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5 Things Unborn Babies Feel During A C-Section (And 2 They Don't)

5 Things Unborn Babies Feel During A C-Section (And 2 They Don't)

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The miraculous unfolding of pregnancy is the most pivotal experience for a woman. Isn’t the joy of growing a being inside you just incomparable? Do you spend the major chunk of your time wondering how your little one will look like when he/she finally arrives into the world?

A mother can start worrying about her baby’s needs ever since his/her conception. Everything she does is for the tiny angel. All she wants is to ensure her Baby is healthy and is doing well. Finally, the time for labor comes. The contractions, medications, and nausea take over. And, she just waits for the moment when she will get to hold her newborn in her arms for the first time. However, in cesarean deliveries, an added layer of fear creeps in with respect to the child’s safety.

Here, we bring you a few things that a baby might feel during a C-section and a few they don’t:

1. All About Breathing

In a cesarean delivery, a baby might experience a comparatively shallower and faster breathing than a vaginal delivery, after coming into the world. This can be because the womb contraction and the chest compression happens when he/she passes through the birth canal. And, both of these processes help with the expulsion of fluid from the little one’s lungs. If both are missed, then the baby may find it difficult to breathe initially, until all the fluid has been expelled out.

2. Feel The Chill

Feel The Chill

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For the nine months, when your angel is in the womb, he/she has been enjoying a spa of sorts. The temperature inside the womb is pretty warm. But, the surrounding temperature when pulled out is comparatively cooler. The sudden chill due to drop in degrees is enough to make anyone cry and scream.

3. Lonely, Lonely

The Babies who are born through a C-section delivery often miss out on the skin-to-skin touch right after the birth. The focus after such deliveries is to immediately stitch up the mothers’ open bellies. Thus, the little ones miss out on the touch. And, this contact is known to have multiple health benefits for the babies. It can also make the babies feel warm, loved, and protected.

4. Groggy Alert

Groggy Alert

Image: Shutterstock

The little infants may seem pretty quiet in the hours following their birth. This may be because they feel a little groggy after their incredible journey into our world. They may also be exposed to the medications that pass through their mother’s body to ensure safety for both. So, it is completely alright if your newborn seems a little hazy in the first few hours after his/her birth.

5. Snoozing Time

Most mothers, as well as babies, catch up on their sleep as they prepare themselves for the ultimate journey ahead. Babies usually get a wake-up call as they start being pushed down through the birth canal. However, in C-section deliveries, babies may not get this call. And, will probably be snoozing happily on the entire journey out.

Now, we will talk about the things they don’t feel:

1. The Delivery Incision

The Delivery Incision

Image: Shutterstock

When you realize that a lot of sharp needles will come into play, the fear of the incision coming close to your precious loved one heightens. After all, keeping your baby away from sharp objects is pretty high on your parenting list. But, there is nothing to worry about. None of these sharp instruments will touch your baby. Trust the medical professionals in the room.

2. Cord Cutting

While most mothers let out a gasp as they see a giant knife cutting the umbilical cord, don’t worry as there are no nerve endings present in the area. So, your baby won’t feel any pain at all as the cord is cut. All is well!

The thought of a c-section delivery can unnerve many. However, it is important to ensure the little angel’s well-being over everything else. So, if it’s the need of the moment, go for it. All the best!


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5 Things Unborn Babies Feel During A C-Section (And 2 They Don't)


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