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8 reasons cake is good for you (and everyone else)

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Right, now I know some people’s eyes will be balking at the fact that I actually wrote those word “cake is good for you” in this post’s title, but quite frankly, I think we need to go back to the days when having a slice of Cake was all good and not something we should be punishing ourselves for. And as mums, we do love a scrumptious slice of cake don’t we?…so let’s get on with the reasons that cake is good for you (yup, you heard it here first!).

Cake diffuses any situation

Made someone feel bad? Take round an apology cake. Feeling awkward about something? Show up with some cake. At a party and no idea what to talk about? Talk about the cake. See? So brilliantly versatile too.

Cake stops tantrums

One minute you’ve got a crazed little person screaming like their brain is on fire, the next, you wheel out some cake and the birds are tweeting love songs. Therefore not only is cake simply amazing, but also vital to your sanity as a mum.


Cake makes you everyone’s best friend

You walk in the door with the red velvet cake that everyone wants a piece of = you are instantly the person that everyone in the room wants to be friends with. Shallow but true.

Cake makes you happy

Have you ever felt miserable whilst eating cake? You may have started out that way before the first mouthfull went in that but then…..*ANGELS SINGING*….cake euphoria hits!


Cake helps mental health

Holy moly yes! But only if you bake it yourself. Honest to goodness I am not making this s*** up, baking therapy is actually a thing.

Cake helps you exercise (yes really)

Well, at least if you are me it does. A day without cake gives me carte blanche to sit on my butt. A day with cake gives you the prod you need to start jumping around a little. Just don’t do it straight away after cake ok?


Cake is made of good stuff

YES I know it has sugar in it and YES probably quite a lot of butter too but hey? do we always have to focus on the bad things in life? What about those lovely protein-y eggs, or those carrots (think carrot cake) and those lovely ground almonds in a bakewell cake? If you look hard enough there is surely always something in there that’s not so evil!

Cake can help you lose weight (no way!!!)

Errrrr…. yes way! The theory goes that it you eat sweet things like cake in the morning (because that’s when the body’s metabolism is most active) as part of a breakfast that includes proteins and carbs then that means we have the rest of the day to work off the calories PLUS it apparently stems the craving for sweets later. Eggs n cake for breakfast anybody?

Well there you go, 8 reasons cake is good for you and quite frankly….is totally awesome! As if you needed any more excuses to go ahead and enjoy a massive slice of well deserved cake!


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Disclaimer: The opinions in this post are largely my own and if you have a problem with any of them, well quite frankly what are you doing reading this you cake hater?

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8 reasons cake is good for you (and everyone else)


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