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Teacher is picking on my child, What can I do?

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Not every Teacher of your child will be your favorite teacher. Sometimes the children will feel that their teacher teacher doesn’t like her. This might be the case where the teacher calls her out in class or maybe more strict considering the other students. This makes us think that maybe it is the case of teacher is picking on my child, what should I do?

So, what do you do as a parent to help your child go during the school year? If your child has problems with a teacher, try using these tips. When your child complains about his teacher, do not reject his complaint. Instead, document the problems and the date they occur. Make sure you get as much detail as possible about your child.

Teacher is picking on my child, What can I do?


Documenting your child’s Grievances

Sometimes children make generic statements, such as “The teacher is mean to me.” You want to know what it means. Try to get as many details as possible. You can ask randomly so that your child is not locked up or exaggerated. The idea is not to discover the “truth” of what happened but to have a more concrete idea of ​​what your child sees.

Maybe the teacher is grumpy, and your child is taking it personally. Knowing in person how the teacher communicates can eliminate the situation. So, you can talk to your child about how some people are not smiling or maybe less patient than other adults in their life, but that does not mean they do not like it.

Deciding if the teacher is picking on my child or its just a confusion

Depending on your child’s grievances, you can help your child resolve the situation yourself if you are a minor, or you can talk to the teacher. If you want to talk to a teacher, let your child know that he will have a conversation with his mentor about his fears. This allows your child to see that you care about the problem, but also that he will listen to the teacher’s side and come up with a just solution. For older children, you can try to advise your son or daughter about how to deal with the teacher in an attempt to cleanse any misunderstanding.

Tell your child that you are about to write what you are saying so you can talk to the teacher. Make the child understand that you, your teacher and the principal are partners who work to make the school a great experience for you.

Let your child know that you are worried about what is happening, that your concerns will be heard. Suggest options, how to approach the teacher after class and speak. Sometimes, the teacher may not be aware of how the child feels.

The Diplomatic Approach

Organize a meeting with your child’s teacher and take an approach trying to find a solution rather than accusing the teacher. The teacher may be defensive, so adopt an approach trying to reach the bottom of the problem by presenting what your child has said and listening to the teacher can be more productive.

If you decide you need to talk to the teacher, schedule a meeting as someone, who is looking for help to solve a problem. You have to explain what your child told you and when, using your words as often as possible. Whatever you do, take innocence everywhere. It is possible that your son did something to annoy the teacher, who may have reacted with annoyance. We must realize that children can also say things that may not be entirely true.

Do your best to make sure you do not blame her. If the teacher gets up, keep calm and keep repeating that you are merely trying to understand what is happening. Ideally, the teacher will shed light on why your child feels like him and her, and you can have a mutually informative conversation that will help you teach your child more effectively.

An excellent face-to-face meeting helps you in other ways too. The teacher will see you as an ally and will be more likely to trust you, of course. But if the teacher is, let’s say, more suitable for another line of work, you are sending a signal that you are paying attention and that you are involved. In fact, if the teacher points to his son, a little of me can fire him. Because the truth is that while teaching is the noblest profession, not all teachers are as generous as one would expect.

Meeting the Principal and Decisive Actions

Nobody wants to go to the principal’s office, and this includes parents. But if you have repeatedly raised your concerns to the teacher and feel that you are not doing everything possible to solve the problem, you must make a decision.

Tell the principal that you have already done and keep bringing him to the child’s perceptions. Explain how you tried to wait and discuss it with the teacher, but what is interfering with your child’s education. Arrange another conversation with the teacher for you or talk to him.

When things come to this point, obviously, you may not be exactly the parent of the teacher’s pet, which can cause problems for your child. But if it is something important, defending one’s child is more crucial than being labeled as the distraught mother.

If you suspect that the teacher is taking the frustrations on your child. Especially after talking to the principal, it is time to make clear to the principal. As a last resort, request a change of class. Schools are very reluctant to do so, but they can do so if a child suffers and the situation is unlikely to change.

But if a problem is repeated year after year and you’ve done what you should do with your child, you know it’s the school that needs to be changed.

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Teacher is picking on my child, What can I do?


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