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9 weird and unique (and wonderful) capabilities of the female body you are not aware of

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We Women are truly superwomen, all of us. Do you know why? It’s because we have certain powers that men can’t even dream of. Here’s a list of all the unique things we women are capable of. Read this for your feel-good factor today!

1. We can really bend and stretch!

Our muscles and ligaments have more elastin than collagen, which makes us extremely flexible. See, this is why there are so many more women at your yoga class than men, and this is also why we are so much better at keeping the house clean! We bet your husband could never reach that difficult corner to dust out the cobwebs! But the downside to this is, less collagen makes us more prone to wrinkles than men and get more painful joints.

2. We live longer than men

Women have better immunity against internal and external threats and our cells age slower than men. This means that no matter what our appearance says, we age slowly inside. Proof? Look around you – you’ll see more older and healthier women around you than men. This also explains why we fall sick rarely and are designed to make sensible choices that take us away from physical threats.

3. We orgasm better at 40

Believe it or not, sex actually gets better as we get older. By the time we hit the big 4-0, we are already more comfortable with our bodies, and our hormones get a surge to warn us that we are approaching menopause. This makes us more sexually active, and get quicker orgasms, at least for a while. And it’s even better than your 30s when people believe they have reached their sexual prime.

4. Our clitoris is only there to make us happy

Did you know it’s only us women who have an organ exclusively for sexual pleasure? Men don’t have anything remotely close to it! Yes, we are talking about the clitoris – the visible button-like portion is near the front junction of your vagina. The clitoris is the Human female’s most sensitive erogenous zone and generally the primary anatomical source of human female sexual pleasure. How unique is that?

5. We remember more

There is a reason why you remember where your husband kept his keys, and he doesn’t. There have been studies to prove that a woman’s Brain has better recall and memory and also that the brain’s memory hub shrinks in men, but not in women, between the ages of 20 and 40. This is a good thing, you know, because half our fights would not have an edge if we couldn’t remind our husbands about that thing his mother said to us 5 years ago, or how he forgot to do something 3 years ago on a Wednesday.

6. We listen differently than men

According to studies, women and men listen and process information differently. Women tend to understand the emotional parts of messages more effectively than men. This is probably because research indicates that women process messages on both sides of the brain more so than men. Men tend to process more on the left side of the brain and emotional information is processed on the right side. No wonder we have more emotional empathy!

7. We can grow an entire human!

Our bodies are capable of stretching and changing to adapt to a growing human inside of us. We turn a zygote to an entire human, and our body can change and stretch to accommodate the new person, and even to deliver the baby. Places you didn’t imagine could stretch, can pass an entire baby through them. Plus, when you start breastfeeding, your brain changes to become more emotionally attached. And what’s more, we can have scores of babies during our reproductive span. Wow!

8. We can grow a brand new organ!

When we are pregnant, we grow a brand new organ – the placenta. Okay, it’s there only temporary, but it is there nonetheless. Its function is to provide an exchange surface between the mother and the baby and to protect the fetus. But how cool is the fact that we can grow a new organ even when we are so much older?

9. Our brains change during pregnancy

Studies have shown that being pregnant creates long-lasting effects in a mother’s brain, with MRI scans showing changes in grey matter volume that may actually help mums look after their new babies. Of course, first-time dads also need to adapt to their new parenting circumstances. But since the MRI scans didn’t show any kind of similar change in the fathers’ brains, researchers think the change in first-time mothers must be brought about by biological processes during pregnancy, such as hormone fluctuations. Amazing or what?

Feature image: DC Comics

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9 weird and unique (and wonderful) capabilities of the female body you are not aware of


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