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Why Goals Are Stupid (And Ineffective)

Goals Still for blog and aweberHave you ever been really excited about a goal you set?

You put tons of effort in to reach it and it’s so exciting and amazing and you’re totally gonna get there!!!

And then you don’t.

And then you feel like a poopie kaka failure.

And then it’s harder to keep trying, because you don’t want to feel like a poopie kaka failure EVER again.

So then you get stuck in the spiral of goals, without making much progress in your business.

Yup, that’s how setting goals goes down for most people.

According to, only 8% of goals are ever met.

That means 92% of the goals people set go down in flames.

92% failure rate?!?!?!?

F that! Not on my watch.

On this episode of HeyAgathaTV we talk about why goals are stupid and what to do instead:

Let me give you a real life example…

I launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise capital so I can hire assistants to help meet the demand that is coming my way.

And I asked for a big kahuna $30,000 to fund all my assisting needs for 2 years!

Can you imagine what could happen if I made the $30K my “goal” and did not meet it?

My brain could definitely use that as an excuse to quit and call myself a big fat failure, bringing my entire business to a halt.

So instead I set the $30,000 as my intended amount to raise and if I get there through crowd funding that’s great!

But if I don’t that’s totally OK and I will explore other options.

I don’t set goals because they give your brain too many excuses to stop when you feel uncomfortable!

Even Sweaty Armpit Girl loves herself some intentions…
Sweaty For Goals










But there is something really important to keep in mind…

Setting intentions does not mean you get a free pass to not take any action!

It just allows you more space to course correct and it’s a much gentler (and faster) way of getting where you want to go.

So how about you?

Ever set a really important goal you did not meet?

Tell us about it in the comments below!

And tweet this out to your peeps that are goal setting addicts:
92% of goals are never met. Goals are stupid. Forget them & set intentions instead.

Sing my rap song to yourself if you are ever tempted to set a goal again…

Goals are s-s-stupid,
Yes they are!

You set tons of goals,
Thinking you’ll go far.

But did you know 92% of goals are never met?
You set your goals so high and then you fret!

That’s why I believe in setting strong intentions.
They’re a kinder and gentler way to create sustainable ascension.

That’s why goals are s-s-stupid,
Yes they are!

now go set some bombass intentions! XOXO Agatha


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Why Goals Are Stupid (And Ineffective)


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