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22 Fun Facts about Breastfeeding You Need to Know Now!

Breastfeeding is a matter of opinion. While some mothers readily go ahead with it, some are not sure. But there are some amazing facts that can tip the scales in favour of breastfeeding. We have hunted down some amazing facts that will convince you about how amazing breastfeeding really is! 

1. Breastfeeding helps babies sleep

Breast Milk contains substances that can soothe the baby and put them to sleep faster. We all know what that means! As long as the baby is asleep, we can sleep too! 

2. Breastfeeding helps you sleep too

According to some studies, breastfeeding mothers sleep up to 45 minutes more than mothers that do not breastfeed. Something tells us this has to do with the fact that the baby sleeps longer. But we aren’t complaining!

3. Babies drink very little milk

In the first 24 hours,  a baby doesn’t drink more than 7-14 ml of Breast Milk. That means about 1.5-3 teaspoons. 

4. It doesn’t last long either

Breast milk leaves your baby’s stomach within 47 minutes. In contrast, formula milk leaves your baby’s stomach in about 65 minutes.

5. More milk on the right!

Mothers typically produce 75% more milk in their right breast. This has nothing to do with whether they are left handed or right handed. 

6. Newbies make less

Mothers who have fed at least one baby in the past produce more milk than a mother who’s new to breastfeeding. 

7. Breast milk has antibodies

Antibodies can help your baby fight off flu, pneumonia and bacterial infections. Therefore, breast milk is very good for your baby’s immune system. 

8. Don’t give him cow’s milk

Cow’s milk has been proven to be bad for your baby. It’s worse if you introduce cow’s milk within the first 8 days of birth because it can lead to Type 1 diabetes in your baby. 

9. Babies are better dieters than us!

At any time, a baby will only have about 67% of the milk you have. They never ever have all your milk, so don’t worry, you’ll not run out. 

10. Breast milk is great for his future

Breast milk really helps build your baby’s immunity and it isn’t just for the length of infancy. In later time, a sufficiently breastfed baby has a better chance of fighting off leukemia, asthma and other diseases. 

11. Breast milk gives him better teeth too

A sufficiently breastfed baby tends to have better teeth with fewer cavities and good alignment. Your baby may not have any teeth now, but breast milk is still great in developing those teeth for later. 

12. You have your own scent

Your baby can smell you when you breastfeed and the milk has its own associations for the baby. It is so distinctive that your baby could pick you right out of a lineup based on the smell! 

13. Breastfeeding is great for weight loss

Don’t fret if you can’t get back to the gym immediately after childbirth. Breastfeeding your baby can burn between 500 - 1000 calories a day! 

14. Breastfeeding can help prevent cancer and osteoporosis

Mothers who breastfeed for a sufficiently long period have a lowered risk of breast and ovarian cancer. In addition, if your baby is a girl and has been breastfed for a reasonable time, breast milk can reduce her lifetime chances of breast cancer by up to 25%. Chances of osteoporosis are also reduced in breastfeeding mothers. 

15. Breastfeeding helps you get back in shape

Mothers who breastfeed heal faster. The uterus gets back to its original size faster and postpartum blood loss is also significantly reduced in breastfeeding mothers.

16. Lower chances of SIDS

Breastfed babies have up to 70% less chance of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), a worldwide phenomenon.

17. Breast milk is magical! 

It knows exactly what your baby needs! So your breast milk changes on a day to day basis. For example, on a hot day, your breast milk will have more water. Then when you start to wean, your breast milk will start having more sodium so it tastes salty and the baby is prepared to eat other stuff. Even the temperature of the milk can vary! Magic or what?

18. Bigger isn’t always better

Simply because you have a bigger cup size or bigger overall size, it doesn’t mean you will make more milk. 

19. It’s very relaxing

Breastfeeding relases a hormone called oxytocin in your body that can be very relaxing after all the ordeal of birthing. 

20. It’s perfect for your baby

There are no documented cases of a baby being allergic to his own mother’s milk. How perfect is that?

21. Cholesterol in your baby

Breast milk is a great source of cholesterol in your baby and a bigger baby can draw more cholesterol from the milk. Your baby needs cholesterol to develop nerve connections in the brain. 

22. And iron too! 

Up to 50% of the iron present in breast milk is absorbed by your baby. In case of formula, the baby can absorb only about 7% of the iron, even with high iron formula. 

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22 Fun Facts about Breastfeeding You Need to Know Now!


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