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2020-08-09 19:26
You always kinda’ expect it. But until your family publicly erases your existence from the family tree, well, you can’t quite anticipate how that will feel and all the subtle mea… Read More
2020-07-25 21:40
It. Never. Fails. If I find out about something important and life-changing, the kind of thing about which one says, “Why have I never heard about this before!?!”…I will i… Read More
2020-07-19 16:08
Forty is a magical age. Dr. Spock doesn’t list any milestones for this age but I can tell you it’s surprisingly enjoyable and free-ing to crest that hill and begin your leisurely… Read More
2020-05-28 18:52
Some people, like me, are attracted to those who need a little extra help through life. Some people have the perfect life and in a heartbeat, it all goes terribly wrong. Some people live hea… Read More
2020-05-23 23:47
The readers of Narcissism Meets Normalcy are wonderful about sharing their experiences and viewpoints. There’s been a positive “rash” of great comments lately and I wanted… Read More
2020-05-23 23:40
The readers of Narcissism Meets Normalcy are the best and your comments often leave me thinking, “He summed up in one elegant paragraph what it took me 1,000 words to convey.” Of… Read More
2020-03-13 23:31
Four hundred and thirty articles later… If you write about narcissism as much as I do, sooner or later, it takes on a life of its own. The more you sink your teeth into the topic, the… Read More
2020-03-06 23:33
Alright, let’s cut the crap. We’re all worried about the coronavirus. Don’t tell Michael because I act nonchalant but I’m concerned too. So instead of stewing, I deci… Read More
2020-02-28 06:48
In May of 2019, I was notified that one of my engulfing narcissistic relatives had died. As it turns out, the people who rushed to tell me had jumped to conclusions. There are many relatives… Read More
2020-02-25 01:50
Sometimes I look back at my life, shake my head in wonder and mutter under my breath, “How did I manage to do all of that?” It certainly wasn’t energy. I had none. You see… Read More
2020-02-06 22:29
Misogyny: It’s a nasty topic. A yucky subject I’ve tried for four years to write about…but it just wouldn’t gel. But it’s taken me even longer, four decades to… Read More
2020-01-31 16:59
It hardly ever happens, but even the most Chatty Kathy Writer hits a dry spell now and then. I’m in one of those spells. That’s not to say that I don’t have a dozen article… Read More
2020-01-03 01:27
There are certain days that are ingrained in your memory. This was one of those days. A day in which I had two flashes of realization. Vividly I recall sitting on my bedroom floor, holding m… Read More
2020-01-02 22:17
This article is brought to you by the letters “S,” “C” and “R.” It’s coming to you late because along with Stress comes the inability to Concentrate… Read More
2019-12-24 20:14
It promises so much: “World…Wide…Web.” The whole world at your fingertips. But like any addiction, all the promises of the WWW fell flat when I got addicted and it… Read More
2019-12-24 01:05
Originally written for the Huffington Post at Christmastime 2015, this article is for everyone who finds themselves alone this Christmas. Holidays are traditionally the time when homo sapi… Read More
2019-12-22 21:28
All my life, I’ve had one quest. A quest so deep that it was unspoken, almost unrealized. I’m simply looking for that person who “has it all together.” The person who… Read More
2019-12-04 19:32
I often tell Michael, “Beauty is the twelfth commandment. Cleanliness is Commandment #11 because ‘cleanliness is next to godliness,’ and Beauty is Commandment #12.” H… Read More
2019-11-26 16:43
It would be funny, if it weren’t so tragic. It would be amusing, if it weren’t so maddening. In my experience, all narcissists do one weird thing: they believe themselves to have… Read More
2019-11-20 14:00
Hi Mom, How are you? Did you get the Frangos? Little blast from the past, eh! I know you always liked them. Enjoy or as I always say in Julia Child’s honking voice when I serve Michael… Read More
2019-11-12 18:47
Way back in January of this year, I wrote about a heartwarming tale of kindness in Of Kindness and Pound Cake: Hope for 2019. I believe there’s a power in a tiny act of kindness that c… Read More
2019-10-18 15:51
It’s been some time since Narcissism Meets Normalcy indulged in the fun of being a raconteur, telling a real-life anecdote about a real-life narcissist practicing their narcissistry in… Read More
2019-09-09 04:35
In 1956, the beautiful English actress Deborah Kerr warbled, “Getting to know you, getting to know all about you” in the classic movie The King and I. Easier sung, than done. I… Read More
2019-08-27 17:33
Growing up, on our Living Room wall hung an interior decorating picture. It was based on Corinthians 13, the Loooooove Chapter. Your mother probably had one too. There were nine boxes and in… Read More
2019-08-27 01:33
According to, the phrase “falling in love” has been around since the 1500’s. Everytime you turn around, someone is falling into or out of love. Seems like so… Read More
2019-06-24 18:51
Many therapists ask their patients, “What do you do for fun?” and most abuse survivors don’t have a clue. But I think we can all agree on one thing: food is comforting and… Read More

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