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“My Child Hates Milk”. How To Replace Milk In Toddler’s Diet.

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An important factor that marks the changeover from an infant diet to a toddler’s diet is shifting to a new source of Milk. Mostly cow’s milk. For many mothers, it is quite easy to switch their toddler to cow’s milk by the first birthday. Milk, as we all know is an excellent source of calcium, an important mineral kids need to build strong bones, teeth, and to pass on nerve impulses. It is a good source of protein and fat as well. 

However, many parents feel anxious when their child won’t – or can’t – drink milk. If you are one among them no need to worry. It is not a critical issue. Think about children who can’t drink milk or milk products due to lactose intolerance. You can find 5 alternatives for milk for children with lactose intolerance, here.

However, if your child is refusing milk, here are some alternatives that the kids won’t refuse. These food items carry more or less same nutrients as the milk. So get rid of your worries and try the following alternatives.


Yogurt is a food with a delicious taste and a soft texture that even the children who say no to milk will not hesitate to grab it. Blending I cup of yogurt into a fruit smoothie which serves all the proposes of 1 cup milk plus the benefits of fruit added.


A slice of cheese provides the same amount of nutrition as a cup of milk would. However, cheese should be given in moderate level only as it is a processed food with a much higher level of salt. Add it to sandwiches, pasta, noodles. You can even add grated cheese to dosa, paratha, steamed vegetables, Khichdi, dals or various soups.


Paneer or Indian cottage cheese is an excellent way to replace milk.It retains about 90% fat and protein, 50% minerals and 10% lactose of the original milk.It is an incredible source of fat-soluble vitamin A and D. Child who refused to have milk may gobble up little pieces of homemade paneer sauteed in a little ghee which you kept aside for making curry. Being a milk product, panner can be used in several forms. You can fry, sauté grill or barbequed. You can grate and knead it with flour and make chapatis or paranthas.


A curd is an excellent option and a good alternative to milk for a child don’t like to drink milk.  Many kids you hate milk are found to relish the curd. There are different option to serve curd for a creative mother. You can make them into smoothies by adding fruits of your child’s choice. Curd can be given in the form of curd rice or you can give the curd a little twist, making into shrikhand, lassi, buttermilk, etc.


I doubt any toddler says no to milkshakes. This works especially well in summer when a glass of chilled delicious milkshake after the play time is convivial. Put in your kid’s favorite fresh fruits like mango, banana, strawberry or whatever seasonal fruits your kid love, to prepare tastier as well as healthier shakes. This is an excellent choice for summer. You can also add one or two teaspoons of chocolate or strawberry syrup to change the milk to your child’s favorite drink.

Soy products:

Soybean is one of the richest sources of protein. Soy products like Tofu or soy-cheese is also a great source of calcium and an excellent substitution for milk.


You can give toddler ghee and butter. You can add it while preparing food. This is an excellent choice to replace the fat content of the milk.



All the substitute mentioned above will not replace the fluid from the milk. Therefore, to ensure your kid gets enough water. You can serve to add more soups, diluted freshly squeezed juice to your kid’s diet.

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“My Child Hates Milk”. How To Replace Milk In Toddler’s Diet.


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