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200 Unique And Meaningful Non Religious Or Atheist Baby Names

Unique And Meaningful Non Religious Or Atheist Baby Names

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Religious or traditional names are winners as they always top the baby naming trends. But what about parents who don’t want a name tied to the religion? What if they want something that is unique, secular, and non-conformist?

Research conducted by Pew Research Center found that the number of atheist and agnostic people is growing steadily in the US. From five to eight percent in the 1980s, the number has now increased to 16%. In fact, it is expected to be 25% by 2050.

Since most of the traditional names are connected to religion in some way through definition, origin or direct association, it does get a bit challenging to select a good, non-religious name. But MomJunction is here to make your task a bit easy. Below we’ve compiled a list of 200 baby names not bearing allegiance to any religion or mythology.

Atheist Or Non-Religious Baby Names For Girls:

1. Acadia:

This woodsy name is like a breath of fresh air. It means ‘idyllic place’.

2. Acajou:

Acajou, the reddish brown color name, may translate to cashew in French, but is actually the wood of the mahogany tree.

3. America:

This place name is derived from the Latin word Americus and means ‘new word’.

4. Anique:

If you want a cosmopolitan name for your Daughter, Anique should be the one for you. It means ‘grace’ in Hebrew and ‘apricot’ in Japanese.

5. Arcadia:

This beautiful name is associated with the simple joys found in pastoral life. It means ‘pastoral simplicity’.

6. Aria:

Aria, Meaning ‘air’, has jumped into the top 50 list, all because of the “Game of Thrones” effect.

7. Arizona:

This evocative southerner name was picked by Art Alexakis, the Everclear frontman recently. Arizona means ‘little springs’.

8. Armona:

This Hebrew origin name, meaning ‘chestnut brown’, is the name of a place in California.

9. Asta:

This beautiful Scandinavian name signifies the most powerful emotion in the world, ‘love’.

10. Auburn:

This attractive color name, straight out of the color box, is usable for both the genders.

11. Avery:

Avery has experienced a meteoric rise since the 1990s. It means ‘ruler of elves’.

12. Azure:

Wouldn’t it make a lovely name for a blue eyed girl. In the Middle Ages, azure, the stunning blue shade was used widely in the medieval art.

13. Beatriz:

We feel, Beatriz, meaning ‘bringer of happiness’, would also make a lovely secular name for your daughter.

14. Bela:

Bela is a Hawaiian version of Latin name Bella and means ‘beautiful’.

15. Birdie:

Birdie would make a cute nickname for your daughter.

16. Blossom:

The 90s parents will surely love this sunshine name. It means ‘fresh’.

17. Briar:

Too bad the meaning of Briar, ‘a thorny patch’, does not sound as beautiful as the name.

18. Brooke:

Brooke, meaning ‘stream’, is now associated only with girls, thanks to Brooke Shields.

19. Brooklyn:

Brooklyn is no longer just the name of a New York borough. It’s now considered one of the trendiest baby girl names.

20. Brycin:

This Celtic name is sensible, strong, and unique. It means ‘bright strength’.

21. Calla:

If Lily isn’t your cup of tea, pick Calla, which literally means ‘beautiful’

22. Capri:

Capri is an Italian name, meaning ‘fanciful or unpredictable’. The only catch is that it could be associated with women’s garment.

23. Carson:

Carson, meaning ‘child of Carr’, was originally used for boys, but is used for both genders now.

24. Carys:

Carys is a beautiful and rhythmic Welsh name, meaning ‘love’.

25. Chelsea:

The name Chelsea is taken from the Old English word, which means ‘a landing place for limestone’.

26. Clementine:

Clementine isn’t just the name of sweet oranges. It’s a feminine form of Clement and means ‘gentle’ in Latin.

27. Coco:

Naming your daughter after fashion brand is not as outlandish as it may seem. Courtney Cox also named her firstborn daughter Coco.

28. Coral:

Color names, especially Violet, have been in vogue since time immemorial. It’s time to shower some love on coral as well.

29. Dakota:

Dakota is taken from a Native American word, where it’s the name of a group of tribes.

30. Dale:

This moniker is best known for its association with cowgirl Dale Evans. Dale means ‘valley’.

31. Dallas:

This Scottish name, meaning ‘from the field with the water’, is a major city in Texas.

32. Danica:

Danica is a Hebrew name, meaning ‘morning star’. Dany would be the best nickname for Danica.

33. Darren:

The Irish name, meaning ‘little great one’, was once popular for boys, but works better on girls now.

34. Deanna:

This lovely name, meaning ‘valley’, was picked by James Brown for his daughter.

