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Justabxmom Blog
NYC born Latina, solo parent blogger from the Bronx. You can find me learning, living and loving life along side my beautiful, brilliant, bi-cultural daughter. My site is full of #transparentparenting moments, event recaps and our reviews of products and experiences.
2022-08-03 14:31
When I started planning to homeschool I never worried about ELA. I’m a writer. JustaBXgirl and I are readers. The relationship between reading and writing should be harmonious. Yet, so… Read More
2022-08-01 14:46
I know that the way the economy is set up the last thing most of us want to do is to spend money on toys. We are willing to spend money on education though. We recently got to check out so m… Read More
2022-07-18 18:05
We’ve been enjoying Sweet Suite at home the past two years but we were super excited to head down to Pier 60 last week and check out this year’s event in person. The Toy Insider… Read More
2022-07-11 15:31
School’s out for summer. Nah, not around here. We are back in action and starting 4th grade with style. We realized that we are a year-round summer school here at Soco School. Summer d… Read More
2022-07-05 13:49
My goal for this summer is to get out and have fun. I’m still not comfortable with crowds so I look for ways to have fun while being in our own space. That leads to plenty of time at t… Read More
2022-06-30 02:44
We’ve been spending time rewatching some favorites so there are only a few new titles that we have for you this month. And I know, you’ve probably seen some of them already becau… Read More
2022-06-27 14:07
It is summer and if you’re like me that means that you are ready to switch out your bag for a fun summer one! I recently purchased my first bag from Loungefly and wanted to share what… Read More
2022-06-22 13:02
Have you seen LEGO Masters? We are huge fans because as you know we love all things LEGO. The show was actually the inspiration behind JustaBXgirl applying for the LEGO Creative Crew at West… Read More
2022-06-13 11:45
You’ve probably seen me post about the Wobble Board from Bunny Hopkins a few times on social media already. We have been checking it and the Stepping Stones out for a few months now an… Read More
2022-06-06 12:13
It’s that time of the year when we feel ready to make time for the things we love. The weather is smiling on us and we want to get more in touch with ourselves and our families. The sc… Read More
2022-05-30 11:57
We have done a lot of reading this month. The titles included here are only a select few. We didn’t want to overwhelm you with too many choices but trust that this summer our monthly b… Read More
2022-05-25 02:01
When I was a kid we didn’t wear safety gear to ride our bikes. I won’t say that it didn’t exist. I’ll simply say that I didn’t know anyone that owned any. Thing… Read More
2022-05-23 10:48
Sometimes we make things more difficult than they need to be. Our littles are curious. Their brains are wired to play. Yet, we often picture learning only happening while sitting at a desk o… Read More
2022-05-10 12:49
TTPM is one of the first toy events I attended as a blogger. I remember the first time I was invited made me feel like I found my place in the world of blogging. It happens twice a year and… Read More
2022-05-08 19:35
We’ve all found a gazillion toddler selfies on our camera rolls. The thing is, these littles get bigger. The forehead selfies quickly turn into wanting to take photos of their favorite… Read More
2022-04-30 18:30
Whoa! I bet you thought I wasn’t going to make it with this month’s Watchlist. I mean, I am cutting it close but there’s no way that I could let the month go by and not sha… Read More
2022-04-25 10:23
Days seem to be turning as quickly as pages. I thought that I would be sharing my April Bookshelf with you earlier than this. It seems like I blinked and we went from April Fools Day to plan… Read More
2022-04-20 15:56
JustaBXgirl went to a Montessori-type school before we homeschooled and while there was a lot I thought could be done better there was also a lot they did right. One of those things was havi… Read More
2022-04-13 13:25
Sadly 2022 saw Toy Fair canceled again. I was all set to wallow in my own misery when I was brought back to the resilience and joy of the toy community. My inbox started chiming with invites… Read More
2022-03-16 13:22
So let me start this by saying that the hardest part of homeschooling for me has nothing to do with curriculum or JustaBXgirl. It has to do with unlearning everything that I thought I knew a… Read More
2022-03-12 16:37
I took a keyboarding class when I was in tenth grade. It was a requirement at my high school. It was also something that was looked forward to since many of us did not have an opportunity to… Read More
2022-02-22 07:22
What is Digital Learning Day? It’s actually something that has been around for a bit of time. This is the 11th Digital Learning Day being celebrated. It’s basically a day to supp… Read More
2022-01-29 22:28
It’s already the end of January! How did that happen? We rang in the new year, I blinked, celebrated JustaBXgirl’s 9th birthday and now we are about to say Hello to February. Thi… Read More
