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Easy Halloween Treats
2022-10-03 21:19
[-- Read Time: 2 mins --] Lychee Eyeballs Purchase: one can of lychees in syrup, one pint of fresh blueberries, toothpicks Drain the lychee fruit into a colander, removing as much syrup… Read More
9 Small Acts Of Kindness You Can Do Today
2022-10-03 21:11
[-- Read Time: 3 mins --] Being kind means being polite, respectful, and thoughtful towards others. When you show kindness to someone else, they’ll feel better about themselves and… Read More
5 Tips For Working From Home With Kids
2022-10-03 21:00
[-- Read Time: 2 mins --] Working from home became a reality for many people during the COVID-19 pandemic. As case numbers have declined, some individuals have returned to the office. Ot… Read More
Tips For Building Savings On Low Income
2022-10-03 20:38
[-- Read Time: 3 mins --] Saving can be difficult for anyone, and it can even feel impossible for those living on a low income. It’s not impossible, though. You’ll thank your… Read More
Contest 2022
2022-08-04 16:59
[-- Read Time: 3 mins --] Administrator:  This contest will be solely administered by, 111 Town Square Place, Suite 1203, Jersey City, NJ 07310, [email protected]Read More
How To Know If Your Return Has Been Filed
2022-07-29 20:33
[-- Read Time: 2 mins --] Millions of Americans use tax preparation software to do their taxes because it saves them time and money.  To file with, you must complete… Read More
6 Ways Convenience Is Costing You Money
2022-06-30 14:54
[-- Read Time: 3 mins --] Many people have busy lives.  They’re working long hours, chauffeuring kids to activities and trying to cross things off their to-do list.  As a… Read More
How Much To Tip In Every Situation
2022-06-30 14:19
[-- Read Time: 2 mins --] Deciding how much to tip can be confusing because the rules vary based on the service you receive.  Typically, you’ll want to leave 15 to 20 percent… Read More
Meal Planning On A Budget
2022-06-30 13:43
[-- Read Time: 2 mins --] Whether you’re trying to lose weight, eat healthier, or save money, planning your meals in advance can help you reach your goals.  The hardest part i… Read More
Protect Your Phone From Being Hacked
2022-06-29 22:48
[-- Read Time: 3 mins --] The average American spends 5.4 hours a day on their phones.  If you’re like most people, you use yours to check emails, manage your money, shop, scr… Read More
9 Practical Ways To Save More Money
2022-05-26 17:17
[-- Read Time: 3 mins --] You don’t have to wait until you make more money or pay off debt to start saving.  All you need is a plan.  Once you start making small changes… Read More
8 Ways To Save On Summer Travel
2022-05-17 14:22
[-- Read Time: 2 mins --] Summer is the perfect time to take a fun-filled vacation but traveling during the peak season won’t come cheap.  According to, July is t… Read More
How To Avoid Owing The IRS Next Year
2022-04-28 15:44
[-- Read Time: 3 mins --] Most taxpayers get a refund when they file their annual tax return, but that’s not true for everyone.  Some taxpayers  have a balance due to the… Read More
Why Your Tax Refund May Be Delayed
2022-03-25 20:29
[-- Read Time: 2 mins --] With the average refund totaling more than $3,000, you probably can’t wait for yours to show up.  Most families rely on their refund to build their s… Read More
6 Tips To Reduce Tax-time Stress
2022-02-25 20:30
[-- Read Time: 2 mins --] Since your taxes aren’t due until April 18th, you may be tempted to put it on the backburner for a while.  But doing things at the last minute always… Read More
7 Tips For Meeting The Tax Deadline
2022-02-25 20:25
[-- Read Time: 3 mins --] Waiting until the last-minute to do your taxes can be overwhelming.  You’re scrambling to find the documents you need, struggling to remember your pa… Read More
Tax Basics: Understanding Your W-2
2022-02-04 14:49
[-- Read Time: 4 mins --] As soon as January hits, many employees begin counting down the days until they receive their W-2.  It’s not the act of doing taxes that brings… Read More
6 Ways To Save Money At The Gas Pump
2022-01-28 16:38
[-- Read Time: 2 mins --] Filling your tank has become more expensive over the past year and gas prices are expected to rise.  Right now, the national average price of regular gas i… Read More
How To Save Money On Streaming Services
