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Fed Is best

A same sex couple have recently welcomed their first child into the world and are both Breastfeeding, one being the birth mother, one tricking her body into lactating. They’re being judged, branded as wrong and unnatural. Really!?!? Hands up mums if you could have got your husband to lactate and share the breastfeeding duty would you??? Hell yeah! Let’s celebrate that two women in love have managed to have a child without the physical need of a man and that this Baby will be loved unconditionally. What does it matter if they choose to both breastfeed???I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again. Fed Is Best. Breastfeeding is natural, beautiful and magical, it takes strength and determination but the thing to me that is also natural, beautiful and magical is for a baby to be fed, that too takes strength and determination. No they’re not the same, but neither are better than the other, a womans choice should always win. All the time you are keeping that baby alive, loving that baby, protecting that baby, you are being the best mum to that baby. Breastfeeding isn’t shameful, don’t ever expect a woman to hide away in toilets to feed their baby. If you were in a restaurant and asked for a glass of water how would you feel if the person behind the counter said that’s inappropriate, please drink it somewhere privately? That would be absolutely ludicrous and you’d tell them to do one, so why is it so different for a baby to take its mothers milk!?!? The only thing that is unnatural is the the single minded opinion of those people. Same goes, if you have a bottle feeding mum, don’t be so ignorant to look down your nose at her. Her milk didn’t come in, she had medication which prevented her, she had been sexually abused and has personal issues, she is suffering with PND and can’t bond with her baby. The list of reasons are endless and they’re are none of our God damn business. The day you see someone hurting their child, screaming at them until they quiver in fear, or carelessly allowing their child to be in danger don’t assume your opinion is needed in how and where they choose to feed their baby. This is me breastfeeding and bottle feeding my babies. Both incredibly happy, loved, cherished, protected and healthy. For that I am winning at parenting. #Choice #FedIsBest

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