35. Delta:

Oozing Southern charm, this moniker was picked by Dax Shepard for his daughter. It means ‘born fourth’.

36. Deryn:

Even though Deryn, meaning ‘bird’, was popular in the 50s, it sounds way less dated than Robin.

37. Dimona:

If you want a directional baby name that’s not too much in the face, pick Dimona, which means ‘south’.

38. Dune:

Dune is a beachy name with sci-fi connection. You can also opt for its alternate spelling, Doon. It means ‘From Doon’.

39. Duscha:

Happiness is all we want for our children. So pick the Russian name Duscha, which means ‘happy’.

40. Eartha:

If you want to establish a connection between your daughter and the world she’s in, pick the name, Eartha. It means ‘earth’.

41. Ellis:

This sparingly used name, meaning ‘benevolent’, would make an ambisexual alternative to Ella.

42. Emma:

What could be more secular than a name that means ‘universal’.

43. Eshe:

Eshe is an exotic and uncommon Swahili name, meaning ‘life’.

44. Felora:

Hawaiian name Felora is definitely a better alternative to Flora.

45. Fern:

This attractive botanical name is very soon expected to move to the top of the list.

46. Finley:

Finley, meaning ‘fair warrior’, is a fitting name for girls of today’s generation.

47. Gaia:

This Greek word for ‘earth’ would make an utterly adorable name for your daughter.

48. Gemma:

A lovely gemstone name with an equally beautiful nickname option, Gemma means ‘gem’.

49. Grande:

Exactly what your life should be! Grande is an Italian name, meaning ‘large’.

50. Hayley:

Hayley, meaning ‘from the hay meadow’, was previously used for boys, but is now more common for girls.

51. Hiva:

Hiva, a Polynesian name, meaning ‘a song to sing’, will appeal to musical parents.

52. Illana:

It may not sound, but Illana means ‘oak tree’. A perfect interfaith name in our opinion.

53. Ireland:

It may sound unusual, but Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger recently picked his name for their daughter. An excellent way to pay homage to your native Ireland.

54. Isla:

Isla, meaning ‘island’, is the name of a Scottish river. It’s one of the ten names in Scotland and England.

55. Ivy:

This old-fashioned botanical name is trending upwards ever since Jay-Z picked it for his daughter.

56. Juniper:

Modern parents prefer this tree name for its fresh feel. Juniper means ‘evergreen’.

57. Kaiya:

A beautiful Japanese name, meaning ‘forgiveness’, it will make a perfect pick if you want a cross-cultural name for your daughter.

58. Kendall:

This unisex surname turned name refers to a river in England.

59. Kimberly:

This English surname relates to a South African village or meadow.

60. Kyle:

The name Kyle has been quite popular in modern ties. It means ‘a narrow channel or strait’.

61. Lake:

This refreshing water name came into the mainstream via actress Lake Bell. It means ‘someone living by the stream’.

62. Lapis:

Lapis is an exotic name derived from the gemstone lapis lazuli.

63. Lark:

After Raven and Robin, Lark is getting well-deserved attention. You can use this ‘songbird’ name as a nickname for your little girl.

64. Lilah:

This sensual name of Arabic descent captures the beauty of the night. The final ‘h’ in this name meaning ‘night’ creates a perfect balance.

65. Lindsay:

Lindsay is one of our favorites on the list. It means ‘island of linden trees’.

66. Lorelei:

Lorelei is believed to be the beautiful siren in the German legend who sat on the rocks in the Rhine River and sang to the sailors. Lorelei means ‘temptress’.

67. Macy:

Macy isn’t just the name of a chain of department stores. It’s a cute French name, meaning ‘weapon’.

68. Magnolia:

We find Magnolia as an exotic, lush, and ultra-feminine baby name.

69. Mala:

Mala is another appealing Hawaiian name, meaning ‘garden’.

70. Malea:

This Hawaiian name sounds very pretty. It means ‘probably or perhaps’.

71. May:

There can be no better example of an atheist name than this one. You can either pick its straightforward spelling May or tweak it for Mae.

72. Meadow:

You cannot get a more peaceful name for your daughter. It’s also borne by late Paul Walker’s daughter. It means ‘grassy field’.

73. Morela:

This moniker drips with sweetness. Morela is a Polish word for ‘apricot’.

74. Morena:

Morena, meaning ‘brown’, is hugely popular in Argentina, where it’s on the top ten list.

75. Mura:

This Japanese name, meaning ‘village’, has a strong potential to make a mark on the other side of the globe.

76. Murphy:

This surname/name, popularized by Nolan’s masterpiece “Interstellar”, means ‘hound of the sea’.

