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3 Great Ways You Can Make Your Children More Active And Healthy

Being a dad comes with a whole load of responsibility. One of the main things you’re responsible for is the health of your child. You need to keep them active and Healthy, and I’ve got three ways you can do just that:


Buy Them A Bike

I think every modern dad can back me up when I say that kids are lazier now than ever before. Back in the day, when we were kids, we’d go outside all the time. Everyone would be playing on the street and kids would live active lives. Nowadays, they have so many reasons to stay inside it’s hard to get them outside. Video games and TV shows keep them glued to screens, and they don’t have much that gets them excited enough to want to leave and go outsides. So, you have to give them a reason to be excited, get them a toy that they can use and be active while using it. The perfect solution is to buy them a bicycle. Get them their first bike, and it will overwhelm them with excitement. They’ll jump off the sofa and be right on that bike riding around as much as possible. Kids love bikes, they will literally cycle up and down the street for hours just because it means they get to play with their bike. It also gives you a chance to go cycling with them and bike into town or to a local park. You’re keeping your child active, keeping yourself active, and enjoying some daddy bonding time too. Obviously, if your kids have never ridden a bike before then they’ll need one with stabilizers attached. And, if they’re super young, then a tricycle might be a better option.

Build A Rock Climbing Wall

Rock climbing is a super fun way to get your kids to be more active. The problem is, you could be miles away from the nearest climbing center. Luckily, there are ways you can build a Rock Climbing Wall in your home nowadays. All it takes is some simple DIY work to construct a large structure that your kids can climb. You can purchase the supports for their hands and feet and get safety gear too. Essentially, you’re turning your backyard into a proper adventure playground for your kids. If this seems too difficult to do, then there is another idea. You can use the wall of your house and screw in the support fixtures to allow your kids to climb up. I’d definitely recommend you get a harness or something to support them with that prevents them from falling from a height. You should also get a big mat that cushions any falls. If you’re after a large rock climbing wall and don’t have the time to build it, there are places like Climbing Solutions that can install it for you. The bottom line is, get your kids involved in rock climbing as it’s something that keeps them fit, and will entertain them for hours too.


Make Healthy Food Seem Exciting

As well as keeping your kids active, it’s your duty as a dad to make sure they’re healthy too. Exercise is only part of the battle, you must ensure they’re eating the right foods too. If you’re stuffing their face full of microwavable ready-meals and sweet treats, then they’re never going to be healthy. The problem is that most children have a terrible diet that includes too much sugar and too much fat. What this means is that the sugar destroys their teeth and the fat, well, the fat makes them fat. That’s why we have an epidemic of kids in hospitals with tooth decay and a shockingly high obesity rate in kids. It’s tough for parents as you want to please your kids, but they never eat healthy food as it looks boring and they think it tastes disgusting. So, what you should do is start making healthy food seem more exciting. You can do this in many ways, my favorite is to get your kids in the kitchen with you cooking up some healthy meals. I find that no matter what you cook, a child is far more likely to eat it and enjoy it when they help. Secondly, you can create healthy alternatives to unhealthy meals. Instead of a greasy beefburger, whip up a lovely chickpea burger too. It’s highly unlikely your kids will notice the difference, just make sure you tell them you’re making burgers for dinner! Finally, replace bad snacks with tasty treats that are good for them. You’ll be surprised at how many healthy snacks taste delicious.

Use my advice, and you’ll ensure your child stays active and lives a healthy life.

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3 Great Ways You Can Make Your Children More Active And Healthy


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