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Skill Trek: Field Guide For Life Blog
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Skill Trek is a life-skills curriculum developed for children, teens and young adults covering 18 categories. We share tips and ideas for parenting and preparing your young people for life!
Teach Your Child How To Politely Refuse
2022-06-01 01:01
Refusal is a hugely important life skill. Fear of offending or being seen in the wrong light has caused countless young people to end up in situations or making commitments that, at best, ma… Read More
Create An Exercise Regimen To Be Healthy
2022-06-01 00:47
I know when I mention exercise, many of you want to run and hide. But you are Cragsman now and you need to create an exercise regimen. I won’t bore you with all the benefits of exerci… Read More
How To Safely Climb A Ladder
2022-05-12 22:04
A ladder is really one of the most dangerous items in your home. Many accidents happen every year when people fall off of ladders and get very hurt indeed. Ladder safety is quite an importan… Read More
Growing Seeds In A Bag
2022-05-11 01:34
Growing seeds in a bag helps you see what is happening. It’s also really cool to see the results that usually happen underground. When you start to garden, initially getting seeds to g… Read More
Teach Your Child How To Mow The Lawn
2022-05-11 01:17
Isn’t it bliss to lay down on a beautiful lawn in the summer time? The soft grass under your head and the neatly cut blades tickling your neck feels so great. Well, how do you think it… Read More
How To Build A Vegetable Plot
2022-04-26 23:32
Okay, we have a big task this time, but it will literally feed the family. We are going to build a vegetable plot. Here is your opportunity to apply some of the things you have learned and u… Read More
Teach Your Child To Gather The Mail Safely
2022-04-11 00:39
Does your child know about mail carriers? Well, now is their chance as a  Trailblazer. Few jobs in the US are protected by the government so strongly, which is how important we all co… Read More
How To Teach Your Child To Unclog A Toilet
2021-09-22 17:38
A toilet can become clogged without much warning. Be prepared. Teach your children how to unclog a toilet so you aren’t the only one doing the dirty work. We have a lot of people livin… Read More
2021-09-04 04:28
We are pleased to announce the Skill of the Week. Each week we will be releasing one of our life skills lessons for free. It’s yours to keep and use with your family as you see fit. Ou… Read More
How To Pickle Olives
2021-07-29 04:51
It is rather amusing to tease an olive virgin that the fruit on the tree is just simply divine, and watch them wince in horror as the hard purple black fruit hits their taste buds. An olive… Read More
What Kind Of Families Need Skill Trek?
2021-07-27 01:03
What kind of people need Skill Trek? Over the years, we have found that people who are interested in Skill Trek fall into 2 groups. Check out what they are below and tell us what group you f… Read More
How To Save Money On Your Electric Bill
2021-07-05 23:45
During winter, people find that their electric bills rocketing sky-high. People struggle to keep warm in addition to finding ways to pay the outrageous electric bill. Here are some tips to h… Read More
Teaching Life Skills You Struggle With
2021-06-30 03:41
As parents it’s not uncommon that we have to teach our kids how to do something that we struggle with ourselves. Life skills are no exception! “I need to teach my child how to m… Read More
How To Establish Healthy Habits With Kids
2021-06-13 00:00
When is the best time to teach healthy habits to children? Now! Establishing healthy habits will benefit not only your children but the entire family as well. Being a healthy family helps yo… Read More
Create A Summer Chore Chart For Your Kids
2021-06-11 05:05
Summer is here and with it comes lots of outdoor chores. We want to teach our children responsibility right? Why not create a summer chore chart for your kids? Here are some tips and ideas t… Read More
5 Things You Can Do With A Dollar
2021-05-24 02:06
If you had a dollar, what would you do with it? There are many things you can do, even if you don’t think it is worth what it used to be. True, it won’t get you as far as it did… Read More
Teaching Your Child To Shop Online Safely
2021-04-08 04:41
Teaching your child/tween to shop online safely is one of those skills that adults often forget kids need to know. We assume they know how to do it because it’s such a passive part of… Read More
5 Ways To Teach Hygiene Skills To Your Kids
2021-02-22 23:40
Teaching your kids basic hygiene skills is so important, especially as they start getting older. No one wants to be the stinky one in any friend group, and we should make sure our kids aren… Read More
Hi! I’m Trekker Dave!
2021-02-20 16:23
Today marks the start of a new chapter for Skill Trek. Earlier today, Andrew and Sarah Elizabeth announced the passing of the torch to a new owner. As the new owner of SkillTrek, I’d… Read More
2021-02-20 14:54
Skill Trek Family— It’s amazing to see how seeing the lack of life-skills in our own family while away on our anniversary vacation led us to create Skill Trek, a life-skills curr… Read More
5 Ways To Teach Your Kids To Do Laundry
2021-02-15 19:49
Laundry. If you’re like me, you can hardly hear the word without feeling immediately overwhelmed. Laundry can be burdensome for anyone, but it is especially so for parents of large fam… Read More
Team Work And Communication
2020-12-12 13:25
Interpersonal and Communication Skills The ability to work well with others is arguably the single most important skill necessary for success in life. Of course, we have all met that one wil… Read More
Financial Literacy And Money Management
2020-11-30 13:50
Few things are more important in life than money management. Teaching our children the way that money works is vital for their success in life. This involves teaching them about more than si… Read More
2020-06-17 20:29
test test test The post test appeared first on Skill Trek Read More
5 Workout Ideas For The Non-Gym Gal
2020-04-29 05:54
Either you like going to the gym, or you don’t. For most people who opt for that latter, there may be many reasons for their gym absence. However, this doesn’t mean that… Read More
How To Avoid The Comparison Trap
2019-10-17 06:00
The comparison trap is dangerous. For us, and our kids. Have you noticed your kids getting sucked into the comparison trap? If so, here are a few tips to help them get out. A few days ago… Read More
5 Tips To Help Your Kids Make Friends
2019-10-03 06:56
I was in a Facebook group geared towards moms recently when a thread popped up about making friends.  Sometimes it’s super easy. You meet someone and everything just clicks. Th… Read More
Should We Force Our Kids To Share?
2019-09-09 06:57
I’m in a lot of parenting groups where people pose a variety of questions and scenarios, hoping that other parents will give their insight. Recently, the mother of a toddler posted… Read More

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