77. North:

We had to include this directional name in the list, after all, it was picked by Kanye West and Kim Kardashian.

78. Olive:

This moniker is inspired by the olive tree. It was picked by high profile celebs like Isla Fisher and Drew Barrymore.

79. Paige:

Paige is a variation of the French male name Page, but is never really used for boys. It means ‘attendant’.

80. Pearl:

A gemstone name as precious as your daughter would be.

81. Poppy:

We love the spunk of this Latin floral moniker.

82. Rayna:

This interfaith name has been popular ever since it came into the existence. It’s a Czech variation of Catherine and means ‘pure’.

83. Robin:

Sorry boys! Robin now belongs to girls. This chirpy bird name has consistently made a spot in the top 1000 list.

84. Ruby:

Naming your darling daughter after a precious stone is the best way to go global.

85. Rue:

If you’re a “Hunger Games” fan, you recognize this name as a minor character from the film. It means ‘street’ in French.

86. Sasha:

This cool name with Russian origin would go well with both the genders. It means ‘defender of mankind’.

87. Savannah:

Savannah is exotic in the truest sense. It means ‘from the open plain’.

88. Scout:

Scout, meaning ‘to listen’, was the name of a young heroine in “To Kill a Mockingbird”.

89. Serene:

We think Serene is an absolutely lovely name to bestow on your daughter. And it isn’t very common too! Serene means ‘calm’.

90. Shannon:

A truly rocking inter-faith name inspired by a river of Ireland. Shannon means ‘wise river’.

91. Sienna:

Do you know how Sienna got its name? It’s because sienna is an earth pigment produced in the region.

92. Sierra:

This southern American place name sounds simple, yet dignified.

93. Snow:

If you’re a lover of winter months or if your little one is due in December, you can pick Snow for her.

94. Soleil:

All thanks from Soleil Moon Frye for bringing this unusual name to the mainstream. It means ‘sun’.

95. Sorrell:

This moniker, with its soft, autumnal vibe, can be used for both the genders. It means ‘reddish brown’.

96. Summer:

Since the temperature is rising for seasonal names, how about picking Summer as a name for your daughter?

97. Taylor:

This moniker is changing tides. It was used for boys earlier, but is now a girls’ favorite. It means ‘tailor’.

98. Terra:

This moniker, with its back to earth appellation, would make a nice alternative to Terry. It means ‘earth’.

99. Texas:

If you want a distinctive name for your daughter, pick the eclectic name Texas, which means ‘friends’.

100. Vienna:

Vienna sounds great as both given name and surname. It means ‘from wine country’.

101. Waverly:

Waverly, meaning ‘from the aspen tree meadow’, is another lovely non-religious name.

Atheist Or Non-Religious Baby Names For Boys:

102. Ace:

Who’s the number one boy in the world? Ace! Ace is a short and sweet Latin name, meaning ‘one or unity’.

103. Adrian:

If you have roots in Adria, you can name your son Adrian, which means ‘from Adria’.

104. Alistair:

Alistair is the sophisticated English name and means ‘defending men’.

105. Archer:

Kind, strong, and romantic are things that come to our mind when we think of this name. It means ‘bowman’.

106. Aspen:

The name of the world class ski resorts has seen a major peak in popularity. Aspen means ‘trembling’.

107. Bandit:

Bandit is an outright daring, mysterious, and adventurous baby boy name. This occupational name was used by one of the members of My Chemical Romance for his daughter. But it’s essentially a baby boy name.

108. Bay:

Bay, meaning ‘berry’, is a refreshing take of the water names like Lake or River.

109. Birch:

This name will appeal to nature loving atheists.

110. Blaine:

Blaine is associated with the seventh century Scottish saint and means ‘slender or angular’.

111. Blair:

This one will never go out of style. It means ‘battlefield’ in Scottish and ‘from the plain lands’ in English.

112. Blaise:

Its connection with the word name Blaze makes it look and sound very fiery. Blaise means ‘to lisp’.

113. Branch:

Sports fans will associate this name with Branch Rickey from the world of baseball.

114. Bronson:

Bronson, meaning ‘son of the brown-haired’, is climbing its way up the popularity chart.

115. Bronx:

How about naming your son after one of the boroughs in New York?

116. Bruno:

Bruno, meaning ‘brown’, is widely popular in the US, and a fragment of its popularity goes to Bruno Mars.

117. Calvin:

This quirky name got a fashionable edge via its association with Calvin Klein. The meaning ‘bald’, may not be very pleasant, though.

