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101 Blog Post Ideas

101 Blog Post Ideas from

#1. Then and Now. Post a past and present comparison of whatever takes your fancy.

#2. Put together a gift guide and be as general (Baby's First Christmas) or as specific (Rainbow obsessed one-year-olds named Marianna) as you want.

#3. Connect with people - post an overview of your social media presence.

#4. Who would you invite to your dream dinner party, and why? What would be on the menu, and what would the entertainment look like? You might even be able to turn it into a series of posts.

#5. Give advice. Here's me telling you how to complain and get results for inspiration:

#6. If you know a lot about something, make a guide to it. I regularly post guides to doll diversity and the weird and wonderful things you can find in miniature.

#7. Humans are nosy creatures, give us a tour of your house. (Room / work space / single tidy looking shelf...)

#8. Who inspires you, and why?

#9. Complete the 30 Days of Film Challenge.

#10. Make a list of your top ten whatever - I've done Paintings, Comedy Songs, and Video Games.

#11. Review something. If you've tried a product and liked it, let the world know. Or let them know that it sucked, it's your decision! You can check out my reviews HERE.

#12. If reviewing isn't good enough, how about a comparison post? I've got one on trade-in websites.

#13. Take part in a community blogging challenge. The Fandom Snowflake Challenge, for instance.

#14. Post about all the bands you've been to see.

#15. Ghostly Going-Ons, Post about the things which go bump in the night: local legends, family ghost stories, or even just the scariest thing which has ever happened to you.

#16. Find an old picture of yourself. Write about what you thought your life would be like now, back when that photo was taken.

#17. Be negative - tell the world about your least favourite things, and the worst films / books / dinosaur / whatever you can think of.

#18. Or, be positive. Blog about all the things which make you thankful to be alive.

#19. Complete the 30 Days of Horror Films Challenge.

#20. Give your opinion on an item in the news. Have a scroll through the latest headlines and it shouldn't take long before something riles you up enough to get writing. For example, HERE are my own posts on topical issues.

#21. Post a wishlist.

#22. Chronicle your mobile / cell phone history. We've all had fascias and ringtones we wish we hadn't!

#23. Suggest some methods of beating boredom. I just scanned in a page from an old magazine doing the same thing...

#24. In fact, scanning in retro magazines and advertising material can be a great post idea in itself.

#25. Write the A-Z of Me. I've listed quite a few blog meme / challenge ideas in this post because, well, they're always great when you're looking for something low effort to write about. Similar options include the 73 Question Vogue Challenge and Welcome to Me.

#26. If you've been anywhere other than your usual haunts recently, write about it.

#27. Rant about something which really gets your goat. Like the idea of 'smart' cards.

#28. 'A Day In The Life'

#29. Complete the 25 Days of Christmas Movies Challenge.

#30. Run a giveaway. Who doesn't love winning stuff? To check out my latest giveaways, click HERE.

#31. If you've been lucky enough to win a competition, let your readers know.

#32. Compile a list of things to do on a rainy day. Don't forget to tailor it to your niche.

#33. A picture says a thousand words, so why not try out a picture post.

#34. Put together a glossary of terms used in your blogging niche, workplace, hobby, etc.

#35. There are hundreds of special days throughout the year, from Squirrel Appreciation Day to Kiss a Ginger Day. There are bound to be a few you can find something to post about.

Dydd Santes Dwynwen Hapus! Happy Saint Dwynwen's Day!

#36. How do you make the perfect cup of tea / coffee?

#37. OOTD (Outfit of the Day) posts are always popular.

#38. Did you have a favourite toy as a child? Tell us about it.

#39. Post a video.

#40. Get somebody to guest post. Your readers get a fresh voice, and you don't have to write anything. Win-win, eh? I haven't actually hosted any guest posts yet, other than one by my partner, but you can check out ones I've written for other blogs HERE.

#41. Do you speak another language? Write a post in it - perhaps include a translation!

#42. Look up your horoscope for yesterday - did it come true?

