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Some Common OurPact Situations, and What’s Really Up


“I am having troubles pairing my child’s device.”

In essence, this is happening because too many people are loving OurPact at the exact same moment.

It is rare to experience issues pairing child devices, however we have determined that non-responsiveness comes up on occasion due to ‘load issues’ when too much traffic is being driven to the application at a given time. You may also experience this issue when your child’s device (the device you’re attempting to pair) does not have a strong enough Internet connection to hop on board.

The Solution?

First, make sure that you have a strong Internet signal. If you are on Wi-Fi, get close to the router. If you are on a cellular network, wait until you are on a stronger signal (eg. wait until you are off of 3G and on LTE).

If that isn’t the case, then we encourage you to wait it out for an hour or so! OurPact loves you back, promise. It just sometimes gets a little bit overwhelmed at all the attention it gets and needs to slow down to take it all in. If you try to pair again later and continue to experience problems, please contact [email protected]

Alternative: If you are having issues pairing your child’s device and encounter a page of strange code, this is because of existing restrictions in place on your child’s device in the actual settings. This is a weird iOS 9 problem, but the fix is simple:

Simply navigate to Settings > General > Restrictions > Scroll Down to ‘Websites’ and change ‘Limit Adult Content’ to ‘All Websites’. You will then be able to pair the child device at Once paired, you may go back in ‘Settings’ to change the website restrictions back to ‘Limit Adult Content’.

“My child’s device should have been blocked/unblocked, but it wasn’t.”

So, you tried to manually re-grant/block access, or an automated schedule was supposed to kick in/end, and it didn’t. Either your kid is very happy or very upset, and you’re likely scratching your head wondering what the heck is going on.

The most likely culprit in this situation is Internet connectivity. Simply put, your device is linked to your child’s device, and they communicate through the management profile, but that management profile relies on a strong enough Internet connection to put the two devices in touch with each other. Whether your child is on Wi-Fi, or a cellular connection (LTE, 3G, etc.), a reliable and strong enough connection is required by both devices for the message to be both sent and received by the parent and child devices.

The Solution?

Ideally, get the device to a better signal or closer to the modem. This should resolve the issue, or there may be a small lag until the connection catches up to the message in demand.

Alternative: OurPact loves iOS devices of all types, colors and sizes, but unfortunately sometimes it has a hard time getting in touch with outdated software. If your device or your child’s device is running on an older versions of iOS, specifically iOS 7 or older, then this may be causing problems with responsiveness.

If you are able to do so, please ensure that the software on both your device and your child’s device is up-to-date. To upgrade, simply go to Settings > General > Software Update. Note: Older devices (iPhone 4’s, for example) are actually limited in their ability to upgrade beyond iOS7… Basically, they can’t keep up with the new technology.

While we would love to support all iOS software, we also want to provide the best, most reliable product for families. Unfortunately we cannot reliably support older versions of OS that have a hard time operating with our new server. If you are experiencing issues with the app, and are not able to upgrade your software, then please contact our team for assistance on removing the management profile at [email protected]

“Prestige will not download on my child’s device.”

Prestige is a bit weird.

By it’s very nature, Prestige operates by ‘not downloading’. Confusing, we know, but leave the technical stuff to us. That’s what we’re here for.

All you need to know, is that when you install Prestige:

• It should be installed on your CHILD’S device (or whichever device is being managed).
• A pop-up icon will appear that says the app was unable to download. That’s totally normal. Please select ‘Done’, not ‘Retry’.
• It will appear greyed out. Once again, totally normal. Not the most beautiful icon, but we do our best!
• If it says ‘waiting’ with the spinny-circle in the top, just give it some time. This should go away shortly, but it doesn’t mean it isn’t working.

If you continue to experience problems or have more questions about our cute, nifty, home-made solution, please feel free to contact [email protected]

“Prestige is not working.”

The only instance that this has come up with our quality assurance team is when the Prestige icon is moved while the device is in a BLOCKED state. You can hide or move around the icon when the device is in a GRANTED state, but, we repeat:

If the managed device is in a blocked state, do not move Prestige.

The Solution?

Just explain to your kids that when the device is BLOCKED, Prestige is taking a nap. It just needs to be left alone.

If the Prestige icon was indeed moved during a block , it’s no biggie. The next time the phone comes out of the block it will be a bit disorganized but once you (patiently) re-organize your folders and promise to leave Prestige alone when the device is blocked, it will continue to do it’s job. No deleting, re-downloading, or anything. Prestige will continue to work hard to keep your devices clean and sticky.

If you continue to experience issues with Prestige, please contact [email protected] and we will help you out.

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Some Common OurPact Situations, and What’s Really Up


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