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This is the REAL reason behind a circumcision!

Ear piercing, mundan and breastfeeding, are topics which are argued about and discussed in the open. But, how about circumcision? I am not here to disapprove of any religious belief or mock at one’s faith, but do we really know the facts before we sign up for a Procedure like this? Well, maybe not! At least I didn’t and which is why I firmly stood up against it.

I won’t call you a bad parent if you didn’t do what I did, but I definitely want to share some information on why its better to avoid circumcising your son. I also want to address some of the most common arguments for circumcision, and why I don’t think they’re good ones. So, read through this and think about it!

1. The body has foreskin for a reason

Just like every organ in our body in in charge of some function, the foreskin in the Penis too, has its own sweet responsibilities. It is not some ‘extra’ skin hangig in there. The foreskin is protective in function, shields it from injury, keeps the glands moist and enhances sexual pleasure. It also inhibits bacterial growth, keeps the penis sensitive during sex and also plays a role in preventing fertility issues. So, think twice before you go by superstitions or religious beliefs, mommies.

2. It can cause permanent injury or infant death

Boys who undergo circumcision suffer injury, which is not revealed until he is mature and sexually active. Also, there is enough and more evidence of infant death due to botched procedure.

3. Uncircumcised men are not dirty

Perhaps one of the main reasons why most families still follow the tradition is the hygiene excuse. The World Health Organization says circumcised boys help reduce the risk of heterosexually-acquired HIV infection by 60 per cent. But, baby boys don’t have sex, do they? And, anyway, when that time eventually does come there’s always a condom. Plus, if your doctor told you circumcision can help prevent penile cancer, a simpler solution is surely to offer all young men the HPV vaccine – something that’s currently only given to women. 

4. What if he needs it later

This is another fear most parents go through. The reason why circumcision is done in infants is that they won’t know or at least can do nothing about it. In case your son needs it later in life, let’s say when he’s a teen, the procedure is definitely going to scare him. But, let me tell you, babies are not given any Pain Relief during or after the surgery. They can’t tel us how it feels, but it absolutely causes them pain.  Plus, they’re wearing diapers, and their raw wound is getting covered in urine and feces.  They also can’t understand what is happening, and circumcision may affect  breastfeeding success.

But, when older boys undergo the procedure they have a choice whether or not they want it, plus they are given pain relief. Yes, they will remember all of it, but honestly its safer and better.

5. My husband wanted it

Many women feel they don’t have the right to make a decision in this topic, simply because they don’t have a penis. But wait, its not your husband’s penis either. It’s your son’s penis and only he gets to decide what he wants to do with it. So, isn’t it better you wait until he grows up and understand things, so he can make an informed decision?

6. My religion requires it

Now, this is a very very touchy topic. Although I am no one to talk for or against your beliefs, it is better you do your research before you make a decision. There are growing movements against circumcision and one can stay true to his religion even without performing a procedure like this.

Disclaimer: This article does not aim at hurting any religious beliefs.

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This is the REAL reason behind a circumcision!


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