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This is the reason why your baby is refusing solids! (Mommies, you will be shocked!)

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So you have been waiting eagerly to start your Baby on solids and the day has finally come? Congratulations! Starting the baby on solids is a big milestone and we mommies are only excited to feed them the healthiest of foods. However, not all babies are cut from the same cloth! While some accept solids like a breeze, a few others resist it to the best they can.

However, before you lose hope, and give up, here are 5 basic reasons why your baby is refusing solids!

1. Baby is not well rested

If you are trying to feed your baby solids right before nap time or bed time, chances are your baby might not accept it willingly. Make sure you are offering solids when your baby is well rested.

2. Baby prefers a different texture

Not all babies like purees. So, before you spend hours pureeing those fruits and vegetables, make sure you do a round of trial. Experimenting before you introduce solids is the key to find out what your baby will like. This will help you understand your baby’s preference and in no time you will see your baby self-feeds like a charm.

Also, some babies who are six months and above would like to hold the food in their hand while eating. Purees make this impossible and the baby might not like to eat. Instead, you might want to cut your baby’s food into teeny tiny, eensy-weensy pieces so that he doesn’t choke. Unfortunately, babies don’t have the fine motor skills to pick up tiny pieces of food and bring them to their mouths until they are around eight or nine months old (or older). This may be why a baby is not eating much at mealtime when really, he wants to!

3. Eating environment is too distracting

While a little bit of distraction is definitely needed to make kids eat, one needs to ensure this is not overdone. If your baby is too distracted with toys, music, screens or siblings, he may become too distracted to concentrate on the food. Instead, try to create a healthy eating environment for your baby to eat hassle-free.

4. Baby is feeling pressurised

It is very common for mothers to get a little over anxious when babies start on solids. However, if you are overly anxious about how much your baby is eating or if you are feeding him the right food, your baby is going to feel pressurised and eat less because of it. Mealtimes should be fun, calm and relaxed, and this starts with you mommies! Remember to smile, laugh and stay positive. Take the pressure off of yourself knowing that it is 100% up to baby whether she eats her food and how much she eats. Although you might analyze every bite, try to sit back and focus on your baby, rather than getting anxious.

5. Baby comes full to the table

Babies have a very small stomach and so you must ensure you feed them once in two hours or every two to three hours once they are six months or above. You can increase this to three to four times once your baby grows older. However, some mothers insist on nursing the baby before offering solids. While this is not a harmful habit, it might make the baby feel full, and hence eat less. As a result, babies don’t take a liking to solids. To avoid this, make sure your baby is not breast or formula fed right before you offer solids. On the other hand, bringing a baby who is too hungry to the table might also not work. He is cranky, fussy and definitely will not eat.

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This is the reason why your baby is refusing solids! (Mommies, you will be shocked!)


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