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Are you losing weight from the right areas? Weight loss tips based on your body type

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All human bodies are beautiful, but in spite of that, we all have problem areas. For some of us, weight gain happens near the stomach while some of us only seem to gain weight around the hips and thighs. Read about these quick tips to know how to lose weight based on your Body type.

 Are you an apple body type?

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If you have an apple body type, you have a heavier midsection with more weight around the belly but the lower body is slimmer. People with this kind of bodies must know that abdominal fat, or visceral fat, can increase chances of heart disease, cancers and diabetes because there is a lot of fat surrounding their organs. But there is no reason to be scared. Visceral fat is metabolically active, and can be reduced by following the right diet.

 What you need: A low glycemic diet

Abdominal fat causes irregular levels of insulin in the body, and therefore, you need a low glycemic diet if you are looking to lose weight. This means that you should eat foods like green vegetables, some fruits, kidney beans, chickpeas, lentils and bran cereals as well as fibre-rich carbohydrates such as whole wheat bread, oats, etc. These foods control insulin levels in the body and prevent chronic diseases. Avoid foods like white bread, pastas, rice, cakes, and sweets because they tend to raise the sugar levels in the body.

 Have proteins and fats

Apart from high fibre carbs, consume proteins and healthy fats to control blood sugar. Have nuts and fish that are loaded with Omega-3. Monosaturated fats such as olive oil, seeds, avocados, etc also help to fill you up and cut down on snacking that can lead to belly fat. In fact, the purpose of these fats is to help you lose weight.

 You need snacks too

High fibre, lean protein and healthy fats are excellent to keep weight in check for apple-shaped bodies. But snacks are also important. Snacking helps prevent blood sugar spikes and keeps hormones balanced, preventing issue with excess belly fat. You can snack on fruits, sugarcane and nuts to do this.

 Exercise for apple bodies

Cardio seems to be the best way to reduce belly fat and aerobic exercise also helps to shed significantly more visceral (belly) and liver fat than resistance training alone, but that doesn’t mean apple shapes should totally avoid strength training. This plan combines high-intensity cardio to burn fat and effective strength moves to help you develop tight muscles all around your waistline

 Are you a pear body type?

Source: Looksgud

If you have a pear body shape, you have a heavier lower body. This means you have higher subcutaneous fat. But this is not as bad as visceral fat. However, this kind of fat is tougher to lose because it is not as mobile as visceral fat. But with the right diet and a lot of exercise, this stubborn fat can also be reduced.

 What you need: A high-fibre, low-fat diet

You need a high-fibre, low-fat diet with lean proteins to lose the subcutaneous fat. This means you should have several portions of whole grains such as quinoa, brown rice and brown bread. In lean protein, you can have white-meat chicken, white fish and egg whites.

 Avoid unnecessary hormones and increase calcium

Some studies suggest that the pear-shaped body may be due to increased estrogen levels, which is why it’s best to avoid non-organic and processed meats that may contain unnecessary hormones. However, calcium has been shown to influence the way our bodies store fat, making it helpful to load up on yogurt and dark leafy greens.” Also avoid alcohol, cola drinks and smoothies because they add unnecessary fat that is difficult to lose.

 Exercise for pear bodies

Aim for a minimum of 150 minutes of moderate-intensity cardio per week, with two total-body strength-training sessions on nonconsecutive days. Focus extra work on building the muscle in the upper body, too.

 Are you an inverted triangle body type?

Source: Looksgud

Inverted triangle shaped bodies, also referred to as top heavy body types, have broad shoulders and they’re prone to storing fat on the upper half of their body. In this body type, the shoulders are straight and squared, but the lower portion lacks definition and is flatter.

 What you need: Complex carbohydrates

For women with a broader upper section, complex carbohydrates are very important. Instead of white rice and potatoes, you can opt for brown rice and oats. Fresh, leafy greens are also very well-suited to this type. Avoid high fat cheeses and processed foods that induce flatulence and add extra salt to the body. Avoid full-fat milk and processed sugar as they tend to hoard up onto your upper body quite fast.

 Magnesium is really important

People with an inverted triangle body shape tend to have a good deal of back fat that can be reduced with an adequate intake of magnesium in the body. It also helps with blood sugar control and foods containing magnesium, such as dark leafy vegetables, spinach, almonds and black beans.

 Exercise for Inverted triangle bodies

Your focus in exercise should be to build up your bottom half — especially your thighs and buttocks — and define your waist. Stepping, lunging and squatting can strengthen and build your lower body and core. Medicine-ball torso rotations and chest passes can further define your core and provide balance for your body’s shape and strength.

 Are you an hourglass body type?

The hourglass figure tends to be the most desired body shape because those with this figure gain weight evenly throughout their body, instead of in any one problem area. When people with this type do gain weight, however, it’s most noticeable on or around the face, arms, chest, knees, and ankles.

 What you need: anti-inflammatory diet

People with an hourglass body type should have an anti-inflammatory diet that has lots of fresh fruits and vegetables as well as whole grains, healthy fats, beans and lentils. You should avoid white foods such as potatoes, bananas and anything made with white flour and sugar. Eat foods rich in essential fatty acids, calcium and magnesium, such as almonds for a slimmer waist.

 Exercise for an hourglass body

People with an hourglass body type need full body fat loss cardio 3-4 times per week. Spot train on troubled areas. The perfect hourglass figure shape needs to stay toned and still soft, developing a narrow waistline.

 Are you a rectangle body type?

Source: Looksgud

People with a rectangle-shaped body have similar measurements for their shoulders, waist, and hips—basically, no curves. Most skinny people tend to have this body type, and when they do gain weight, it’s usually in the belly. This is terrible for health reasons (hence the term “skinny fat”), since it leaves them prone to heart disease and diabetes.

 What you need: a plating method

People with this body shape may still have a high body fat percentage. You need a strict plating method: half plate fresh vegetables, one-fourth whole grain and one fourth lean protein such as fish and skinless chicken. Reduced fat dairy, along with complex carbs and healthy fats are excellent for people with this body shape because it reduces chances of cardiovascular problems.

 Exercise for a rectangle body shape

Opt for full body fat loss cardio per week, every other day try to work the upper body. Focus on core workouts to create the illusion of a smaller waist.

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Are you losing weight from the right areas? Weight loss tips based on your body type


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