2022-01-14 17:25
Homeschooling has really caused me to reflect on how I view education. I follow so many amazing accounts on Instagram that have really reminded me of something that I’ve always known… Read More
2022-01-06 19:58
We love books. We just got back from a trip to the library today and JustaBXgirl has already finished one of the books she checked out. This is the time of year when we all pledge to be bett… Read More
2021-12-30 18:22
I know, I know, you’re thinking it’s almost January, why am I still sharing new curriculum? The thing is, at least in my home, we keep mixing our curriculums up. I’m not su… Read More
2021-12-21 03:41
The truth is the gifts included here are great options regardless of a child’s schooling. I’m listing them in a homeschooling gift guide because I think they would be very benefi… Read More
2021-12-14 03:15
I was talking to a new mom friend the other day about Christmas. She asked me if I allow JustaBXgirl to open gifts on Christmas Eve. I shared with her that since JustaBXgirl’s first Ch… Read More
2021-12-06 15:14
Can you believe that the movie world of Harry Potter is celebrating its 20th Anniversary?! We are huge fans. I introduced JustaBXgirl to the books when she was in pre-k. We would read them t… Read More
2021-12-03 18:09
Live shows are back. Okay, you know this already. It just makes me excited to see old favorites return for the holidays. You might remember, way back when times were simpler that JustaNJmom… Read More
2021-12-03 03:23
I considered doing another 25 Books of Christmas type post. Then I realized that by the time I would get it up, we would already be in the Christmas countdown. Instead, I want to share a few… Read More
2021-11-29 13:22
When putting this list together I was looking at the titles of what we watched this month and realized that while we watch movies that cross genres, many of the movies we watch have similar… Read More
2021-11-22 14:54
Growing up, I didn’t do Advent Calendars for Christmas. I mean, once in a while we would have the chocolate countdown ones but we just ate the candy when we wanted and not on the sched… Read More
2021-11-20 16:35
One of my favorite gift guides to do has to be the infant and toddler one. There are always such fun toys and useful items for this age. This could easily have been my longest list but I rem… Read More
2021-11-15 13:13
Disney is my happy place. Well, one of them. And since I can’t spend Christmas at the Happiest Place on Earth then I can include Disney Gifts under my tree. There’s a Disney gift… Read More
2021-11-14 02:02
One question that I have gotten a lot since we started homeschooling is how do I teach JustaBXgirl everything that she needs to know. The answer is simple. I don’t. The reality is that… Read More
2021-11-08 13:19
When I started getting serious about homeschooling, one book kept turning up in all of my research. It was written by a mom that had homeschooled her children and learned a lot along the way… Read More
2021-10-29 11:57
We got to check out the Around California with Children’s Books curriculum from Beautiful Feet Books. If you are a Charlotte Mason homeschooler then you must be thinking that I’m… Read More
2021-10-20 10:21
We love to travel. JustaBXgirl was given one of those maps that you can scratch off the places you have visited and her goal is to scratch off the entire map. Once upon a time, I dreamed of… Read More
2021-10-18 16:32
Okay, this month was a good streaming month. I’m talking so good that I couldn’t wait until the end of the month to share what we are watching! Check out what is keeping us enter… Read More
2021-10-11 11:33
I’m really excited about this month’s booklist. I really could have written full posts on most of these titles but I wanted you to find them all in one place. There’s plent… Read More
2021-09-27 14:37
Children learn what they live. CTC Math is one of the first curriculums that we received to review. We’ve been using it for a little over a month now. When I shared with JustaBXgirl th… Read More
2021-09-21 11:45
When JustaBXgirl was tiny, we would play Cinderella. I would take on the role of Evil Stepmother and she would be pre-glass slipper Cinderella. Say what? Yup, I would order her around and te… Read More
2021-09-20 13:27
It’s a double the fun month. You got a Game School post and now you’re getting a Toy School post! And yes, it has a game in it. Sue me. I couldn’t wait to share it next mon… Read More
2021-09-15 21:20
We survived our free trial period and we decided that homeschool is for us. There were some stumbles before finding our flow but we think we are on our way to a magical adventure. I can&rsqu&hell…Read More
2021-09-06 11:19
We want them to learn. They want to have fun. Why can’t we both win? The games that I have included in this post make it possible for us all to do just that. We win by spending time to… Read More
2021-09-03 12:26
Everything is AWESOME. Okay, that might not be the word that most of us would use to describe this year, but it is definitely the word we use for describing our recent visit to the Westchest… Read More
