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5 Benefits to Taking Your Family for Regular Dental Check-Ups

Beyond being an opportunity to show off your smile, regular dental Checkups are beneficial to the entire family. They are crucial to maintaining not only your oral health but your overall health as well.

However, it’s been found that many people skip dental checkups! Many people claim that they don’t have time, but omitting such a vital checkup can lead to untreated health conditions, like gum disease or cavities alongside issues that can cause daily oral pain.

You wouldn’t skip out on a physical exam for a sport, so why skimp on the physical for your mouth? After all, it’s used daily to help you enjoy food, drink, and communicate, so it should be properly maintained. Here are five benefits to preserving your family’s dental checkups.

  1. Utilizing all Your Benefits

Many people often carry a full-time job, and with that full-time position comes benefits. Aside from vacation and sick time, these are often associated with medical care being fully or at least partially covered. Your company wants you to stay happy and healthy, and they strive to help you stay that way with benefits.

Typically, some cost is deducted from your paycheck to pay for the benefits, but it’s been found that millions in dental insurance go to waste each year. This means wasted money on your end.

Moms are excellent at utilizing every part of things, which makes wasted time and money doubly frustrating, and leaves little reason to skip regular checkups. Two checkups and two cleanings are covered each year. What makes this even easier to do is calling up a dentist in your area, like at 286 Madison Dental NYC, and just asking if they accept your insurance, or what their pricing is on general maintenance like cleanings and checkups.

  1. Remove Built-Up Tarter

With both their specially designed tools and professional training, dentists can remove plaque from your teeth, especially those teeth that are harder to reach from home with good brushing habits. When plaque is left alone, it creates tartar, a substance that is more difficult to remove at home. And if tartar is not taken care of, it can cause cavities. That’s why a regular cleaning with a dental check-up is so crucial to get rid of tartar and protect your teeth.

  1. Routine X-Rays

Whether it’s time for one of the children to have their wisdom teeth removed, or something more serious, like a root canal, routine x-rays are a massive benefit of regular checkups.

An x-ray can help screen for an overbite or underbite, whether teeth are shifting, and other serious goings-on. Often, when someone complains of pain, and then go to the dentist, far more damage has occurred than if the problem had been caught earlier on with an x-ray at a regular checkup.

  1. Set a Good Example

Kids learn by watching and doing. A parent who routinely goes in for their checkup makes these seem normal, which is helpful in setting kids up for healthy habits.

Oral health is a huge factor in daily life. Understanding the importance of flossing and brushing is crucial, but you can’t expect kids to do the right thing if they aren’t taught how and why it’s the right thing.

Making dental checkups seem as routine as brushing before bed every night promotes long-term healthy habits in oral maintenance. It also sets the tone early on that dentists aren’t scary. Fear of the dentist can cause avoidance later on in life when a checkup is more necessary.

  1. Oral cancer prevention

Every checkup at your dentist includes an overview, cleaning, and future planning. While not as deadly as some other forms of cancer, oral cancer can have major negative impacts on your mouth. A benefit to maintaining routine checkups is catching issues early that could cause big problems if left untreated.

Along with cancer, corrective dental work and tooth repair can be noted. Being able to plan, whether for maintenance or repair, is huge in oral health and can also help you save thousands.

There is a plethora of excuses for skipping a regular appointment at the dentist: Trying to find time in busy schedules, being nervous about what the dentist might say, and other issues are common, but none of these outweigh the benefits in maintaining routine checkups for the family.

Maintaining your oral health is a vital part of maintaining your overall health. The benefits of maintaining your oral health far outweigh any excuses for anyone in the family skipping routine checkups.

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5 Benefits to Taking Your Family for Regular Dental Check-Ups


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