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Why Toddlers Are Fast Learners And Selecting Toys For toddlers

Children are exceptionally fast learners. We all know that. Most of us have heard talks and read articles regarding how fast the children absorb the information, let is be right or wrong, they come across, like a sponge. That is why taking measures to develop numerical skills and language skill in Toddlers is very important. It is equally important to lay the basics of values and morals during this age. Whatever you put in his mind will be easily absorbed. Therefore, raising a child, especially till they turn five, need to be done very carefully, as this phase, without any doubt, is the base of their  life. Stronger the foundation better-quality life your child will have.

There is a scientific reason for the toddlers being a good learner.

What makes toddler a fast learner?

We all know that brain absorbs, analyze and pass information. Brain cells consist of neurons. The connection between two neurons is called synapses. Synapses are, therefore, basically biological junctions through which the neuron exchange the signals. The number of connections in babies and toddlers is far greater when compared to the older children and adults.

Why, because instead of ignoring irrelevant information like an adult brain, a developing toddler’s brain tends to process everything and form neural connections. It is not necessary to keep all the information and connections made to stay alive forever. Therefore, synapses that are used again and again eventually will get stronger and more efficient and remains. Others will go away. In due course, the synapses will be reorganized. This is due to neuroplasticity, the unique ability of the brain cells to reform itself by forming new neural connections throughout one’s life. Neuroplasty will be exceptionally active during the early years of the child (It gradually decreases as the child grows and relatively less active during the old age of an individual). 

Here arise an important question. What happens to the synopses that are less used? Well, when it comes to brain cells the rule is “use it or lose it”. Therefore, the neural connections which are not used become weaker and will eventually discard through a procedure called  “synaptic pruning”, which happens as children get older.

How toys impact toddler’s development?

Now you know that the early experiences of a toddler have a significant and lasting impact on their cognitive and social development. They also have a high potential to be influenced. This potential should be dealt in a positive way.

Here comes the importance of toys.  Have you ever noticed the time your little one spend playing with toys? Most of us instead of noticing and watching it use those times to run our daily chores. Right? With working parents, the time the toddlers spend with playing with toys will increase further. We are constantly worried about the possibility of our little one getting exposed to the pollution and disease-causing microbes. However, most of us are least worried about one thing our child is exposed to most of the time, his or her toys.

Toddlers achieve milestones across the cognitive, fine motor, gross motor, language, emotional, intellectual, and social domains. There are different toys that encourage the baby to attain these milestones fast enough. When it comes to Selecting Toys for your child, it’s not the cost, but the purpose served by the toy that should count.

Selecting toys for babies

  • Sight, sound, touch, taste, and smell are the means by which the baby starts to get their primary information. Therefore, the best infant toys for the first three months should be brightly colored noisemakers.
  • The brightness and contrast colors will stimulate their developing vision.
  • Objects that move slowly and produce a gentle sound will be fascinating for the baby than those that are fixed and silent.
  • Select rattles, unbreakable mirrors, toys that make music for your little one.

Selecting toys for toddlers (1-2)

As babies start to sit up, crawl, stand and then walk, they should be given toys that help to develop fine motor skills. What you have to make sure is that the toys have no small removable parts that can cause the choking hazards or sharp edges that could hurt your baby.

  • They’re now ready to try out nesting cups, activity boxes, stacking rings, and large blocks with bright colors.
  • As soon as they’re up on their feet, give them push-pull toys that make noise or have pieces that pop up or move.
  • Noisemakers like Tambourines, xylophones, drums and other simple musical instruments will make the toddler happy.
  • When babies hit two years, shape-sorters is a good option to develop their skill to recognize shapes.

Selecting toys for toddler (2-4)

This is the best ever growth period for the frontal lobe networks of your toddler’s brain. Remember, the brain will attain 90% of its adult weight by the time child turn 6 years. The toddler’s ability to speed of processing, memorize, and problem-solving will increase incredibly when they are 2 to 4 years old.

  • Toys which promotes the imagination and interaction like tool sets, play telephones, kitchen appliances and utensils, professional toy kits like,  doctors kit, fireman kit, Motor mechanic kits, etc., vehicles, dress-up clothes, baby dolls, etc are good choice for this age group of toddlers 
  • Another interactive toy for this age group is finger or hand puppets that helps the toddler to act out day-to-day experiences.
  • Early introduction of board games will help the child to get the concept of taking turns and sharing.
  • Modeling clay is a creative skill developing material for this age group
  • Also, select games that help to develop language skills (recognizing words) and numerical skill (recognizing numbers) of the child.
  • Art materials like crayons, paints, collage materials are other choices to enhance the toddler’s creativity side.
  • Never ever forget to introduce books to their world. Actually, this should start way before. 
  • This is the appropriate age for the toddler to have his personal vehicle – The tricycle

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Why Toddlers Are Fast Learners And Selecting Toys For toddlers


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