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Adorable Things Dads Confess About Their Partner’s Pregnant Body

Adorable Things Dads Confess About Their Partner’s Pregnant Body

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Women are always discussing their pregnancies. The dos and don’ts, the aches and pains, the weight gain and also their fears. It’s a very rare topic of discussion among men as to how they feel about their Pregnant partners. Keeping their secret identities, men have opened up with their true feelings regarding their partner’s pregnancies to us. It was an exciting experience and to be honest; the answers were adorable.

1. Attractiveness

“I think my wife became more attractive during and after pregnancy. Although she doesn’t believe me. I could compliment her all day, grab her and love her in every way possible but she’d never listen!”

“I’ll be brutally honest. Pregnant women are a turn-off. There is nothing sexy about a swollen belly and ankles. But when it comes to your own significant other it’s an entire change of perspective. She was the most gorgeous human being I had ever seen! The pregnancy just enhanced her attractiveness.”

“I found my wife beautiful and told her every day. She never listened.”

2. Sex

“I think my wife became freakishly gorgeous when she was pregnant. Not that she wasn’t before, but there was something so primal around her post-pregnancy.”

“I never lost the sexual attraction to my wife, but the hilarity of the situation was the best. She’s really short; when she was about seven months it was comical. I would giggle every time she walked into the room with her massive belly and height. Luckily for me, she’s got a great sense of humor!”

“The idea of sex put me off. I couldn’t believe that there was a baby IN her. She was gorgeous, but pregnancy played a huge role in our sex life.”

“While my wife was extremely attractive, sex, however, stopped the second my son kicked me through her stomach.”

3. Hormones

“We had a good relationship until she became almost dinosaur-like during her seventh or eighth month!”

“The hormones drove me insane. One second she was loving and sexy, the next I was sure I’d get killed. I was so glad when it was over.”

“My wife was gorgeous. It wasn’t the pregnancy; it was the hormones! She went psycho. I’m glad that the women I loved re-emerged after the baby was delivered.”

4. Fears

“My wife’s pregnancy scared me. She was vomiting most of the time, and this led to complications during delivery. I don’t think I’ve prayed so hard in my life.”

“I loved her and found her attractive. It was fatherhood that worried me and made me feel uncomfortable. I was so worried about the do’s and don’ts that I couldn’t wrap my head around having sex with her. I did, but it was hardly ever initiated by me. However, this changed when she was pregnant with our second child. I was all over her!”

“I was always afraid that I’d hurt her or that she would get hurt. This was mostly because she became fragile in my eyes during pregnancy.”

5. Respect

“I was smug. Smug that there was a baby in her belly because of me. Also, smug that this gorgeous, pregnant woman was mine. It was so bad-ass.”

“I’ve never found my wife unattractive. Even now, when she’s 8.5 months pregnant I still want her so badly. She’s never had a “supermodel” body and while most would be put off by the ugly side of pregnancy, I’d say how your partner is as a person makes a huge difference. My wife’s personality glows which is what makes it easier for us as a couple.”

“The idea that she was single headedly going to go through the experience of labor. This made me respect her more as a person.”

Ultimately, the idea of how we look is how we accept ourselves. It has been understood that most men think that the miracle of pregnancy and birth is not something that subsides over time but rather it increases their respect for their partners. The period of your pregnancy gives you and your partner time to get to know each other on another level. Enjoy it, for in nine months both of you will have another surprise.


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Adorable Things Dads Confess About Their Partner’s Pregnant Body


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