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Weird things happening in your vagina? It could mean good news!

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Pregnancy is a journey full of surprises from day one. Vomiting, nausea and dizziness are not the only signs of Pregnancy. There are a zillion other changes that happen head to toe in your body, if there is a big news in store. And the best part is that sometimes we are blissfully unaware of these symptoms and even tend to brush it aside.

Here are some weird signs of pregnancy!

1.    Weird discharge down there

Discharge down there might be a common thing even before or after periods. But if this persists after intercourse or after a delayed period, things could mean differently. But if you constantly feel the need to change your undergarments or panty liners, because of the sticky, white discharge, it could mean good news. However, if you do notice the discharge being smelly or if any burning or itching sensation prevails, head to the doctor immediately.

2.    Getting hairy everywhere

Strange things happen to the hair follicles during pregnancy. Blame it all on the hormones! Your hair grows at the pace of light and also appears thicker and luscious. You might also notice a substantial increase in the leg and underarm hair during the initial stages of pregnancy.

3.    Your hips make you feel like an 80-year-old

Walking up the stairs might suddenly be a daunting task. But no, that does not mean you are growing old, it could just mean you are pregnant. Hip pain is a really common symptom of pregnancy not just in the last trimester, but even in the initial days when things are getting shifted around in your uterus. And there is nothing much you can do about it. Finding the right sleeping position or throwing an extra pillow between your legs might help.

4.    Feeling like you have a perpetual cold

Congested chest, wheezing and a runny nose is not just symptoms of a common cold. It could be pregnancy too! The increase in hormones and the blood circulation causes the mucous membranes to swell and dry out and also bleed faster. You likely won’t get an actual cold, but you must be watchful simply because your immune levels will be all over the place during pregnancy.

5.    Shoes don’t fit right

Remember, pregnancy symptoms happen from head to toe. So, here’s the foot end of things. During pregnancy, shoes tend to feel tighter due to fluid retention in your feet. Your feet will return to their normal size once the baby arrives, but you need to wait nine months for it!

6.    Your breasts look different

This is not weird, but this one’s a sure shot sign. Your breasts go through the maximum changes during pregnancy. From enlarging to darkening around the areola and little bumps around the nipples, there is a lot that will be going on in your chest region. But fret not! It will all settle down with time.

7.    You sweat at unimaginable places!

There’s sweat under your arms, between your legs, under your breasts, on your scalp and in almost every part of your body!

8.    Gassy is the new feel

You feel like a bloated balloon ready to burst anytime? Welcome to pregnancy! Pregnancy hormones lead to a lot of bloating and swelling, making you constantly want to break wind. And unfortunately there, is nothing much you can do about it!

9.    Laughing means leaking

Even a little bit of gag is making your pants wet? You could be pregnant! Leaking during pregnancy is very common. This is because there is something growing inside you and right next to your bladder, literally pressing it. So expect the pressure to cause a leak!

10.    You snore like a machine

Pregnant women might snore to an extent that it could make the person next to you extremely uncomfortable. There is no reason to be concerned if you are snoring all of sudden once you know you’re pregnant. Aside from more disturbances while you are trying to sleep, it typically isn’t a problem for the pregnancy itself.

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Weird things happening in your vagina? It could mean good news!


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