118. Camden:

Camden, meaning ‘from the winding valley’, also happens to be a place name in London.

119. Canyon:

Canyon is one of the freshest entries to the atheist baby name list. Its German meaning is ‘Schlucht’.

120. Chester:

This top name from the years 1880s to 1930 sounds both cuddly and quirky. It means ‘fortress’.

121. Clark:

If you want a short, but strong and global name for your son, pick Clark, which means ‘scholarly’.

122. Clay:

Clay is an earthy, single-syllable charming name with a roguish image. This Teutonic baby name means ‘mortal’.

123. Clyde:

This tiny name is identified with River Clyde running through Glasgow in Scotland.

124. Cody:

Cody, meaning ‘descendant of CUIDIGHTHEACH’, is a namesake of several celebrity sons, including Robin Williams’.

125. Cooper:

Cooper, meaning ‘barrel maker’, was popularized by the most well-known geeks of this generation, Sheldon Cooper.

126. Cormac:

Cormac, meaning ‘charioteer’, sounds both upbeat and offbeat. It was heard in “Harry Potter” movies as well. Remember, Cormac McLaggen.

127. Crane:

The bird name Crane originated as a surname, but is now considered an intriguing first name.

128. Curtis:

In a world where chivalry and politeness are vanishing with every passing day, it would be a great idea to pick the name Curtis for your son. It means ‘polite’.

129. Dante:

Dante is the short form of medieval name Durante and means ‘enduring’.

130. Denver:

Apart from meaning ‘green valley’ in English, Denver is also the name of the capital of Colorado in the U.S.

131. Eamon:

This Irish name, popularized by the US President Eamon de Valera, means ‘wealthy protector’.

132. Easton:

Easton is a stylish directional name that is climbing in popularity. It means ‘belonging to the East’.

133. Edwin:

Even though Edwin is a little less popular than Edmund and Edward, it has always managed to make a place in the Social Security Administration list. It means ‘wealthy friend’.

134. Fallon:

Fallon is a cutting edge Irish name, meaning ‘leader’.

135. Felix:

Nothing can explain the happiness you feel on seeing and holding your baby in your arms for the first time. But a part of it can be elucidated by naming your son Felix, which means ‘happy or fortunate’.

136. Flint:

Meaning ‘born near the outcrop of flint’, this moniker was hugely popular in the 60s and could make a comeback soon.

137. Forest:

Forest, or its spelling variation Forrest, has several secular and atheist takers.

138. Frazer:

While Frasier is its more common version, thanks to the television series “Frasier”, we find Frazer more usable. It means ‘strawberry’.

139. Gallant:

Another macho naming option for your son – Gallant means ‘courageous’.

140. Gardener:

This occupation name could be considered by parents who are into gardening.

141. Garrett:

If you want something along the lines of Gerard, you can pick Garrett, which means ‘spear strength’.

142. Garth:

Garth is an unusual Scandinavian name and means ‘keeper of the garden’.

143. Gideon:

A boy with this name is sure to be the conqueror of the playground. Gideon means ‘destroyer’.

144. Glade:

This beautiful, leafy name is waiting to be discovered. So why don’t you set-off the trend? It has the trendy ‘ade’ sound as well. Glade means ‘smooth or shining’.

145. Graham:

This smooth and sophisticated English name is beginning to catch on big in the US. It means ‘gravelly homestead’.

146. Gypsy:

We love this name for the laid back feel it exudes. It means ‘wanderer’.

147. Hawk:

Hawk, referring to the majestic eagle, would make a fierce, yet amiable name for your son.

148. Hawthorne:

Another unique naming options – Hawthorne means ‘lives where hawthorn hedges grow’.

149. Heath:

Heath is a pleasant and distinctive secular name, meaning ‘the heathland dweller’. And who wouldn’t know Heath Ledger?

150. Henry:

A name with royal cred, Henry means ‘estate ruler’.

151. Howard:

Howard, meaning ‘high watchman’, was once an English surname of a powerful family.

152. Indigo:

Indigo is the latest name inspired by color, and we love every bit of it. It means ‘Indian dye’.

153. Kai:

Meaning ‘the sea’, Kai would make a lovely name for parents into surfing.

154. Killian:

Killian is an exotic, powerful, and unique Celtic name meaning ‘blind’. Pick it if you’re not much bothered with meanings.

155. Kingston:

This place name, meaning ‘from the king’s village’, has a stately air to it.

156. Larkin:

Larkin is an Irish name, meaning ‘fierce’.

157. Legend:

On of the strongest names in our opinion, Legend is derived from Latin word ‘legere’ and means ‘to be read’.