2022-01-28 16:37
[-- Read Time: 2 mins --] Streaming services are more popular than ever.  They’re appealing because viewers can watch programs whenever they want, get recommendations based on… Read More
5 Ways To Rebuild Your Credit
2022-01-28 16:33
[-- Read Time: 2 mins --] A recent Marcus by Goldman Sachs survey revealed that 44% of people want to improve their credit in 2022.  Having a higher credit score makes it easier to… Read More
6 Money-saving Tax Credits For Parents
2021-12-22 18:02
[-- Read Time: 3 mins --] Your children may be your pride and joy, but the cost of raising them can quickly add up.  Between housing, food and childcare/education, parents spend app… Read More
7 Smart Ways To Spend Your Tax Refund
2021-12-22 18:01
[-- Read Time: 3 mins --] Assuming you’re like most taxpayers, you’ll be getting a refund in the neighborhood of $2000 soon. And tempting as it may be to spend it all at once… Read More
The Best Ways To Invest In Yourself
2021-12-22 18:00
[-- Read Time: 3 mins --] The word “investing” is usually associated with stocks, bonds and real estate.  But there’s another type of investment you need to consid… Read More
Get A Jump Start On Your Taxes
2021-11-24 17:49
[-- Read Time: 2 mins --] Right now, you’re probably so caught up in the holiday hoopla that you haven’t even thought about your taxes.  But the more you plan ahead for… Read More
5 Reasons Why You’re Always Broke
2021-11-24 15:24
[-- Read Time: 2 mins --] A recent survey found that 54% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck.  If you’re sick and tired of being broke, it’s time to look at why you&r&hell…Read More
2021-10-28 22:01
[-- Read Time: 3 mins --] Wondering how to get a bigger tax refund this season?  Taking advantage of money-saving tax credits and deductions is just one way to maximize your refund… Read More
Why Was My Credit Card Declined?
2021-10-28 20:34
[-- Read Time: 2 mins --] Having your credit card declined in public can be incredibly embarrassing, especially if you don’t have a backup card handy.  It feels like all eyes… Read More
Top 4 Reasons To Join A 401(k) Plan
2021-09-23 20:01
[-- Read Time: 2 mins --] A 401(k) is one of the best ways to build your nest egg for retirement.  Employees who sign up can have a portion of each paycheck automatically withdrawn… Read More
Year-end Financial Checklist
2021-09-23 19:36
[-- Read Time: 3 mins --] Before the year comes to a close, there are some things you need to do before you kiss 2021 goodbye.  Doing some year-end planning can prevent you from was… Read More
Fun Ways To Celebrate Halloween At Home
2021-09-23 19:36
[-- Read Time: 2 mins --] Until COVID-19 is behind us, the safest way to celebrate the holidays is virtually or with people you live with.  Although Halloween may look a bit differe… Read More
The 6 Most Haunted Roads In America
2021-09-23 19:34
[-- Read Time: 3 mins --] Whether you believe it or not, some highways and byways in the U.S. have a reputation for being haunted by ghosts, UFOs and phantom hitchhikers.  If you&rs&hell…Read More
Tax Tips For Students With A Summer Job
2021-08-24 19:44
[-- Read Time: 2 mins --] Getting your first summer job is a rite of passage for many teenagers.  It’s your chance to build your resume, get a taste of independence and most i… Read More
Factors That Affect Car Insurance Rates
2021-08-24 19:37
[-- Read Time: 2 mins --] The average cost of car insurance is $1,592 per year, according to NerdWallet.  But there are several things that can affect the rate you pay.  Every… Read More
Protect Your Bank Account From Fraud
2021-08-03 14:53
[-- Read Time: 2 mins --] Cyber criminals are always looking for the perfect opportunity to rip you off, so you need to be on guard.  They can steal your information by sending fake… Read More
The Biggest Financial Regrets In America
2021-08-03 14:49
[-- Read Time: 3 mins --] Everyone has made at least one financial decision they wish they could take back.  Whether it’s buying too much house, racking up too much debt or so… Read More
Still Waiting On Your Tax Refund?
2021-08-03 14:42
[-- Read Time: 2 mins --] Still haven’t received your tax refund?  Unfortunately, you’re not alone.  According to the National Taxpayer Advocate Service the IRS had… Read More

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