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Emergency Child Birth: 6 Steps You Should Remember

Emergency Child Birth

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Looking for a DIY delivery guide in case of emergencies? Well, you’ve come to the right place! As rare as that scenario maybe, sometimes you just don’t get the chance to get to the hospital in time – you water breaks sooner than expected and the Baby starts crowning even before you can speed dial your partner. Sounds scary to deal with, right? Well, it can be better if you prepare yourself for the worst. Here’s a six-step emergency delivery guide for you and your partner in case you need it!

1. Keep calm and carry on

Keep calm and carry on

Image: Shutterstock

Probably one of the hardest things not to do at this moment would be to panic and scream out the loudest ‘aaarrrggghhh’ your throat can muster, but it’ll be smarter to try and keep calm. Although we can’t really blame you for freaking out. But try to take a breather and remember that there’s nothing to freak out about. Babies have been born out of hospitals for centuries and still do, so try to be strong.

2. Call the emergency hotline

Call the emergency hotline

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Once you’ve calmed down and your mind feels a little clearer, take your phone and call up the emergency care hotline of the country. Or you could call up the midwife you’ve kept booked for this day or even your OB-GYN – whoever you think can help you best, and quickest of course. So don’t hesitate to call up your next door doctor too if that’s what it takes. Explain your situation to whoever you can get hold of and listen to what they have to say before taking the next step.

3. Take control of the situation, if needed

If you see that nothing is happening the way you wanted it to and that there’s no option left but for you to take control of the situation, then don’t think and just do it. Ask your partner to stop the car if you’re on your way to the hospital as the baby crowns. Cover yourself with a towel and get in a position you’d feel most comfortable in before you can deliver the baby with the help of your partner.

4. Get ready to handle the baby

This for the mommy’s partner. As you see the head appear, don’t attempt to pull it out. Wait for the mother to push the head out completely before you can gently hold it in your hands and support it as the rest of baby’s body comes out.

5. Wrap the baby in a clean towel

Wrap the baby in a clean towel

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When the baby comes out, its body is going to be covered in amniotic fluid and blood and hence, will feel very slippery. Find a clean towel to hold the baby in as it emerges, but again be gentle enough and do not pull the baby out. Don’t get alarmed at the sight of the blood and the fluids as they are only natural. Once out, rub the baby gently to make sure its breathing and crying but do not spank its butt. Keep the child close to mommy.

6. Take the placenta and umbilical cord into account

Take the placenta and umbilical cord into account

Image: Shutterstock

If you see that the umbilical cord is coiled around the baby, make sure you untangle it slowly and carefully as the newborn is being delivered. That said, don’t cut the cord. A doctor will do that for you. As for the placenta, leave that to the doctor too when you see help has arrived. They will handle the delivery of the placenta. However, if help doesn’t arrive within the first 30 minutes of the delivery of the baby, let the mommy deliver the placenta on her own. Wrap it up in a newspaper once it’s out.

Whew! We hope you never have to follow these six steps! And if you have to, make sure you don’t try to rush the process in any way. Just keep a level head and let things happen.


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Emergency Child Birth: 6 Steps You Should Remember


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