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Lollipop Baby Monitor Smart Wifi Camera Review

Lollipop Smart Baby Monitor

So we've got smart Baby monitors that sleep tracks and monitor baby's breathing, and then we have got those that can even keep baby's heart rate and oxygen level in check

The Lollipop Smart Baby Monitor though, stood out with its Cry Detection (and all-in-one detection ) technology.

That's a FIRST in the industry!

Lollipop Baby Monitor

Overall Rating: 4.4/5


What We Like:

  • Patented, multifunctional design
    Flexible, bendable camera design can be placed anywhere, any how you like. 
  • Multi-streaming mode
    View different rooms in the house at the same time on the same screen with no limitation cap. 
  • All-in-one detection 
    Detect all kinds of noise and crying to an accuracy of 94% including temperature, humidity and air quality monitoring.

Product Highlights

Before we dive into its product highlights, can we just take a moment to appreciate the design and outlook of the Lollipop?

Lollipop baby monitor

We mean, have you ever seen a video baby monitor like that?!

One-of-A-Kind Patented Design

Indeed, and this is a highlight in itself because this never-before-seen, one-of-a-kind unique 'lollipop' design, is PATENTED. 

Lollipop baby monitor colours

Available in these cute, candy pastel colours that is hard to resist (come on moms, who are with us here?), it's not just about the aesthetics.

The Lollipop is shaped this way for a reason - to fold around your crib flexibly, or to stand by its own on any surface.

Lollipop monitor configuration

How so you may ask? Well, the leg of this baby monitor is BENDABLE. Which means you can actually wrap it around one of your crib's rails and bend it to any angle you want to get the best view of your baby. All done without any other supporting parts. 

Lollipop sit on urface

Likewise, the flexible leg means it can actually form a base for itself to sit on any surfaces (pictured left).

Again, no additional parts required. Genius, isn't it? 

This is all doable thanks to the use of silicone instead of the usual plastic material seen across most baby monitors.

Don't worry, the silicone used is certified to be non-toxic by SGS, FCC, CE and RoHS so you are not exposing baby to any harmful substance. 

Lollipop wall mount

For those that'd like to wall mount it instead, there is a wall mounting kit for you to do just that.

Just slip the leg through the opening and wrap it around the kit and voila, all done! 

We have to say the design in itself is one of the best aspects of the Lollipop that appeals to us.

And judging by all the reviews that it has received, we are certainly not the only one!

All-In-One Detection

So we mentioned at the beginning that the Lollipop has a distinctive "All-in-One" detection feature. 

Lollipop all in one detection

Yes, this device here detects EVERYTHING - from baby's crying to him/her climbing out of the crib or making any loud noises, the Lollipop will send you notifications of baby's activities. 

Including room temperature, humidity level and air quality, of course.

Before you think you'll be overwhelmed by such barrage of notifications, rest assured that it will only send you the real alarms/abnormality. 

Lollipop True Crying Detection

You see, Lollipop prides itself for being able to recognize baby's crying from other noises with a minimum of 96% accuracy rate. This means no more frustrating false baby crying notifications!

Multi-Streaming Mode

Another aspect that we love about the Lollipop is that it has a multi-streaming mode.

Lollipop multi streaming mode

This means you can watch every room, everywhere in the house at the same time WITHOUT having to switch between screens. If you have more than one kid to monitor, this sounds about just perfect. 

Yep, a bit like a split-screen baby monitor. Just that there is no limitation as to how many cameras it can be paired to - the app supports as many cameras as you want, as you need. 

Sounds like the best baby monitor for twins eh?

Other Features

Like most of the popular wifi baby monitors in the market, the Lollipop has both the sleep tracking feature as well as two-way talk back function. 

Lollipop sleep tracking
Lollipop two way talk back

What's different though, is that the built-in speaker has soothing lullabies and white noise installed for you to play to put baby to sleep, besides just you talking to him/her.

Lollipop audio mode

Similarly, its audio mode allows continuous playing even when your screen is switched off. You can go about doing your daily chores around the house while keeping an 'ear' out for any discrepancies, having peace of mind all day. 

Product Specifications



11.7 x 3 x 1.6 inches


iOS, Android


2.5 pounds


2.5 GHz connection

WIFI only 


Turquoise, Cotton Candy, Pistachio

Feature 3

Feature 3


  • Multi-streaming mode
  • All-in-one detection (sensory, crying, loud noise)
  • Two-way talk back with lullaby and white noise input
  • Sleep tracking
  • Background audio

Did we also mention that this is one of the best value baby monitor on the market? 

Here's what included in the box when you buy the Lollipop Baby Monitor:

Lollipop package

Even the packaging looks nice, making it the best baby shower gift to any mom-to-be.


  • Very affordable
  • Easy to set up
  • Patented bendable design
  • Multi-streaming mode with no limitation on camera pairing
  • All-in-one detection with 94% accuracy cry-detecting
  • Built-in speaker with lullaby and white noise inputted


  • Works only on wifi (2.4GHz) and not cellular data

Now, the Lollipop does have one downside - quite a major one, too. Unlike wifi baby monitors like the Nanit, it runs only on wifi and not on your device's cellular data. Also, only on 2.4GHz connection. 

Now that is quite an issue when you have poor wifi signal, which seems to be the major qualm of those facing a problem with connectivity. If your wifi signal is not strong enough, there will be lag on its features. 

This is the reason why some may actually despise the Lollipop altogether, while others totally rave about it in wonderment. The difference in terms of reception among its users are quite the extreme we tell you, and this is probably why. 


All in all, the Lollipop Smart Baby Monitor is an amazing wifi video baby monitor if you have very stable (and strong) wifi connectivity. 

Lollipop baby monitor

It has some pretty unbeatable features that you can't find anywhere else, in particular, we love its multi-streaming mode and all-in-one detection. The video and audio quality is excellent, nothing to fault about them.

At a price like that, there really isn't anything other wifi video baby monitor that compares. We mean, just look at the awards it has pocketed!



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Lollipop Baby Monitor Smart Wifi Camera Review


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