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5 Reasons Why I Don't Wear Make-Up

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I would like to start off this post by saying that I am not against make-up, nor do I judge anyone who chooses to wear make-up. Make-up is an art and it can be fun.

My main issue with make-up is when people depend on it in order to feel good about themselves. A good example of what I am talking about is episode 9 of Last Man Standing (Attractive Architect). For those who have not seen this episode or do not watch the show. Here is a little recap:

Eve takes all the make-up in the house and hides it to make a point to her make-up obsessed sister, Mandy. Mandy is then forced to go to school with no make-up and she basically tried to hide her face from everyone. She is so dependent on make-up that she feels ugly and can't function without it.

She learned that without make-up, people think she is smart and a lot of "nerds" try to talk to her, which she considered a bad thing. In the end, she comes to this conclusion:
"I learned something really important today. Life is beautiful. But it’s more beautiful when you’re beautiful." Mandy (The Last Man Standing). 
This episode left a bad taste in my mouth for many reasons. One, you shouldn't judge someone based on how they look. Two, women should want to be seen for more than a pretty face. Unlike Mandy, I would rather be seen as smart and successful rather than attractive and dumb. My final reason is my number one reason why I don't wear make-up, which you can read below.

1. Make-Up Does Not Make You Beautiful

We should not need make-up to look and feel beautiful. In fact, I actually find those who do not wear make-up to be more attractive than the ones with painted on masks. The best kind of make-up, in my opinion, is the kind where you can't tell the person is even wearing make-up, but at that point, it's kind of like why bother putting on make-up?

If you are so dependent on make-up in order to feel good, it's an addiction. Make-up may not be as damaging to the body as drugs or alcohol, but it definitely can affect your mental health and affect your self-esteem, especially if you depend on it to cover whatever flaws you feel you may have, which I can assure you, you don't have any. We are all beautiful in our own, unique way.

If you are so focused on one "flaw," then you may have Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BBD) and should seek help.

If you use make-up to attract the opposite sex, then you have a problem. Honestly, do you want some guy who only wants you because of how you look with a painted on mask?

When I first started getting interested in make-up (yes I have worn it in the past), I was in high school and it was my younger sister who actually was interested in first, which got me interested. My mom did not wear make-up, or if she did I could not tell and I never saw her put it on. I do know she owned some tubes of lipstick, but again, I do not remember ever seeing her use it!

If my mom had been more into make-up, I am sure it would have impacted me sooner, which is why I am more hesitant now to even consider wearing make-up as I do not want my daughter to feel she needs it to be pretty. I want her to love the way she looks, so by seeing how confident I am in my own skin, I am hoping she will learn as I did from my mother, that make-up is not needed to be beautiful.

The last time I actually remember wearing make-up was on my wedding day back in 2012. I do still keep a cosmetic bag lying around. However, all the beauty products in there are probably expired and should be tossed, so even if there was ever an event I felt the need to hide a zit for, it probably wouldn't be a good idea to use it. I am actually considering digging it up and throwing it out as I am typing this post.

2. Time Consuming

As soon as I started putting on make-up, I began to realize it was not worth the time for me. For one I had no idea what I was doing and no one to really teach me, so applying make-up took me a good 30-45 mins in the morning just to make sure it looked okay or at least what I thought was okay, which often ended up with me looking well, just like me. I did play around more with eyeshadow as I loved the colors.

Like I said in the intro, make-up is fun as an art, but I just didn't think the art was worth my time. I am still amazed at what some people can do with it though. A good friend of mine actually has a beauty blog and her make-up is amazing, so I highly recommend checking her out at The Minnesota MUA!

For those interested in what the average time spent on make-up for a woman is, well here is what a survey found:
"Women spend an average of 55 minutes every day working on their appearance... That amounts to 335 hours every year — or an entire two-week vacation — lost to their looks, according to the TODAY/AOL Ideal to Real Body Image Survey released Monday." (Source)
To me that is time wasted. I have better things to do than paint my face every morning, only to wash it off before going to bed and starting again the next day. Personally, I would rather take that two-week vacation than wear make-up.

3. Expensive

Make-up is just not cheap.
"A new survey from reports that the average woman wears about $8 worth of makeup and skincare products every day. That adds up to almost $250 a month and well over $200,000 in a lifetime." (Source)
I don't know about you, but I can find a ton of other things I would rather spend $250 on or better yet, save that up for a dream vacation!


4. It's Uncomfortable & Inconvenient

I have attempted to wear mascara and it sucked when I couldn't rub my eyes in fear of smearing it everywhere, or even a tearful yawn could be a disaster. I did eventually get waterproof mascara, but even that would rub off. In the end, I ditched it.

Eyeshadow was also a pain for this reason, but not as bad as Mascara.

I could never do lipstick or lip gloss. I wiped it off immediately. Having something sticky on your lips is just unpleasant. Plus then you have to worry about leaving lipstick stains on your glass or smearing it while eating. I think our wedding day was the only day I managed to wear lipstick, but I had it done at a Salon, so the quality was probably a lot better than what I had on hand.

I have tried face creams to hide blemishes and various other products, but the sticky textures annoyed me and so I never did them again. I couldn't do powders as they rub off if you touch your face.

Make-up was just a hassle I was not going to put up with on a daily basis and so it became more of a special event type of thing, and now I never put it on. Like I said, I think the last time I worke make-up was on my wedding day.

5. Animal Cruelty

Many make-up products are still tested on animals to this day. Sure you can go out of your way to find cruelty-free products, but a lot of the time those can't be trusted either as cruelty-free can just mean the actual product hasn't been tested on animals, but the ingredients in them may have. You can read more about cruelty-free labels on MSPCA's website.

I guess if you aren't concerned about testing on animals, this may not matter to you as much, but it is an added bonus for me for not wearing make-up.


Some important things to note is that I do wear nail polish and shave my legs. Nail polish is something I throw on maybe twice a year? If you can't tell, I don't like wasting time on things that I don't think are important. 

The last time I remember painting my nails was a week before the baby was born. There is not much you can do when pregnant, so this cured my boredom. I can't say I never have gotten my nails professionally done, but it's only been three times in my life so far. Once with a group of friends for prom, once for my cousin's wedding as I was a bridesmaid, and once for my wedding. I have never gotten my nails done on my own, but if a group of friends ever asks then I would totally go for the social aspect of it.

As for shaving. I have debated stopping altogether, and I admit this is one of my insecurities and I blame society for that. Body hair is totally natural and in Europe women are allowed to have it! I do hate doing it so I do only shave once a week and just wear leggings or jeans on the days the hair starts showing up. I wear shirts with sleeves when the armpit hair starts showing up as well, no tanks on those days!

The only area of my body that I shave and think is worth shaving is the bikini area. I have irregular cycles, so when I get my period, it is heavy, having no hair down there really makes keeping it clean a lot easier. I do not do it for looks because no one should be looking there without my permission! And no man should ever demand that you shave for him nor should you feel obliged to shave for any man! 

I do wish I could be more confident in this area, but I don't think I could handle being that woman pointed out on a beach full of freshly shaved women for her hairy legs and armpits. I admire those women who are confident enough to do so though and applaud them! I hope to be able to one day join them.

Shaving actually costs a lot less than wearing make-up. My husband and I did the math and it came to about $14 a month, so a lot less than make-up. Now if you're doing more than just razors and shaving cream, like going to get waxed or laser hair removal, then that might raise that number quite a bit.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

Attribution: Image used in blog post photo does not belong to me and was found on Pexels.

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5 Reasons Why I Don't Wear Make-Up


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