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How to Boost Page Views On Your Blog

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Hey friends! Did you start a blog recently?

If you did, chances are you want morepage views, right? Are you always trying to figure out how to increase blog Traffic, but only ending up right back where you started?

The desire to want more traffic for our blogs lives in all of us – whether we are new or veteran bloggers. Traffic is good for SEO, monetization and building your readership. If you run a business along with your blog, more traffic means more potential business.

How do you make your traffic explode when you are first starting out in the blogging world?

Here’s how I did it and you can too!

How to Boost Page Views On Your Blog

1. Publish More Content

Not as easy as it looks, right? If blogging isn’t your main job, and you have full-time work like most of us, this can be a real challenge. So, how do other bloggers get it done? Setting goals, creating blogging schedules and sticking to them are the best ways to get started.

I pounded out 36 blog posts in January of 2018. I think I might be going crazy. I’ve spent all kinds of hours late at night and early in the morning writing content I hoped would become viral.

How did I come up with 36 blog post ideas? It was combination of the below:

  • Guest posts
  • Sponsored posts
  • Blogging tips
  • Affiliate product promotion
  • Holiday-themed posts

The more content you publish, the more opportunities you have to share that content with the world. More content means more page views. It also shows your readers you aren’t running a stale blog, but one that is constantly updated with new and exciting content.

2. Use Pinterest

Out of all the methods I use to promote my content, Pinterest has been the best for boosting my page views. There’s not a post I haven’t written in the past 2 years that I haven’t shared on Pinterest.

So, how do you make Pinterest your go-to for sharing your content? Do it the right way. Create pins that get attention. How do you do that?

  • Use keywords in the pin’s file name.
  • Write a compelling description rich in keywords.
  • Use captivating images.
  • Make all text easy to read. Don’t use crazy, unreadable fonts.
  • Create boards related to your pins and join group boards to share your pins.

That’s all great information, Jeremy, but I don’t have time to pin every blog post. I have a life.

I get it! So do I! So how do I pin 100 pins per day? Yes, you read that right. I pin 100 pins per day.

I use a paid tool called Tailwind. Tailwind helps you manage your Social Media presence with ease. I can share hundreds of pins to multiple boards without having to do the manual work of sharing to EACH board. Who has time for that?

Read how Tailwind has helped my blog traffic!

3. Unleash the Power of Twitter

Are you tweeting your heart out? Or is it once or twice a month?

Whatever your Twitter strategy is, make sure it’s working to your advantage.


Use images with every tweet. You read that right. Most people thing that Twitter is just a place for text, but that has changed. Twitter now allows you to promote with images. As in all your other forms of visual communications, make sure they are of high quality and help tell your story.

Share content more than once. Twitter is a fast-paced social media platform. What’s on your feed one second is gone the next. Rather than sharing the same exact tweet over and over again, alter the images and find different ways to state the same message.

Retweet and share great content. Twitter is at its best when tweets get retweeted. Not only does that message get shared across multiple. Not only are you building relationships with others, but you are also getting your message out to like communities of followers.

Don’t forget the #hashtags. Hashtags are what make tweets get more visibility than tweets with no hashtags. I like the website to help me find the most popular ones.

Make it easy for your readers to tweet your posts. Do you make it easy for your readers to tweet a post? Make sure you use easy-to-find social media icons on every blog post so that your readers can share your great content. I also recommend the Click to Tweet plugin for WordPress. This plugin makes it easy for your readers to tweet customized messages right from the blog post itself.

Mention your sources. Did you like someone else’s content enough to retweet it? Why not give them a mention when you share it? It’ll look good to give them a shout out, plus it increases the number of eyes that will see it!

4. Perform regular maintenance on your blog’s links

How many times do you think about the links you’ve included in past blog posts? Probably not a lot, right? Why would you? You’ve already done the work. Links break. Other sites go down. Content gets moved all the time.

You should be performing regular diagnostics on all links in your blog. Broken links actually harm your SEO ranking so why would you leave them to thrive on your blog any longer?

How do I check all my links at once? That’ll take forever.

No, it won’t.

