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Baby Massage Oils That Enhance Bone Strength

Oil Massage plays an important part in the growth and development of the Baby. Oil massage is more relevant and beneficial for preemies. Regular oil massage with a suitable oil is recommended until the baby turns two. The optimal growth in the initial phase of life acts as the foundation stone for upcoming years and several studies proved that oil massage prompts optimal growth in the early phase of baby’s life.

However, picking proper baby oil is not that simple as it sounds. Baby’s skin is so sensitive that applying a wrong oil directly to it can bring about adverse consequences. Also, an oil that is highly beneficial for one child not necessarily gives similar results to another baby. Only a proper massage with a right massage oil will ensure good results. This article helps you to know more about the advantages of massaging baby with oil and best baby massage oil that enhances the strong bone formation. 

What are the benefits of massaging baby with oil?

Enhance blood circulation: The soft and gentle massage will generate heat and thereby, enhances blood circulation to all parts of the baby’s body.

Will strengthen a baby’s bones and muscle: Regular massage helps the formation of healthy bones and muscle development in babies.

Helps the baby to gain weight: Massaging with oil will stimulate an important nerve, called the vagus nerve. The vagus nerve links the brain with important parts of the body, including the stomach. Therefore, when this nerve is stimulated, it will improve the digestion and bowel movements. Therefore, oil massaging will helps with healthy weight gain in babies.

Helps to relieve gastric issues: Massaging baby with oil helps to relieve digestive issues that are quite common among babies like, colic, indigestion, gas formation, etc.

Helps baby to have a sound sleep: Oil massaging the baby is one of the excellent methods to soothe her senses. A good massage will help to minimize the fussiness of the baby and is an awesome method to help the baby to have a sound sleep

Help the mother to bond with the baby: Studies have proven that massaging the baby enables the mother to develop a deep emotional bond with her baby.

Some factors that should be taken care of while selecting massage oil for the baby

You will bump into many different varieties and brands of Baby Massage Oils in the market. However, you must be extremely careful while picking oil for your baby.  Here are some do’s and don’t’s regarding baby massage oils.


  • Using oils with artificial fragrance or strong scents
  • Using oils which are meant for adult use or adult massage
  • Mixing two or three oils together (without direction from a physician) for massaging.
  • Changing the oil frequently. Never try different oils (or same type of oil from different brands) on baby’s sensitive skin. It is not at all recommended to change the oil, which the baby’s skin is used to, without any significant reason.
  • Using oils containing minerals and mineral oils.



  • Always ask your baby’s doctor before changing the oil with respect to season. (Some oils that favor during summer can have an extremely opposite effect if used during winter, and vice versa.) 
  • You should always pick branded baby oils for massaging the baby.
  • Cold-pressed organic oils are also good for massaging baby.

Which are best baby massage oils that help to increase the bone strength?

Here are different types of massage oil that are used to massage babies for the development of strong bones and muscles:

Dabor lal tail: When it comes to baby massage oils, ayurvedic oil is considered as the wiser choice. Lots of added herbs will make the oil more beneficial. Dabor lal tail is an ayurvedic oil that has won the trust of millions of mothers for decades to increase the muscle development and for the bone strength of the baby. This oil is clinically proven to give 2 times faster physical growth to the baby. It is made up of different kind of herbs and herbal extracts. Unlike other branded massage oils, dabor lal tail is reasonably priced and can afford by most of the families.

Olive oil: Olive oil, with the goodness of olives, not only makes the baby’s skin soft, beautiful, and glowing, it also helps in muscle development and formation of strong bones. No need to keep the oil for a long time. You can regularly massage your baby with olive oil just half an hour before bath. For best results, after massaging the baby with olive oil let the baby get some sunlight so that the body will absorb Vitamin D. Vitamin D is an important factor for the bone strength.

Mustard oil: Mustard oil is mainly used during the winter season. It will be more beneficial if it is heated with fenugreek seeds and garlic. This combination is well known for strengthening the bones and muscle of the baby.

Sunflower oil: Sunflower oil is a good source of vitamin E and fatty acids and helps with the muscle and bone development of the baby.

Castor oil: Regular massaging with castor oil is excellent in promoting bone development in babies.

Sesame oil: Stated as ‘the king of oils’ in Ayurveda, sesame oil is an excellent option for the health of skin, and development of strong bone and nerves.  Massaging the baby with warm sesame oil daily for 15 minutes before bath will promote the growth and helps increase the height and weight of the baby.

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Baby Massage Oils That Enhance Bone Strength


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