158. Leo:

This strong and friendly name, meaning ‘lion’ would make a lovely pick for your son.

159. Lionel:

Lionel, meaning ‘young lion’, has several atheist takers in English and Latin speaking countries.

160. Lynx:

If you want something unique, fierce and wild for your son, pick Lynx, the name of the wildcat.

161. Marseille:

While Marseille, the name of a city in France, was traditionally picked for girls, it’s beginning to be used for boys as well.

162. Marsh:

This gentle, secular name, meaning ‘someone living in a marsh’, sounds way better than dated name Marshall.

163. Mason:

Mason is a straightforward occupational name, meaning ‘stone worker’.

164. Miller:

This moniker, referring to the ‘person who operates the mill’, is quite popular as a name.

165. Milo:

A favorite with the celebrities. Milo is a variation of the English name Miles and means ‘soldier or merciful’.

166. Moss:

We feel Moss would make a lovely variant of Moses. It means ‘someone living by a bog’.

167. Ocean:

This hippy, dippy name is flowing back into the realm of possibility.

168. Orion:

We love this name for its association with space and the cosmos. Orion is the name of the brightest constellation in the sky.

169. Owen:

After jumping over 300 places in a decade, this Celtic name is expected to grow even higher. It means ‘young warrior’.

170. Pax:

Pax was practically unheard of before Angelina Jolie picked it for her son. It means ‘peace’.

171. Pedro:

Pedro is a form of Peter and means ‘a rock’.

172. Phoenix:

The name Phoenix is associated with a place in Arizona and the name of a bird that rises from its ashes.

173. Quade:

Quade is a Latin name, meaning ‘the fourth born’.

174. Quincey:

Quincey, the Roman clan name, can be used for both girls and boys now. It means ‘fifth’.

175. Reed:

Reed is the name of the plant used to make musical instruments. This elegant and silvery name means ‘red-haired’.

176. Rex:

Meaning ‘mighty counselor or ruler’, Rex would make an impressive name for your son.

177. Rhys:

Rhys is the traditional version of the Welsh name Reese and means ‘ardor’. It’s a high ranking name in Scotland, Ireland, and England.

178. River:

This cousin name of Ocean entered the top 1000 list in the year 1994.

179. Rocket:

Nerds or geeky parents would adore this hip name.

180. Ryder:

Ryder is a cool variant of Rider and means ‘horseman’

181. Sawyer:

This moniker, meaning ‘woodcutter’, instantly brings to mind the lovable lead character from the book, “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer”.

182. Shale:

Meaning ‘stratified’ rock, Shale could make an edgy, but sweet name for your son.

183. Sherman:

Sherman is an occupational name meaning ‘shearer of woolen cloth’.

184. Skye:

A modern name which refers to both nature and a technological phenomenon, Skye means ‘sky’.

185. Slate:

This moniker brings to mind the modern stepping stones. And it’s also on the rise, along with Steel and Stone.

186. Smith:

Smith comes from an Old English word ‘smythe’ and means ‘to strike’.

187. Soren:

Soren is a unique, yet attractive Danish name, meaning ‘strict’.

188. Spencer:

Spencer, meaning ‘keeper of provisions’, shares association with famous actor Spencer Tracy.

189. Stewart:

Stewart, meaning ‘steward’, is an ancient Scottish surname, which is know more popularly Stuart.

190. Stone:

This tough guy name may have sunk from sight, but isn’t totally unfashionable.

191. Storm:

Windswept and dramatic word name Storm is used more as a surname than a first name.

192. Theia:

A name with a strong scientific connection, Thea is the name of the protoplanet that collided with Earth and formed the moon.

193. Travis:

Travis, meaning ‘from the big town’, was picked by Kevin Bacon for his son. Even Bacon would make a cool name, right?

194. Ulric:

Ulric is a charming German name, meaning ‘strong willed’.

195. Vale:

This geographical name, meaning ‘a type of valley’, can be used for both girls or boys.

196. Walter:

A favorite with the Normans, Walter, meaning ‘army ruler’, came into forefront via the popularity of “Breaking Bad”.

197. Warren:

After being in limbo for years, Warren is now all set for the revival. It means ‘park keeper’.

198. Wayne:

Wayne is an English surname that refers to a water crossing.

199. Wolf:

A badass animal name for your little one.

200. Wren:

Wren, one of the fastest rising names of the 2010s, would make a lovely alternative to Robin.

Most of these names are easy to pronounce and would be well-accepted in several countries. Which name would you pick for your son or daughter? Tell us by commenting below!


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200 Unique And Meaningful Non Religious Or Atheist Baby Names


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