#43. Write an open letter. (It wouldn't be a proper blog topic idea post without that one!)

#44. Debunk a myth. (Or that one!)

#45. Recap your week in a summary post.

Life This Week

#46. Post a job application, project pitch, personal statement or something similar you have written. Let your readers know how successful it was.

#47. If you had a time machine, where would you go and what would you do?

#48. Share your experience on a topic your readers might not know much about, like this post on the role of school governors.

#49. Complete the 30 Days of Photography Challenge.

#50. Share a quote. Quotes always go down well - you can check out my favourites HERE.

#51. If you collect something, make a full checklist.

#52. Or showcase your collection so far.

#53. Write about the history of something. For instance, I've got a post on the history of paper.

#54. Create a printable.

#55. Tell your readers about your hobbies:

The Beginner's Guide To Comping (The Art of Entering - And Winning - Competitions)

#56. Write a story.

#57. Post about a way to save money.

#58. Or, better still, a way to make money.

#59. Complete the 30 Days of Disney Challenge.

#60. Research something and write about it. I went with Jack the Ripper.

#61. Post a bucket list.

#62. Make yourself a custom 404 page - then tell everyone about it.

#63. Been shopping lately? Share your haul with the world via your blog.

#64. Get your funny on and make people laugh. Or smile. Hopefully. Like with, You Know You Were a UK 90s Kid When....

#65. Tell people the story behind your blog name.

#66. Do you link your posts up to blog linkies? Why not compile a list of linkies you use. It'll also come in handy when you're planning out your weekly post schedule.

#67. If your house has been overrun by a small, human-like thing, post about your birth story.

#68. Tell your readers about your resolutions. It doesn't even need to be new year.

#69. Complete the 30 Days of Music Challenge.

#70. Enter a competition which requires you to write a blog post. You might even win it.

#71. If you've been performing some technological wizadry on your blog, don't forget to post about how you did it. Here's one I made earlier on custom favicons.

#72. Things nobody told you about... (E.g. Having a Baby.)

#73. Share your CV with your readers. You never know, you might even get a job out of it!

#74. Blog about things to do and places to go in your local area.

#75. What's in your handbag?

#76. Engage your readers. Post a poll, or a quiz, or invite questions for an AMA (Ask Me Anything) session.

#77. Write about a conspiracy theory. My post on the Titanic Switch Theory has been my most read ever.

#78. Share your budget.

#79. Complete the 30 Days of TV Challenge.

#80. Post a round up of the more random search queries which have led people to your blog.

#81. If you still have your college / university essays and coursework, post them to your blog. Students who have left things to the last minute will thank you.

#82. Have a go at eBay Bargain Hunt and blog about your success. (Or lack thereof.)

#83. Tell a joke.

#84. Create a list of your top online tools for blogging (or whatever else you might be using online tools for).

#85. Have you been in the press? Tell your readers about your 15 seconds of fame.

Find Me In The Press: 15 Seconds of Fame

#86. Have you ever blogged before? Do you still have an old social media account lurking online? Pull some content from it and give your readers a blast from the past.

#87. Promote a charity that means a lot to you.

#88. Post a recipe.

#89. Complete the 30 Days of Books Challenge.

#90. Write a tutorial.

#91. Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Nope, it's a post about your favourite superhero.

#92. Post a list of your most popular blog posts. Or the blog posts you think ought to be the most popular. I did this in my 2015 Blogger Year In Review post.

#93. Talk about what you've been reading lately.

#94. Post an infographic. Extra points if you create it yourself.

#95. Summon your interior interior designer and describe your perfect bathroom, etc.

My Dream Kitchen

#96. Now put on your party planner hat and tell us about your ideal wedding, birthday bash, halloween party, etc.

#97. Get serious and blog about your religious and / or political beliefs.

#98. Where do you hang out online when you're not blogging? Let people know your favourite websites.

#99. Complete the 30 Doodles Challenge.

#100. Share some random facts about yourself.

#101. Write a list of 101 blog post ideas... ;)

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101 Blog Post Ideas


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