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A Gift for Her: Get it Right! What to Bring a New Mom in the Hospital

There are rules for visiting a new mom. Whether she is a first-timer, or she is there for a subsequent birth, any woman who has just produced a new little bundle of precious humanity needs not only your heartfelt congratulations, but also pampering! The first rule therefore is: make the Gift exclusively for her. Avoid baby products and adorable newborn clothes, however tempting. Those are the gifts you bestow on the baby! Steer away from the child-oriented aisles and go straight for the feminine counters; this is where all the items can that make adult women feel great about themselves. One idea is to celebrate the birth with a beautiful personalized pendant necklace for mom featuring the baby’s birthstone.

Nice but not so Naughty Nightwear

Bear in mind that following birth, a mother is not likely to be feeling at her best. A Caesarean will have left her with a degree of discomfort and fatigue; many usual labors involve stitches and hence the need for recovery time. Don’t then go over the top by arriving at her hospital bedside with titillating or frilly lingerie; it is doubtful to have the desired effect. On the other hand, a pretty satin night dress with a flattering shape, but not figure-hugging, can be just the thing. As with any clothing, get the shade right. If you are not entirely sure of her favorite colors, browse through her closet. Buying a copper-colored satin nightie for a lady who favors a winter palette is too much of a gamble. Consult female friends; they will know the colors that will and won’t please her. Stick to these rules for visiting a new mom, and you won’t go too wrong.

Potions and Lotions

Playing it safe by buying clothing might lead you to just plump for the first-hand cream or body butter that you chance newborn. Bear in mind what types of scent your recipient: does she favor hypo-allergenic brands? Is she a sucker for anything with a French label, or perhaps her guiding principle is all-natural ingredients? One of the rules for visiting a new mom with that all-important gift is to play to her preferences, but also to buy something so self-indulgent she would not rather buy it for herself.


Those on a tight budget should look for a good quality skincare set to grace her dressing-table when she returns home – one that includes a light non-greasy body moisturizer, pretty soaps, hand smoother and perhaps a Bath soak, lip balm or eye cream. Lavender is a fresh fragrance, hinting at Mediterranean landscapes in the shimmering heat.

Bath Time Bounty

Much as any mom is in love with her newly-produced cherub (or cherubs, should it happen to be a multiple births), top of her to-do list on being released from the hospital is to enjoy a little me-time. Where better to spend those hard-won special moments than in the bath? As soon as medical advice permits her to immerse herself, those tired limbs will cry out to lounge in the tub. A thoughtful and inexpensive gift, therefore, is a beautifully packaged collection of bath delights: bath bombs and bath sachets being two of the most convenient to pop into that warm, inviting water.

Look for rose and chamomile scented bath treats with their lovely natural aroma and health-giving properties. Fragranced gifts are a spot-on choice for another reason. Bear in mind that any delightful fragrance that you choose will be forever associated in the new mom’s mind with this birth, making the gift therefore extra-special.

A Present to Nurture

A nature-loving mom will benefit on two counts from a gift that grows; the plant will adorn the home or garden, and its progress will parallel that of the new baby. For this reason, something fragile is out of the question, so avoid annual plants and plump for a perennial. Best of all is to select a fruit tree that is suited to the local climate, and that can be planted in the ground. Thoughtful gift-givers will go to the trouble of checking what soil the family has in their yard or garden, to be sure of bestowing a suitable tree that will thrive there. With future tasty produce to enjoy, the gift is ideal even if she isn’t particularly green-fingered.

Gifts for Getting Back in Shape

For the fitness-loving mom, the latest cool yoga mat, some colorful dumbbells or weights, or (stretching the budget further) a Fitbit watch should not go amiss. An up-to-the-minute jump rope is a reasonably low-priced option. However, not all moms will relish the hint that there is work to be done to restore the figure; there will be time for that down the line. If that is the case, go instead for a solution that will tempt the taste-buds.


Flavorsome Finds for a Good Health Fix

While chocolates are both rather an obvious gift, and for many an unwelcome one (mainly due to calorific concerns), other taste-bud tempters include herbal teas, several of which boast properties for boosting breast milk production. A wide range of herbs constitutes lactation teas, great for making a warming and nurturing infusion. Recommended teas include fennel, stinging nettle, milk thistle, anise, red raspberry leaf, fenugreek, blessed thistle, marshmallow, and verbena. Breastfeeding moms should avoid mint, lemon balm, and sage.

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A Gift for Her: Get it Right! What to Bring a New Mom in the Hospital


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