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How to deal with a busy husband?

Do you have a Husband who is too busy most of the time? Are you feeling worthless and neglected? This blog is for you.

 Working hard to achieve a goal and to keep your family safe and sound is good, as long as you are not tiring yourself to an extent that it is taking a toll on your own health and family Relationship. The success in the profession by compromising relationships make both incomplete. Happiness at home has a positive impact on the efficiency of ones’ work. Therefore, maintaining a balance between work and family is important.

Like the old saying, it is always easier to preach than to practice. There comes a time in everybody’s life, especially once they are around the middle age when work takes priority over everything else. Hectic and busy schedules of your husband can put stress your marriage. You may feel ignored because your partner is so wrapped up in his work. Do you know the feeling of negligence is one of the most ignored,  yet most painful emotion that kills a relationship? Even the perception that someone you value most in your life doesn’t have time to care about you or think about you can kill you from the inside. It even makes you question your self-worth.

This doesn’t mean you are stuck there for the rest of your life either. Nothing in this world is perfect. So is the relationship of two individuals in the same boat for quite some time now. It requires some repairs and changes in attitudes to work better.

Here are some tips which help to handle your emotions and plan your life if your husband keeps himself busy most of the time.

Put yourself in his place: Put yourself in his shoes and evaluate the circumstances through his viewpoint before blaming him. You will get the answers to most of the questions and complaints that eat you up.

Never compare: Never weigh your life against others. Just because your friend enjoys more vacations with her husband, doesn’t mean your husband is also in a position to do so. 

Never be a complaint box: Nagging and complaining all the time about not spending enough time together can worsen the situation. Instead, find out some ways and plan something that suits your circumstances so that you can have some quality time with your husband. Remember, with a busy spouse, its the quality that counts more than the quantity.

Adjust the time: If both of you are working and if your husbands working schedule is not changeable, try to change your working time so that, you can find some common time to get together.

Engage yourself: If you are a homemaker, unavailability of your husband will affect you more. Engaging yourself in various activities you are interested in will not only help to keep you busy, but is also an excellent option to evade your insecurities and negative thoughts as well. Join some innovative clubs. Engage in group activities. You may even make new friends of your same wavelength. (So it doesn’t matter even if you lost all the contacts with those school and college friends by now) Interacting and mingling with friends group help to pull yourself through this difficult phase of life.

Hobby time: It is time to engage in hobbies. Let it be the old one that you loved to do or you can even start to try out new hobbies. Haven’t you read the write-ups about people in their retired life who suddenly follow their hunch to try out new activities like painting, gardening,and crafting, and marked their signature?

It is time to love yourself: Start to do an important thing that you neglected all these days. Yes, start to love and pamper yourself.

Learn to have the benefit of spending time alone.

Start to read those books you kept aside. Try to explore your interested area. Let it be fictions, spiritual or motivational.

You can find time to try things you never dared to do alone. You can opt anything that energizes you, from driving to swimming and many more.

Stay social:

You have lots of things to contribute to the society. Find people with the same mindset as yours. Your inner power, activities, and achievements will let him see you in a different light and angle. He will feel proud of you. It will reflect on his attitude too.

Communicate: Temper tantrums should be expected from a husband who is too much involved in his work. After all, his stress level is high. Never do anything to aggravate it. Replace your ego by compassion. Never let his mood swings keep you from communicating with him. Trust and communication are two important aspects of a healthy relationship. Trust him. More importantly, let him know you trust him. Let him know you understand how hard he is working for the family. Let him know you love and respect him.

Choose a right time and talk: Open and friendly talks will help. The only thing is you have to choose a right time. You can tell him how much you miss him, your feeling of being neglected, about the promises he forgets, etc. After all, he is your man with whom you sailed this far, isn’t he? Never be in an offensive mood while talking to your husband, especially when he is tired after a busy day. Reconnect yourselves to each other and work together towards a better relationship

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How to deal with a busy husband?


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