and business really fast.

So on today’s episode of HeyAgathaTV we talk about how business jealousy keeps YOU stuck (and how to get over it):

Embracing and supporting awesome female entrepreneurs was a game changer.

It helped me…

Accept myself.
The more I accept and trust myself the faster my following and biz grows!

Stop wasting my valuable energy on hate and jealousy.
Use that shiz for building my biz instead!

Realize that women I admire are not different or better than me.
I can totally do what they do!

What’s even wilder is some of the female entrepreneurs I used to be so jealous of are now finding my blog and supporting me.

How amazeballs is that?!?

And, finally, the best reason of all to give up business jealousy…

Supporting other women is a real stand for sisterhood.

That may sound cheezy weezy but it’s true.

As women we are often taught in this society to cut each other down, which keeps us separate from one another.

That separateness often leaves us feeling miserable and alone because, according to the Huffington Post, women are naturally collaborative and want to help others.

Yup! Collaboration makes us H-A-P-P-Y and it can also expand our businesses like gangbusters.

I have more love and support from women than ever before and things in my business have never moved as fast as they are now.

Even Sweaty Armpit Girl knows what’s up…
Sweaty Talk Jealousy










So let go of all that jealousy bullkaka and embrace others instead.

You with me?

Have YOU ever been seethingly jealous of anyone’s business?

Tell me in the comments below!

And if you have peeps who suffer from major biz envy tweet this out to them:
Say ‘F U’ to business jealousy. Embracing awesome peeps helps you grow like crazy.

Here’s my anti-jealousy rap ditty that you can sing to yourself as a reminder…

I used to hate on Gabby Bernstein and her perfect butt,
She has the kind of career I’d always dreamed of.

But cutting her down made me feel like crappy crap,
I was just judging myself for not being where she’s at.

Cuz when you have business jealousy,
You’re basically saying “That person’s better than me!”

And that is gonna keep you stuck where you are,
Embrace other people’s awesomeness to help yourself go far.

Business Jealousy,
Ain’t Nobody Got Time!
Business Jealousy,
Ain’t Nobody Got Time!

huge thank you to Gabby Bernstein for inspiring this! XOXO Agatha

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How To Get Over Business Jealousy


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