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Girl Power: Awesome Presents For Young Ladies

Kids toys have come a long, long way from yoyo’s, space hoppers and tiny tears dolls; it’s now all about flashing lights, automatic movement and, oddly enough, plastic food with faces. If you’re wondering what to get the little woman in your life for Christmas, be it your daughter, a niece or even a child of a friend then the following must have toys should spark some inspiration. These items are aimed at little girls between around four and ten years of age, although it really depends on the child’s maturity level, and are across a range of categories and price points.

These toys are also some of the hottest, most sought after items and we can’t guarantee that you will have luck finding them but hopefully you’ll be able to pick up something similar that your little girl will love. Those with sharp eyes will notice that not a single doll is on the list. However, the ones that are mentioned pack an impressive range of technology between them and are bound to be battery operated so make sure you pick those up too or they’ll be some pretty unhappy faces come Christmas morning!

Flickr Photo Credit: Richard Elzey


It’s the word on everyone’s lips shortly followed by ‘where can I get one?’ Let’s start at the beginning shall we by telling you what exactly a Hatchimal is and what it does. Overall, a Hatchimal is like any other electronic toy except with one key difference it starts its life snug inside an egg. In order to get a Hatchimal to, well, hatch you have to pay it plenty of attention, love it and care for it enough, then you’ll be rewarded by its eyes lighting up in rainbow colors. This is a good sign as it means your Hatchimal is ready to peck its way out of the egg.

Touch the egg to encourage it out and eventually you’ll have a fully hatched toy that you can guide through life from baby to toddler and into a kid as well as being able to sing to it, play games and even teach it to dance! They’ve got cute names like Owlicorn, Pengula and Draggles, but be warned Hatchimals are incredibly popular, currently there’s a shortage, and are selling online for way over their retail price.

Torch My Blazing Dragon

Why stick to household pets such as rabbits, cats, and dogs when you can have your own electronic pet dragon. We know the name sounds a little strange and don’t worry the toy doesn’t actually breathe real fire but what it does do is respond to over fifty noises and sounds, eats magical color changing food and even likes having his nose tickled. His party trick, however, has to be the orange, or flame-colored, mist that he shoots out of his nostrils thanks to the inbuilt refillable water tank. The dragon comes with a mischievous backstory about a crystal cave that will entrance your child as well as his cute, cuddly appearance. Sadly, he doesn’t come with batteries; they’re C batteries as well, and you’ll need to open him up to check the tank is in good working order before he can be played with.

Kidzoom Duo Camera

Your daughter will love taking pictures will all her friends, snapping photos of her pets and getting plenty of family shots over the holidays. The Camera has a pretty, pink design and features two lenses with a real switching button as well as a range of filters, stamps and frames. It also has a zoom function, silly face detector, and a voice recorder plus it comes with five games, an auto portrait mode, and a fun photo shaker. If your child loves looking at pictures, always wants to be in them and has expressed an interest in photography beyond the fun flash the camera makes then this is an ideal gift. Don’t worry if your child doesn’t like pink, many girls don’t, as the camera is also available in blue and by logging onto the website you can also download extra games.

Selfie Mic

This for the girls who can’t stop singing in the car, hold karaoke competitions with their dog and dress up like Selena Gomez then perform to their toys. The Selfie Mic leaves the days of wannabe pop stars singing into their hairbrushes far behind them as you can now create and star in real music videos with the touch of a button. The selfie mic comes with a karaoke mic, embedded selfie stick, an earpiece and the complimentary StarMaker app.

Once downloaded, this is optional; the app gives each girl the chance to sing their heart out, perform live or record a band video with mates and even send their videos out to friends, loved ones and family members. You could even continue the music theme with surprise concert tickets for their favorite artist, or check out some other fabulous gift ideas for girls including personalized t-shirts, glittery shoes, and makeup sets.

Furby Connect

Back in the dim, distant past, or 1998 the only thing little girls wanted for Christmas then was a Furby created by Tiger Electronics. Eighteen years ago the toy was a global success, resembling a cross between an owl and a hamster it came with it’s own dictionary and was even able to play with other Furbies. Essentially the Furby Connect is the same toy, but it’s gone through a bit of an upgrade.

It’s now much fluffier, rounder and more child-friendly. It’s eyes change color, and it’s traded its paper dictionary in for a Furbish World app which it connects to using its antenna well, actually, it does it over wi- fi. Furby now also has a whole new bunch of phrases, and it’s far easier to understand what the toy is trying to tell you. Original Furbies were known for coming in a whole palette of colors, styles and even feet while Furby Connect’s currently only appear in purple, blue, pink, teal or orange but you can buy a Furby camera to capture all the fun!


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Girl Power: Awesome Presents For Young Ladies


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