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Does Baby’s First Head Shaving (Mundan) Influence The Hair Thickness?

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Some children are born with a crown of beautiful Hair, and some with shiny balds. However, most of the babies undergo head shaving during babyhood. The reasons for shaving baby’s head vary. Many do it for cultural reasons, while some do it thinking that it will improve the thickness of the hair.

In India, in different communities and religions shaving off baby’s first hair (mundan)  is a custom the occasion is called Mundan ceremony and is celebrated in a big way. Shaving the head of the newborn is common in different countries like China, Africa, magnolia, etc. as well. There are many beliefs about the shaving of a baby’s head and most of them are influenced by traditions. The most common belief is that shaving the baby’s head will increase the growth rate and thickness of hair.

However, most of the new parents are confused due to the old traditions and the new ideologies., which often clash each other, confusing should they follow a particular custom. Also, there are parents who do not trust in the ritual of shaving the head at all. If you are a confused parent, this article will help you to get an idea of this practice.

Does shaving baby’s head promotes hair growth?

Shaving the head of the baby has nothing to do with hair’s thickness or how it grows. The texture, color, and thickness of the baby’s hair are genetically predetermined from birth. Hair growth depends on the hair follicles, which are beneath the scalp’s surface. The numbers of follicles are more or less influenced by genes. Therefore, whatever is done above the scalp will not help to multiply the follicles, and hence, will not affect the hair growth as well.

But the child’s hair does appear thick when it grows back. Why?

Actually, the hair “appear” thicker, rather than becoming thick.  This is because,

When the hair is shaved and new hair starts to grow back at the same time, it gives the impression of fullness and thickness to the hair owing to the uniform growth and even ends.

Another reason is that the babies lose the fine hair they were born with from 0 to 4 months old. Only after that, the original hair growth starts. It is around this time, most babies get their first haircut, thereby, the coincidence gets connected to the shaving.

Are there any advantages of shaving the head of the baby?

Even though shaving has nothing to do with the growth rate and thickness of the hair, it definitely has some benefits. Ayurveda recommends shaving the baby’s hair as a remedy to cure ringworm and head lice.

Summer head shaving benefits:

The head sweats a lot during the summer and the sweat tends to remain in the head between the hair strands. This makes the head smelly and the hair damps with sweat as well. That is why the children with thick hair undergo colds and sniffles during summer. Shaving the head in the warmer months will help to maintain the health of the scalp and help to make the baby less cranky.

Helps to get rid of skin issues:

Shaving the head of the child helps to get rid of some skin conditions like pediculosis (nothing but head lice), plica Polonica (a rare condition of irreversibly twisted, entangled, matted hair), and Piedra (a hair disease caused by a fungus).

Makes the head bath easier:

Once shaved, there is no need of shampooing the head of the baby. Therefore, no more crying and tears from babies during the head bath.

What is the right time to shave the baby’s head?

Shaving the baby’s head is not a big deal, but it is important to conduct this safely.Even though some religions carry out the head shaving when the baby is nine days old, it is always recommended to shave the head of the child when the head has hardened and the baby can be managed.

Precautionary measures and tips for shaving baby’s hair:

  • Preferably conduct the shaving of baby’s head in the daytime. This will ensure sufficient light and moreover, babies are less cranky during the daytime.
  • Hold your child correctly as too many movements could lead to an accidental cut in the scalp.
  • Once the process starts, distract your child from the procedure. You can engage in conversations and can use colorful images, kinds of music, or whatever things the baby likes, to keep him or her comfortable. Distracting the child will help to carry out the shaving process without interruptions. Ensure the distractions will not make the baby to turn the head suddenly, as it increases the chances of injury.
  • After the shaving of the head, give the child a  warm bath so that all the bits of hair over the body gets washed off.Bits of  hair, if not cleaned away,will cause itching.
  • Apply a light moisturizer or coconut oil on the scalp to avoid irritation and itching. In the temples, they provide turmeric and sandal paste which has antiseptic and cooling property.
  • Ensure the things used for shaving the baby’s head are all sterilized and in good condition. This is very important in the instance you are visiting a holy place to perform the ceremony.
  • It is always better to use a trimmer. If you are going to shave the head, not as a part of the religious ritual that demands to shave all the hair, a short buzz with a trimmer is equally beneficial.

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Does Baby’s First Head Shaving (Mundan) Influence The Hair Thickness?


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