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8 Eating Habits That Contributes To Fast Aging

There are numerous factors that influence the pace of your Aging. Genetics, pollution, sun exposure,  etc. have a significant role in determining how fast your body capitulate to the aging process. In spite of all these factors, most of on which you have no control, there is an important factor that determines the pace of aging that is very well under your control – what you eat.

As a rule, it’s the food you consume or rather the nutrition you provide to your body will determine how your internal organs work efficiently, it is not always your age. Everything from the appearance of your skin to your bone quality, from working of the brain and connective tissue to the functions of the organ and organ system, is significantly influenced by your eating habits.

Wrong eating habits accelerate aging by bringing on wrinkles and fine lines in your face, early onset of hair loss, bringing about different types of aches and discomforts that indicate you are aging faster than your age. However, there is a brighter side to this. Unlike other factors that are not under your control,  by reforming your eating habits and food choices, you can always reverse your aging process.

So get ready to look younger by avoiding these 8 age-accelerating eating habits:

1. Eating when stressed:

When you are under stress, your body releases a hormone called Cortisol. This stress hormone is antithetical to digestion. These stress hormones, redirect the blood away from your digestive organs towards your limbs. This will make your digestion sluggish and hinders absorption of essential nutrients and vitamins. This results in sending unusual metabolites into the bloodstream and brings about harmful side effects. Cortisol also holds back the body’s repair mechanisms.

2. Eating late at night:

Eating at the wrong time of day will upset the body’s internal clock. It can also lead to erratic ups and downs in your blood sugar levels. If your internal clock is disturbed, the normal function of the hormone is also affected. All these outcomes will accelerate the aging process.

3. Distracted eating:

Most of us end up eating our meals while gluing our eyes on the screen or a book. How many of us know by this we are unintentionally causing irreparable damage to our body? Do you know people end up eating more when they are distracted?  This will contribute to weight gain, digestive issues, and health issues that affect the efficiency of the internal organs and contribute to faster aging.

4. Consuming excessive dairy products:

Including Dairy Products in your diet is important as it has impressive levels of protein and calcium that is highly beneficial for our health. However, over-consumption of this most likely will put a toll on your aging process. Moreover, the dairy products have changed over the years. Today, most of them come with extra additives and hormones (unless you opt for organic or trustful farm), which paves the way to unnatural aging.

5. Eating too much sugar:

The capability of the human body to break down sugar is limited. Excess Sugar is disastrous for your skin. Eating too much sugar kick-start a process called glycosylation. It hastens the degradation of key skin proteins such as elastin and collagen and triggers aging.  It also slows down the body’s repair mechanism.  Gradual accumulation advanced glycation end products (AGE’s) is natural in a person’s life. However, eating sugar will accelerate this process, thereby age you faster.

6. Drinking too much coffee/ caffeine:

The caffeine may uplift your mood for a while, but it badly affects your skin. Being a mild diuretic, it can deplete moisture from the skin, hair, and nails and make it look dull and aged

7. Eating excessive salt

Too much sodium leads to water retention. This, in turn, brings about puffiness, under-eye circles, and many other aging signs. Therefore be careful about your salt intake to look forever young.

8. Weakness for fast food

Fast food has Trans Fat. When consumed, Trans Fat releases free radicals in the body. Free radical causes inflammation and oxidative stress in our body. It has numerous effects on health and well-being and accelerates the aging process

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8 Eating Habits That Contributes To Fast Aging


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