I use a free broken link checker to scan my site for broken links. Simply enter your site’s URL, run the test and take care of the broken links. You can choose for the tool to pick distinct broken links, or report every instance of the broken link (takes more time). As you can see below, I’ve got some work to do to clear up broken links!

check broken links

1-31-2018 9-29-43 AM.png

5. Create a professional media kit

If you don’t already have a media kit, you’re missing out on potential customers! A media kit tells who you are, what your blog is about, your blog’s stats, the services you offer and previous brand relationships.

Creating a media kit takes time, but it’s not that difficult. I have a web version right now, but am working on updates to a new downloadable media kit. Think of your media kit as your marketing plan. The more time you spend to make it valuable, the better it can work for you.

6. Bring in Guest Bloggers

I used to hate getting guest post requests. I still get them, and sometimes they are 15-20 or more per day. How do I keep up with that?

For a while, I stopped taking in guest post requests. I simply didn’t have time to respond to them or give them content suggestions.

Create guidelines. One good way I’ve found to weed out some of the bad guest post requests is to create a standard set of guidelines. Guidelines are crucial for consistency and for maintaining control of the value of your content.

Only accept posts within your niche. I’ve had guest post requests from other niches ranging from fashion to technology to cars. While I do appreciate the interest in posting to my site, I limit the posts I accept to only those that will be of benefit to my readers.

Require mutual promotion of the post: Guest posting is beneficial for both the submitter and the blogger. Make it a requirement as a condition of posting their content on your site that they share the post with their followers.

7. Write Headlines that are Irresistible

Ever seen a post you just had to click on because the headline was so good? The creator did that on purpose to bring in more clicks. The keys to good headlines include using related keywords in the title, teasing your readers and making them impossible to not click.

Some bloggers swear by these online headline or topic generators. I don’t use them. Why? They aren’t reflecting my true work nor my creativity.

It takes practice coming up with good headlines and I don’t expect anyone to be naturally good at it right off the bat. I certainly struggled with it in the beginning.

How do I do it? I put myself in my readers’ shoes and think about the types of headlines I’d click on because it was too interesting and irresistible not to.

8. Keep Up With Trends

As bloggers, we tend to write about what interests us, but we really need to be thinking about what interests our readers. By staying up to date on the hottest topics, we can cater our blog posts to those topics to bring in more views.

The best way to stay up to date on trends as a blogger is to read other blogs, check out reputable news sources and join in on live chats.

9. Offer an incentive

Did your parents ever make you do something you didn’t like when you were a kid? They probably offered you some type of incentive to get it done. Wanting an incentive for doing something doesn’t end when we cross into adulthood.

What are you offering your readers for visiting your site? A free course? A printable? A product?

By offering incentives to your readers, you are giving them something for free in return for their loyalty.

What do I offer? I offer a free 7-day crash course on creating a profitable blog. You can sign up for it right now with no strings attached.

Don’t make your readers pay for this incentive. It needs to be free. Give them a token of your appreciation for stopping by your blog and engaging in what you have to say. Trust me, it’ll go a long way to reader loyalty!

10. Convert posts to other formats

You’ve hopefully read my post, “How to Revitalize Old Blog Posts.” It’s true we all have those posts we wrote when we were young blogging babies. Just because a post is old doesn’t mean it’s not a valuable piece to your blogging puzzle.

Did you know you can convert a blog post into other forms of communication to increase shares and views? Here is a list of just a few ways to do that!:

  • SlideShare
  • Infographics
  • eBook
  • Printables
  • Video Tutorials
  • Email Newsletters

I wrote a post earlier about 10 ways to destroy your blog. A few days ago, I decided to create an accompanying infographic for it to share on Pinterest. Infographics have a high click rate on Pinterest. The great thing about sharing it on Pinterest is that you can link the infographic directly to the blog post. Cool, huh? Multiple forms of communication for one blog post. Imagine doing that for every post. How much potential traffic is waiting for you?


11. Link to other posts on your blog

A good way to keep readers on your site longer is to link to other relevant posts on your blog. By doing so, you are decreasing your bounce rate and keeping readers directed to more information on what they are looking for on your site. The more articles they see, the more chances they have to share!

