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ToiletTree Products Professional Skin Care System

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disclaimer:  We received the products below for free in exchange for our honest opinions.  All opinions remain our own.

  ToiletTree Products Professional Skin Care System

  Facial Brush systems are a really big hit these days.  All the major skin care companies seem to have their own versions.  With so many to choose from and so many price ranges how do you possibly know which one to choose.  Well thanks to ToiletTree Products we got a chance to try theirs and we are here to let you know what we think.  

  The ToiletTree Professional Skin Care System comes with your choice of system in the following colors (green, blue, purple, pink, grey, or black).  It also comes with a pumice stone, two Face brushes (one for cleansing and one for exfoliating), and a body brush.  

  This system also boasts the following features:  

  Interchangeable rotating head - why have a face brush that is just a face brush.  This one has easily switchable heads.  Just pop off one and pop on another.  You can cleanse your face, exfoliate your face, scrub your body, and buff your feet all in a matter of minutes : )  No extra tools necessary.

  Waterproof - Take it right in the shower with also has a nice loop for hanging attached to the handle.  

  Batteries - It runs off of 4 AA batteries, which ARE included.  

  Used daily, this system can help polish away dead skin and exfoliate away impurities, that normal cleansing can't reach.  It can help stimulate skin renewal, improve clarity and appearance of your skin, remove dead skin cells to reveal the healthier-looking skin below, energize the skin, cleans deep to help remove makeup residue, and helps enhance the absorption of your skin care products.  

  All that and this product sells for $34.95 and replacement heads (which will need replaced every two to three months on average sell for $9.95-$29.95).  

  To find out more about this product you can head over here.  Also be sure to check out ToiletTree Products on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.  

  Mommy in GA: I am going to start by saying I was SUPER excited about the facial brush!!!  I have seen them but being the frugal mama of 5 (yes yall it is 5 now!!! Sorry that is why I have been mia for what seems like FOREVER, SORRY!!!) I never invested in one ( WELL let me just tell yall this frugal mama would spend the 35$ on this product!!!!)

This product is so great I have no idea where to start?!?!?!  Let's just start with two easily interchangeable heads for your face....cleanse and exfoliate with one simple step between (popping the cleansing head off and popping the exfoliate brush on) Now your face feels amazing!!!

Next  pop your face brush off and pop the body brush on (easy breezy!!)(weather you had a baby or not.....) Imagine using the body brush to make your whole body so nice and smooth (you feel more relaxed right??).

now the best part!!! pop that body brush off and pop on your pumice stone (this is AMAZING....whether you were on your feet at work all day, chased the kids' all over the world OR both!!) This is a treat to make your feet feel amazing as well.

You change out the heads in seconds and feel like you just left the spa when you step out of your shower all for a whopping 39.95!!!

OK I told you all the good now to tell you about my clumsy side...... I was in the shower feeling refreshed from head to ankle......was about to switch out and put the pumice brush on and OMG I dropped it :0 NOOOOOOOOOOOO It broke as did my heart! Moral of the story... just be a little bit careful!!! and you will feel refreshed from head to toe!!!!

  Mommy in PA:  Well this is my very first facial brush and I must say that I am impressed.  I always thought they were just another gimmick to get folks to spend more money.  Boy was I wrong.  

Not only does this brush make my face feel much smoother, but it also has dramatically reduced the amount of oil on my face.  Now that the weather is warmer my face has become quite oily.  I use those little oil absorbing sheets on my face once a day to help with the shine and I noticed one huge difference after using the brush system.  I went from using almost the entire oil absorbing sheet to using less than half.  That is a huge difference.

Holding the brush properly does take a couple of minutes to adjust to but you'll be scrubbing like a pro in no time.  I also want to mention to not get too much cleanser on at once or you will have suds flying everywhere, in your eyes, up your nose, on the wall...well you get the idea : )

Another thing I noticed is that I don't have any blackheads now and that makes me pretty darn happy as I really don't like using the pore strips that often cause quite frankly they can hurt and leave my skin somewhat red and irritated.  This is a much better alternative to me : )

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ToiletTree Products Professional Skin Care System


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