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Back to school essentials – Complete Guide to Prepare Kids

Back to School is an exciting and stressful time for children and parents. You can relieve some stress by having a plan and budget, and make sound financial decisions. While millions of children and their parents are preparing to start the new school year, this is our guide on what to do to be physically and emotionally prepared. No matter where the child goes to school, whether they are rich or poor, the excitement of the new school year is universal.

Back to school essentials – Complete Guide to Prepare Kids

Here are the quick-links for the four major topics that is discussed in this guide.
Top five concerns of children heading back to school

Tips to make back-to-school shopping less expensive

How to Pack the Best School Lunch

Tips to Prepare Kids heading to kindergarten

Top five concerns of children heading back to school

Getting back to school can be stressful for children, especially for the first-timers. Here are the top five concerns that many children have and advice on how to deal with them and make sure their children are well prepared and well adjusted.

Make sure children get on a schedule a few weeks before they start school. Staying up late and getting up early to go to school can make nasty mornings for you and your children.

For a small child who has never been in a vehicle other than mom’s minivan, going by bus to school could be a big jump. Practice using the bus to familiarize your child with the idea of ​​sharing a large vehicle with many other people. Ask for the route map in advance so you can take your child around the neighborhood and point out specific reference points that they should look for to know which stop is theirs.

For children, it can be very stressful to think about who will be friends, who will sit on the bus and who will meet during lunch.

Bullying in schools has become a hot topic for parents and for a good reason: no child deserves to be bullied. Teach your child to recognize the bullying of others and how to interact with others in a peer group. Speak frankly with your children about bullying.

One of the significant changes from the summer break to the school is the increase in tasks and structured activities. In most traditional school environments, the child is expected to remain calm for periods of time, listen to others and follow the rules. If the children are not regularly exposed to these circumstances at home, they may find it difficult to adapt.

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Tips to make back-to-school shopping less expensive

If you are afraid to calculate and hassle shopping back to school, here are some tips to help keep costs under control.

Stick to the list

If the child is in the first or tenth grade, most teachers send home a list of supplies for the semester. Often, the list does not include one or more items that parents or students consider essential for them to make the purchase.

Be smart with credit.

Although you love your kids, do not try to spend more than you can afford. If you choose using a credit card, select a reward card with a low-interest rate for making purchases. You will also earn reward points that can be redeemed for cash or to purchase a variety of gift cards from retailers.

Create a budget

As the children grow up, they will want smart folders, backpacks and branded clothing from the mall. Although your children yearn for these items, these favorite products can quickly destroy the back-to-school budget. Let them choose one or two special things and then explain that the remaining supplies must be purchased at bargain prices.

Find bargains online

It is advised to the use of shopping engines and visit online shops to find the best prices for items on your list.

Pay for quality

For school supplies such as tablets, glue, pencils, etc., you can usually choose less expensive brands. For chalk marks, name tags are worth the extra money. And for more durable items such as backpacks, jackets and other clothing, more durable things are worth paying more.

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How to Pack the Best School Lunch

Sandwich, a bag of pastry and apple is a classic packed lunch; it’s boring. For children, boredom means one thing: do not eat. This year, make sure your child’s lunch goes directly to his stomach, not garbage or someone else. Maintain a focus on fun and follow the guidelines below to create new, healthy and profitable meals.

Vibrant colors are the easiest way to increase the surprise factor in your child’s lunch. It’s fun and attractive, even better, nutritious when the color comes from natural foods just like carrots, cucumber, cranberries, cherry tomatoes, and strawberries.

We recommend using cake cutouts to reduce the size and add a touch of style.

Buy a variety of cutouts, small triangles and circles, and squares throughout the year. Shapes can also be created with fruits and cheese, cut into rings, triangles or squares.

Small size items are always perfect, but that does not mean you should buy them that way in the store. Buy proteins in bulk, then date and store them properly. The same is true of baked goods, pastries, fruits and vegetables. You can save money by purchasing in bulk, and if you usually get cut off and distribute food on Sunday evenings, you’ll also save time during the hectic school week.

The number one tool to get your kids to eat healthy every day, while at school and away from prying eyes, is to engage them in choosing what they want to eat. In addition to helping you on shopping, have them be active in preparing and packing as much food as possible. Ask your child to help ensure that they feel good about eating it.

Children always go through stages of what they like, and what they envy about other children’s lunch. If these foods are too expensive or not nutritious enough, get inspiration from them.

We all end up tired of eating the same foods every day, and your kids do not differ. To avoid overheating an afternoon meal, think outside the lunchbox and embrace lunatic lunches.

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Tips to prepare kids heading to kindergarten

There are many things a parent can do to support your child’s smooth transition to the school system. Here are some basic tips to prepare your child for kindergarten.

1. Know your school:

Play regularly in the school playground and turn the schoolyard into a family picnic destination during the summer. Learning about school land will help your child feel safe, comfortable, and contact the school.

2. Leave your child in kindergarten for a whole day lasting more than six hours:

Especially if your child never attends daycare or preschool, practice leaving her with trusted adults and slowly increase the time they are away from you. The school day feels long for children who have never been separated from their parents for a whole day.

3. Promote Independence:

Do not do tasks for your child that they can do for themselves. Give them the opportunity to take over their possessions, such as carrying their backpack, putting their toys in order, hanging their coats and belongings, dressing themselves, etc. We congratulate them on all the tasks they complete without support.

4. Exercise hygiene:

Your child should be able to use the bathroom and wash their hands independently.

5. Exercise Change Clothing:

Choose clothes that are easy to put on and take off by your baby independently. They will have to be able to put and put their coats and change their shoes from outside shoes to inside shoes.

6. Learning Play Skills:

Practice taking turns and learning to lose games. Learning to play with others and make concessions, such as letting the other person choose an activity, can be difficult over four or five years.

7. Exercise instruction:

Give your child many opportunities to follow the verbal instructions “by asking first” so that he is ready to pay attention and follow the teacher’s instructions. Provide many praises for quickly completed tasks.

8. Practice packed lunch:

Pack the food today into the lunch bag and containers that you will provide for your child when they are in school. Clarify where you will have a “snack” and where the lunch items will be. Make your child practice slots and seal containers. Provide many healthy food choices. Fruits, vegetables, cheese, nuts, cold meats, sandwiches, and casings are cut into bite size pieces ideal for school. You can also choose to send hot soup, pasta, and rice in the thermos.

9. Read to your child:

There are many books and stories available in your local library about going to school.

10. Going out with a smile:

Parents can be very enthusiastic on their first day at school. If you are calm, happy, cheerful and show confidence in preparing your child for school, you will be more likely to go to the classroom with a smile.
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Back to school essentials – Complete Guide to Prepare Kids


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