12. Host a contest or giveaway

Have you ever taken part in a contest or giveaway on someone else’s blog? Did you know you can do the same thing? Many times, companies will reach out to me with offers for me to receive a free product in exchange for my honest review. Whenever I get these emails, I always respond asking for an additional product to offer up as a giveaway item.

Giveaways are great promotional tools for companies because it’s generating interest in their products. Make sharing the giveaway post on social media as an entry option, and don’t be afraid to blast it to your email list. If you are promoting the right products, people will respond to the giveaway!

13. Write longer posts

One piece of advice I read about a month ago was that posts with longer length and more detail help to increase search engine rankings. One blogger I follow says he doesn’t post anything less than 4,000 words. That took me back for a few minutes! 4,000? How can he have that much time to write 4,000 word posts every time?!

So, I followed this blogger’s advice and wrote a few posts with 4,000+ words. The result? I got more search traffic and views on those posts.

I’m not saying EVERY post has to be 4,000 words or more because there will be times when you’ll want to share something short and simple, such as a product or a giveaway. But, the rest of the time? Steer clear of the short and sweet!

Remember, just because you are writing longer posts, it doesn’t mean traffic is going to come overnight. The long content must be valuable and meaningful to your readers. Please don’t write a 4,000 blog post about yourself. If you do, you’ve wasted 4,000 words, and your readers’ time.

14. Offer promotional deals and coupons on products

Are you a member of an affiliate program? I hope so if you are trying to monetize your blog. One great way to drive traffic to your blog is offering up the latest and greatest products on your blog.

A word of warning if you choose to go this route – don’t promote everything under the sun. Stick with the products your readers love the best. Products that are well-known do the best in converting sales.

I recommend joining the ShareASale network. It offers thousands of participating merchants itching to grow their affiliate list. You’ll be able to promote their creative content on your blog, social media and email list.

ShareASale Review

15. Create a call-to-action

Every post needs to include a call-to-action, or in other words, something you want your readers to do next. Some of those actions could be:

  • Respond with a comment
  • Share the post on social media
  • Sign up for your mailing list
  • Pin a post or image
  • Join a course
  • Buy a product

Many times, readers will do what you ask them to do. But, you need to specify in the call-to-action. If you don’t ask, they won’t know!

16. Respond to comments

I can’t tell you how many blog posts I’ve read where there were tons (and I mean hundreds!) of comments left by readers, but NONE responded to by the blogger. What? Yes, we do live in a world where some bloggers simply don’t respond to comments.

Responding to comments is a must. I don’t care how busy you are. Your readers are engaged enough to comment to you, so you reciprocate and respond back to them. Even if it’s a quick thank you for stopping by – do it.

You should also respond to other blog posts as well. Doing so puts your name and web address in the comments for others to see. This will increase the chance of additional traffic.

When responding to other blog posts, be sure to leave meaningful comments that give off a positive and professional appearance for your blog. The better and more helpful your comments are, the more response you’ll get.

17. Submit Post to StumbleUpon

StumbleUpon has been around for a while, and is a great place to get page views, and get them quickly. Simply provide stellar content, appealing headlines and quality graphics and you can earn some big page views. My biggest payoff was March 2016 when I got 1,200 in one day from StumbleUpon!

1-31-2018 12-52-49 PM.png

18. Monitor forums in your niche

If you are looking to establish yourself in your niche, a great way to gain respect and traffic is by monitoring forums in your niche. Providing your expert opinion is a great way to increase readership and traffic.

19. Make tweaks to your site

Blog design is important in bringing in and retaining your readers. Making regular updates to your site ensures it is running smoothly and that your visitors are getting the full experience of everything your blog has to offer. Here are a few things I update regularly:

  • Logo
  • Widgets (add or remove from sidebar)
  • Remove/update broken link
  • Respond to comments
  • Update old blog posts (if new data is available)
  • Update media kit

Along with updating visual elements of your site, you should also make sure your blog is set up on the back-end to get good search results. I make it a regular habit to go back to old posts and find ways to insert new keywords.

Another back-end update you should regularly perform is to back up your site. I use a free plugin called UpDraft Plus to accomplish this with ease. You can schedule back-ups at the time intervals you want and even have them saved to Google Drive.

