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10 Cool Things to Buy with 200 Dollars — WikiChanges Editor’s Picks

Running out of gift ideas? You are tight with budget? Simply want to hear other people’s recommendation? Wikichanges editors have come up with The top 10 cool things to buy with 200 dollars!

Selection Criteria:

  1. Cool: We just don’t want boring things. We want innovation that can make us smarter or add convenience to our lives. Although different people perceives the definition of “cool” differently, WikiChanges tries to be cool anyways.
  2. Trending: GoPro, new mobile phones, new cameras are getting boring. So, these gadgets actually didn’t make to our list. We want to pick something that’s relatively new and on track to pick up more steam in 2018 and beyond.
  3. On budget: Since it’s about the cool things to buy with 200 dollars, all of the things will be under $200 but with some recommendations that have higher quality with more money though.

What are you waiting for? Let’s roll!

No. 10: Lego Boost Creative Toolbox

cool things to buy with 200 dollars wikichanges


We are in the 21st century, learning how to program is not a nice-to-have skill anymore. It’s a must-have skill now.

Well, in order to learn how to program, you must have the basic logical thinking first.

Do you want your kids to stay competitive in the future job market? This is the fun and interactive toy for your kids. Good for age 7+.

Lego Boost Creative Toolbox comes with 5-in-1 instructions. First, you can build a robot, cat, guitar, block builder, and rover.

Second, you can program via iPad to drag and drop logic blocks to program these robots to do interesting activities. Super simple to use.

For example, you can program the Lego Boost cat to play harmonica by identifying different Lego color blocks; or you can clap your hand to command the robot the move forward or even respond to your question.

Let’s hear what the kids said:

Credit from Lego

No. 9: Lego Architecture

cool things to buy with 200 dollars wikichanges


Every building architecture represents a piece of history in time, culture, and society. What if every significant and symbolic modern building architecture can be represented in a Lego set? That’s the mission of Lego Architecture wants to accomplish.

Unlike most other Lego series, such as City, Star Wars, Minecraft, etc, Lego Architecture series is a class of its own that represents elegance, unbeatable craftsmanship, and high attention to details that will make you take a deep breath.

Sears Tower, Space Needle, Solomon Guggenheim Museum, United States Capital Building, Burj Khalifa, and so on. They are all part of the Lego Architecture series.

The best part is every Lego Architecture box has a pamphlet to introduce the history of this architecture and the importance of this architecture. Good interactive information to know than sitting in a classroom.

Simply amazing and it’s just a different animal from other regular Legos. WikiChanges editors especially loves the US Capitol Building because it’s just grand, beautiful, and displayable in the living room or workplace.

Credit from ttpm

No. 8: Stuffed Animal Bean Bag

cool things to buy with 200 dollars wikichanges


Stuffed animals overflow at home? You are not sure where to put them on one hand, but don’t want to donate all of them just yet on the other hand? We have a creative solution for you: stuffed animal bean bag.

It should be very self explanatory. All you need to do is to shovel all your extra stuffed animals into the bean bag. Walla! You have an extra bean bag that you or your kids to enjoy watching TV with in the living room. It’s just a simple and creative home solution.

And yes, finally you have a road to walk instead of stuffed animal roadblocks everywhere.

Please do me a favor, just don’t put any die-cast or plastic action figures like Transformers, Spiderman, Star Trek figures, or Lego inside this bean bag unless you want to turn that bean bag into a weapon instead.

I bet your boys will love that idea.

Credit from Creative GT

No. 7: Sony Noise Cancellation Ear Buds

cool things to buy with 200 dollars wikichanges


I know, I know. Another bluetooth earphone product, right? Not really.

Before Apple brought AirPods to the market, many bluetooth Noise Cancellation earphones are big that wrapped around your head. The small noise cancellation earphones are usually wired.

Unfortunately, Apple AirPods is not a noise cancellation earphones. However, it inspired other leading audio equipment companies, such as Sony, Bose, and Bang & Olufsen to go one step further to create noise cancellation wireless earbuds.

Lightweight, active noise cancellation, long battery life. Sure, Sony Earbuds is an incremental improvement and not a wow product. It does make the user experience subtly different though.

You can even adjust the noise cancellation depending on the noise level in the environment with the iOS or Android apps. How cool is that.

It also comes with different ear pieces so that this Sony Earbuds won’t fall off from your ears when you are walking or running. Something that Apple AirPods‘s customers complain a lot of.

Sony makes to our list mostly because it has a good balance between quality and price. However, if you care more a bit more on quality, then you’ll have to pay a little extra.

The best balance between quality and price that WikiChanges recommends is actually Bose SoundSport Wireless Earphone. But it costs $250.

Since this article is about the top 10 coolest things to buy with 200 dollars, let’s stick with Sony Earbuds.

Credit from cnet

No. 6: Funko Pop Figures

cool things to buy with 200 dollars wikichanges


Even I don’t know why these plastic figures become SOOOOOO virally popular, especially among kids, teens, and young adults.

Ranging from DC comics characters, to Avengers, to Minecraft, to Dragonball Z, to Game of Thrones, to even Donald Trump, Funko Pop has a figure of it.

IT IS EVERYWHERE. I don’t know how that happened, when that happened, and why that happened. All I know is that these pop figures are darn adorable and cute.