2021-09-01 20:58
You might remember last month when we celebrated National S’mores Day with a special Spirit Untamed package from our friends at Dreamworks. Now, we have a special package for you! Yup… Read More
2021-08-30 11:15
How is it the end of August??? We spent a lot of time enjoying the summer weather and not as much time watching movies this month. I know, we are slacking! Don’t worry. We are planning… Read More
2021-08-26 17:05
Summer is about getting outside and being kissed by the sun. It is about making memories. It is about smiles and laughter. And in our home, it is about reading new books and learning about n… Read More
2021-08-23 16:03
When was the last time that you got someone other than a child a gift just because? When was the last time you purchased something for yourself just because? This past year has taught us to… Read More
2021-08-09 09:02
School’s out for summer but not in our home. This summer we are spending it having a Home School Trial Period. You know companies offer trial periods on important purchases? Money-back… Read More
2021-08-05 20:34
The more I speak about schooling with families, the more I realize our children need our support. It’s August, many students have already started school, NYC students are enjoying thei… Read More
2021-08-02 15:23
Car seat safety is so important. Yet, for some reason, I don’t see many people talk about it after the infant and toddler stage. In fact, I see most people excited to rush their little… Read More
2021-07-27 17:01
I’m not sure if you know how important LEGO is in our home. I occasionally share JustaBXgirl’s projects on Instagram, but if I shared everything she did, then my channels would b… Read More
2021-07-25 21:37
Yay, we did it. We got invited to the 2021 #SweetSuiteAtHome. I shared last year, that I hold my breath after putting in my application because I don’t want to miss one of the BIGGEST… Read More
2021-07-19 14:17
Every summer there’s talk about the summer slide. You are scared into believing that your little will forget every single thing they have ever learned. I’m here to tell you to ca… Read More
2021-07-06 01:33
Normally, I don’t share our bookshelf until the middle or end of the month. I wanted to try something new this month. Our local libraries are about to reopen and I want you to have all… Read More
2021-07-01 01:11
It is summer, summertime! Summer means that we are doing our best to get sunkissed, stay socially distant, and still keeping up with all things entertainment. You don’t follow me becau… Read More
2021-06-25 14:56
When we moved in January we had to say goodbye to one of my best friends. We were unable to keep our little washing machine. That probably has you laughing at me but let me tell you, I and t… Read More
2021-06-21 14:58
It’s my birthday month!!!! Yup, I’m going to keep reminding you in hopes that my friends and family reading are reminded that I like to be celebrated. This month, even the books… Read More
2021-06-15 14:10
It’s that time of year. Almost my birthday. As I complete this trip around the sun, I am putting together a fun list of gifts that would work for birthday gifts, graduation gifts, and… Read More
2021-06-10 14:39
Finally, I can scream from the fire escapes and rooftops how much I love this movie. I was blessed to get a screener to the movie about a month ago and have been biting my tongue ever since… Read More
2021-06-07 13:30
School is almost out for summer but that doesn’t mean that learning time is done. Summer gives us even more learning possibilities. We are big on projects around here as if you didn&rs&hell…Read More
2021-05-30 20:40
As I sat to draft this post, I realized that we didn’t have movie night every week this month. I realized that I missed it. We were caught up doing different fun stuff but there’… Read More
2021-05-24 14:00
With the school year winding down, I do my best to make sure JustaBXgirl has productive ways to transition into summer fun (and learning). And I remind myself that it is okay to read for ple… Read More
2021-05-19 14:33
Okay, you already know how much I love Raya and the Last Dragon. I shared the movie in last month’s Watch List when it became available to own digitally. Now it is also available on 4K… Read More
2021-05-10 14:36
I have been mixing games and toys in my monthly Toy School post for the past few months. Mixing became how I shared products that might not look educational at first glance but upon closer l… Read More
2021-04-28 16:25
These are a few of the things we watched this month. It also seemed a month to revisit some old favorites that I didn’t include. I think JustaBXgirl is now up to her eigth viewing of G… Read More
2021-04-20 15:00
Earth Day has been around since 1970. In our children’s minds that means FOREVER. Yet, while we know that we want to celebrate and work towards protecting this beautiful planet of ours… Read More
2021-04-15 12:53
JustaBXgirl had spring break around Easter. The day she got back to class one of her teachers remarked how the students looked like zombies. She mentioned that she knew that their brains tur… Read More

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