20. Connect with your email subscribers

Pick a few of your email subscribers and connect with them on an individual level. Don’t try to sell them anything. Don’t try to promote anything. Ask them for feedback on your site and your content. You can also network with them to create guest post opportunities.

If you have a very small mailing list, you can potentially connect with all members. But, if your list is thousands and thousands, obviously, this isn’t realistic. Pick a handful every month to reach out to and connect with them. You’ll be surprised at the types of responses you get.

21. Do Some Undercover Work

You can be a blogging detective! No, really, you can! I regularly read other blogs and sign up for their mailing lists. The purpose of this is to see how they do it. I’m not doing it to copy what they are doing. I’m looking at how they design their emails, how they arrange their sites and how they connect with their readers.

If you want to be a successful blogger, you must be a reader of blogs too. Put yourself in a reader’s position and see which bloggers succeed and which ones don’t. I like to check out a blogger’s share stats and look at why their page views are soaring. What are they doing differently to achieve those results?

Another reason I become a blogging detective is to get an idea of the types of images that other bloggers are using. Are they taking their own? Are they using from a stock photo site?

Since I participate in affiliate marketing, I like to regularly look up similar products that I’m promoting to see how other bloggers promote them. The point is to get ideas generated – NOT TO STEAL someone else’s!

22. Pay for traffic

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest all offer paid ads to help drive traffic to your post. You get to set the amount you’re willing to pay for the ad and watch your traffic soar. I don’t do this as often as I’m on a limited blogging budget right now.

23. Write an eBook

Until I actually thought about all the content I had on my site, I never knew I had enough to actually write a book. In reality, I have a 60+ page eBook, How to Create a Profitable Blog, coming out soon. You can take one topic from your blog, or even multiple topics. Ebooks are all the rage today with the different types of readers available. Why not take advantage of that market?

24. Start a Web Series

This is on my goals list for 2018. I already have a YouTube channel, but it’s not used that much for my blog yet. This year, I’d like to start a weekly web series to grow my blog. Have you started a web series? I’d like to watch! Let me know your URL and I’ll check it out!

Producing videos with quality is just as important as writing content with quality. You need to dress up a little more, clean up your house or room where you plan to record and practice.

You don’t need a sophisticated camera to record a video. A tablet, web cam or even your phone’s camera will work.

Alongside a recorded web series for your YouTube channel, also consider conducting a live Q&A session on Facebook. The downside is you don’t get to start over if you mess up. Recording a video gives you the chance to perfect it, but going live has the advantage of making an immediate connection with your audience.

I love these 10 steps to successful video blogging by Social Media Examiner!

25. Improve Your Site’s Load Time

Improving your site’s load time can make the difference between 500 views a month and 50,000.

What things can slow your site down? Here are just a few:

  • Server speed
  • Image size
  • Plugins and Widgets
  • Scripts
  • Cache

WP Engine has a great site speed test you can run today to tell you exactly how fast your site loads.

You will be amazed at how many of the little things on your page add up to site lag. Monitoring them regularly will help you keep things in check and readers coming back for more.

26. Use Your Email Signature as Advertising

I hope you have a professional email signature. If not, now ‘s the time to get one for free. Include your blog and social media links in your email signature for more exposure. Every communication will now have the opportunity to drive in more traffic.


Boosting page views doesn’t have to be rocket science. Massive explosions in page views also don’t happen overnight. It takes time, planning and a good marketing strategy to get the viewership you want.

You can follow one or all of these tips above and I guarantee that you will see an increase in traffic. The big driver, over everything else I’ve talked about today, is the quality of your content.

If you aren’t writing compelling, satisfying and gut-wrenching content, you won’t draw in and maintain any traffic regardless of how much work you put into your posts.

I don’t claim to be the traffic guru, but I do write this post today based on my own experience. What works for me might not work for you.

Don’t be afraid to mix things up and try something new if what you’re doing today isn’t working. Blogging is an ever-changing field, so we must evolve with it if we want to succeed.

Want to know how you can develop your blog into a money-making blog? Sign up below for my free 7-day course!

How to make money blogging

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