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Sixth Scale Astronauts

Today, the first Friday in May, is International Space Day! The holiday began life in 1997 as plain old Space Day, created by Lockheed Martin to promote STEM career paths for young people, before switching to an International scope in 2001 at the suggestion of US Senator John Glenn, a former astronaut. The day is a celebration of space exploration in all its form.

(Another space celebration day to note is April 12th, Cosmonautics Day in Russia and much of the former USSR. It is also the International Day of Human Space Flight, as decreed by the United Nations General Assembly. )

To celebrate here is a guide to all the 1/6 scale astronauts and accessories out there...

Palitoy's Action Man is just as active in the skies as he is on the ground!

 1967 - Astronaut Set. (#34701)
 1967 - Space Capsule. (#34705)
 1971 - Action Man Space Explorer. (#35011)
 1982 - Talking Space Ranger Commander. (#34038)
 1982 - Space Ranger Commando Uniform.
 199? - Action Man Space Commando.
 1997 - Action Man Moon Raker.
 1997 - Space 2020 Accessory Gear.
 2002 - Satellite Atak.
 2002 - Space Explorer.
 2006 - 40th Anniversary reproduction of the 1967 Astronaut Set.

Is there anything Barbie can't do? She had a go at being an astronaut for the first time in 1965 and has since returned to the role numerous times.

1965 - Barbie Miss Astronaut Fashion Set (#1641).
 1965 - Ken Mr. Astronaut (#1415).
 1985 - Astronaut Barbie AA / Caucasian (#2449).
 1994 - Astronaut Barbie AA / Caucasian.
 1998 - Space Camp Barbie AA / Caucasian.
 2008 - Space Camp Barbie AA / Caucasian / Hispanic.
 2009 - Reproduction Miss Astronaut Barbie (#R4474).
 2011 - I Can Be An Astronaut Fashion Pack.
 2013 - Barbie I Can Be... Mars Explorer AA / Caucasian.
 2014 - Barbie Careers Astronaut Fashion Pack.
 2016 - Barbie: Star Light Adventure - Barbie (basic), Sal-Lee (basic), Sheena, Kareena, Leo.
 2017 - Barbie Astronaut and Space Scientist Dolls (#FCP65).

Okay, so loathe as I am to include figures as opposed to dolls, no list of this kind would be complete without a mention of Buzz Lightyear! He's a 1/6 scale legend.

Dakin produced male and female astronaut dolls in 1987.

Dam Toys have made some awesome 1/6 scale test pilots in 2016 which, okay, aren't technically astronauts, but they look the part all the same.

 U-2 'Dragon Lady' Pilot (#78030).
 SR-71 'Black Bird' Flight Test Engineer. (#78031)
SR-71 'Black Bird' Test Pilot (#78032).

Dan Dare is British comic book hero, originally appearing in the Eagle in 1950. Day2Day Trading released a 1/6 scale figure of Dan in 2010. There's a detailed review over at MCW Toys.

Dragon Models Ltd have done a few 1/6 scale astronauts.

 2003 - 'Buzz Aldrin' Apollo 11 Astronaut. (#73068)
 2003 - 'Buck' NASA Apollo Astronaut. (#73077) There's a good review over at MCW Toys.
 'Eric Kot' NASA Astronaut.
 2003 - U-2 Pilot 'Bob Chapman'.
 2011 - Apollo Astronaut. (#73146)

Hobby Master later bought the molds and patterns from Dragon to create their own figure of Apollo XVII's Commander Gene Cernan, the latest man to walk on the moon. It was released in 2015.

Executive Replicas have released figures for a few space related licences. The 2001: a space odyssey range includes a few astronauts.

 2015 - Gary Lockwood Discovery Astronaut.
 2015 - Dr. Dave Bowman Discovery Astronaut.
 Discovery Astronaut Space Suit: Black, Blue, GreenRed, Violet, WhiteYellow.
 2017 - Monolith Moon Base.

GI Joe, like his transatlantic cousin Action Man, has done it all...

1969 - Astro Locker.
1969 - Spacewalk Mystery.
1969 - Talking Astronaut.
1970 - Talking Astronaut. (Now with flocked hair!)
1970 - Flying Space Adventure.
☆ 1996 - Masterpiece Edition Action Astronaut with Book.
☆ 1997 - Mercury Astronaut.
☆ 1997 - Shuttle Astronaut.
☆ 1999 - Apollo 11 Astronaut. (Pictured above.)
☆ 2000 - Frienship VII Figure and Space Capsule.
☆ 2004 - Mission Space.
☆ 2004 - Secret of Planet Xenome.

Kenner released this limited edition commemorative astronaut in 1995. For more astronaut fun, check out Kenner's 1970s releases for Steve Austin, The Six Million Dollar Man:

 Bionic Transport and Repair Station.
 Command Console.
 Mission Control Center.
 OSI Headquarters.
 Venus Space Probe.

In addition to endorsing brand releases - Mars Explorer Barbie, for example - NASA sell their own dolls at their gift shops. The one above comes as a Caucasion blonde or a brunette, AA doll, and likely other variations too.

There are also boxed dolls in orange jumpsuits.

Planet of the Apes has spawned a few 1/6 scale astronaut figures.

 Sideshow 'Beneath the Planet of the Apes' Astronaut Brent.
 Sideshow 'Beneath the Planet of the Apes' Astronaut Taylor.

The M&C Toys Power Team Elite range had a few astronauts.

 Astronaut Man Outfit.
 Astronaut Man - figure in narrow box.
 Astronaut Man - figure with light up gun.

This doll came up when I was scouring Google for info. I don't know anything more about it though!

Brazilian fashion doll Susi blasted off into space in 2001.

Winson Classic Creation's Apexplorers - SPACE ADAM. Hot Toys produced this 1/6 scale space gorilla in 2010. There was also a 400 piece limited edition version in a white suit. There's a detailed review over at MCW Toys.

Hot Toys have also released 1/6 scale astronauts from other movie franchises, from the Mars Attacks aliens in 2010 to ALIEN's Kane and Dallas.

If you're looking for 1/6 scale astronaut figures with a difference, check out 3A.

 2013 - White Dead Astronaut Gangsta.
 2013 - Black Dead Astronaut Gangsta.
 2013 - Night Shade Strigoi Moonbase Omega Commander Astronaut.
 2013 - Strigoi Moonbase Omega Personnel Infected Astronaut.
 2013 - Strigoi Moonbase Omega Personnel Astronaut.
 2014 - Dead Cosmonaut Golovorez. (Review at Toy Haven.)
 2014 - Infected Stealthnaut.
 2015 - Engineer Red Strigoi Totemnaut.
 2015 - Engineer Yellow Strigoi Totemnaut.

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Sixth Scale Astronauts


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