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See Someone

I can be guilty.

Of rushing place to place.

Not paying attention to those around me.

So wrapped up in my own crap that I can’t see someone else’s Struggle.

Assuming that everyone else is just Fine.

Because we can be so good at putting on that brave front and acting as if everything is okay, even when it’s not.

So if someone is going about their day, they must be fine.

But I know that can’t be true because it’s not always true for me either.

You can feel so overwhelmed and yet still put on a face fo the world that makes everyone think you are fine.

You can be in the middle of a crowd of people and yet still feel so incredibly alone.

We don’t know someone else’s struggles unless they tell us. And maybe they’re the type not to share when they’re struggling or they downplay the worst and share only a small piece of what they’re going through.

So take a closer look at those around you.

Even if they seem Perfectly Fine, even if they are perfectly fine, everyone can use a little kindness. It really doesn’t take much.

And if they aren’t hiding their pain, if it’s obvious that they’re dealing with something rough, see it.

You don’t have to take on the pain of the world or solve everyone’s problems.

But you can take a step out of your own head and give a compliment to someone.

Your shoes are cute, I love your bag, you have the best smile, the way you handle your kids is inspiring. 

You can ask how someone is doing and actually wait for an answer, not simply asking it as you rush past, tossing out a courtesy greeting. Listen to their answer.

It doesn’t take much on your part, but you might just be the only one to make that person felt like they were seen all day or even all week.

A few quick words of kindness or encouragement or friendship could make a difference.

Who will you see today? And then keep it going. See someone else tomorrow or keeping seeing the same person again to let them know they’re not alone. Keep it going.

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