Since it’s a collectible items, you never know how much value will these pop figures appreciate in 20 years. Look at those unopened G1 Transformers, especially the original Optimus Prime and Megatron. They are in the hundreds and thousands.

In fact, quite a handful of Funko Pop figures are already in hundreds and thousands. For example, Stan Lee Guan Yu Autograph Authenticated is listed for $999.99 at eBay. Star Wars Shadow Trooper is listed for $1750! Crazy, right?

Anyways, and yes, The Last Jedi Funko Pop series is already in store too:

Credit from Original Funko Pop

No. 5: iFetch

cool things to buy with 200 dollars wikichanges


If you can train your dog to do a lot of cool tricks, then you can also train it to play fetch and reload the tennis ball back to iFetch. Now your flurry friend can play endless fetch until it’s exhausted. You can lay back and chill while your dog entertains itself.

At least it gives you an alternative option. When you really want to play with your dog, you can fetch the ball yourself and play with your flurry friend. But when you are tired, you can fall back with the iFetch option.

iFetch also comes with different size. If you have a smaller dog, there’s another iFetch product that fetches smaller tennis balls, instead of the regular size tennis balls.

Credit from iFetch

No. 4: Tile Pro Tracker

cool things to buy with 200 dollars wikichanges


Just several days ago, I didn’t know where I placed both of my car keys right before I needed to drop my son off to school. I wished I had this Tile Pro Tracker to locate my car keys at that moment. Of course, I didn’t have this Tile Tracker. My son and I ended up calling Uber to go to school.

I also ended up calling Uber to commute to work and back home that day. One incident that costed me about $200 transportation fee that day.

When I came back home that night, I furiously tried to find my car key. Finally, I found it. It was just in one of my jacket’s pocket. Ironic, isn’t it?

After that, I said, screw it. I need an item tracker. I came across this Tile Pro Tracker. It has been great so far.

First, I’d need to set the expectation that Tile Pro Tracker is not a GPS tracker that can track an item anywhere in the world. GPS tracker is usually a bigger device and requires monthly subscription fee.

Tile Pro Tracker is just a bluetooth tracker with distance range limitation. It can detect and find an object within 200 feet from your mobile phone, or vice versa.

200 feet is a little longer than the width of an American football field. Not too bad. It should satisfy 75% of the use cases.

For the remainder 25% of long range tracking use cases, Tile Tracker can show you where was the item last seen on the map. If you mark that item as lost, it can send out signal to all Tile Trackers in the network so if your lost item is nearby other people’s Tile Tracker, it’ll notify you.

Although leveraging the Tile network has mixed reliability review, at least there’s one good success story that made the news:

Credit from abc7 news

No. 3: New Matter Mod-t 3D Printer

cool things to buy with 200 dollars wikichanges


Do you know the house construction industry is actually experimenting with 3D printer to even print out the entire house?

The medical industry, on the other hand, is also experimenting with 3D printer to print out different organs in the future.

So, talking about future and opportunities here? Now, we can play around 3D printing at home relatively economically with acceptable quality.

Slashed from $399 to $199 now. You can browse New Matter’s Store to either find the existing 3D design you like, or design your own. After that, you just send your desired image to the 3D printer to print it out. It’s that simple.

Credit from New Matter

No. 2: Google Home Mini

cool things to buy with 200 dollars wikichanges


Home virtual assistant and automation anyone? Google Home Mini is its response to Amazon’s Echo Dot 2. It’s the smaller version of Google Home. Here are my opinions on the decision trees:

  1. If you want great search results and great sound in a standalone device, go with Google Home.
  2. If you want great search results and want to hook up your home stereo system with more setup, go with Google Home Mini.
  3. Lastly, if you want good-enough search results but want to hook up your home stereo system with easy setup, go with Amazon Echo Dot 2.

When you weigh all these different data points, Google Home Mini still comes out a little ahead than the Echo Dot 2 in my opinion.

It’s a tough choice actually because both of them are so close. But when you search different reviews on the web and look at the head to head comparisons, such as this one at Forbes where it went through 45 test cases, Google Home Mini is better based on a 360 evaluation.

Credit from Google

No. 1: Osmo

cool things to buy with 200 dollars wikichanges


Simply wow. Osmo won numerous education product award for 3 years straight. Its mission is to turn your kids iPhone/iPad time into some good interactive educational sessions, instead of Angry Bird or Plant vs. Zombie sessions.

Currently Osmo is only compatible on Apple iOS devices like iPad or iPhone. Osmo can mix your iPad virtual world with the reality world. For example, one of the Osmo modules is named Monster. It’s an interactive drawing class. The monster will tell you what do draw on your Osmo white pad.

After you have finished drawing that, you can slide that drawing into the virtual world.  Your drawing will show up on the screen. The Monster will then play with your drawing. That’s just amazing. Much more engaging than anything ever.

Let me show you the demo video:

Credit from Osmo

This is just one example. Osmo also provides other modules like spelling, coding, numbers, physics, etc. All of them are super interactive. Other than using Osmo as the education session, you can use that as the family bonding time.

I’m sure Osmo will add more different interactive modules in different languages later on. What they have already are super fantastic. That’s how Osmo becomes WikiChanges’s #1 for the cool things to buy with 200 dollars.

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