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What Pregnancy Looks Like In 7 Different Countries

What Pregnancy Looks Like In 7 Different Countries

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The experiences that are common to all Women across the globe are pregnancy and the subsequent motherhood. Millions of women embark on this priceless journey, but the approach does vary a little across different cultures. And, this variance is more so when it comes to traditional practices and beliefs. While there are a few practices that are entirely common to one culture, it might be an utterly foreign concept to another. So, if you think that pregnancy is the same 40-week-stint across the world, you couldn’t be further away from reality. Here, we give you a glimpse of how unique each pregnancy can be:

1. Bangladesh


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Many expecting mothers resort to the eternal folklore to figure out the gender of their unborn babies. Similarly, in Bangladesh, it is strongly believed that the more radiant and bright a woman’s skin is during pregnancy, the more likely she is to deliver a baby girl. And, suppose she is looking worse, then it a naughty baby boy creating a ruckus in the womb.

2. Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic

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While there are some women who can utilize modern technology to determine their baby’s gender, others can’t due to various reasons. But, this doesn’t mean that they are not curious about it. That is why perhaps the soon-to-be mothers of Dominican Republic follow this practice. They set up chairs with fork, spoon, and knife under the seat. And, the seat picked by the mommy determines whether she is carrying a boy or a girl. The spoon means a girl, the knife indicates a boy, and the fork suggests that there is still more waiting to do.

3. Turkey


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Here, the women are suggested to follow several guidelines during their course of pregnancy. Apparently, the soon-to-be mommies can’t look at camels, monkeys, or bears. And, there are various dietary restrictions too, including no chewing of gums or no fish. While they are asked to steer away from funerals, they are encouraged to smell the roses, gaze at the moon, or look at beautiful people.

4. Japan


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Japanese expecting mommies are told to engulf themselves with amazing things and thoughts. They are encouraged to indulge in listening to positive music, messages, or look at serene images. The culture motivates the women to look after their minds and bodies to ensure that they stay healthy for the nine whole months.

5. China


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Even in China, the soon-to-be mommies are expected to adhere to several strict guidelines. In their first trimester, they are asked to keep away from sharp fruits as they are believed to cause some issues. So, a giant pineapple is a strict no-no for expecting mothers in China. They are even asked to avoid crabs, which are believed to contribute to temperamental issues in the newborns.

6. Jamaica


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Many women from Jamaica strongly rely on their religious beliefs during the course of nine months. In fact, it is said that many Jamaican women strongly count on their bible to help them sail through the journey. There is also a place designated to keep an open Bible in the room where the childbirth process is supposed to take place. They just find immense comfort knowing that the words of God are within their reach during this incredibly intense time.

7. Korea


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In Korea, the rules are mainly pertaining to who they get to share the ‘good’ news with. Here, the soon-to-be moms are expected to share the news in an order dictated by many years of tradition. Korean women are told to first share the huge news with the mom-in-law. And, only after they have told the mother-in-law, they can let their partners know.

What do you think about these traditional beliefs and practices across the world? Let us know in the comments section below! Cheers to the beauty that is motherhood!


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What Pregnancy Looks Like In 7 Different Countries


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