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The first time I did LSD

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First time LSD Experience

We were all sitting in a Shack, and Microdots appeared. After taking one, roughly two hours later, I felt no effects… So I dropped another one.. And sat there, for another hour. Little happened, except a giggly sort of buzz. As the night wore on, our need for cigs became apparent, so we decided to leave our shack in the field and make our way down into the town…

As I stepped through the door of the shack, the moon above became and interesting spectacle. Glowing with a varied array of blues and yellows.. At this time, I was aware of the fact that I was Slowly but surely sliding under the influence of the drug.. Exiting the field, and making our way down the road, myself and my friend S slowly but surely wandered several paces ahead of one another, inspired and filled with awe for the shape above us which was slowly developing- It was the mixture of the colors on the horizon, the starry night broken with the occasional cloud and the moons glow falling down upon us, in combination with the yellow streetlights.

As we reached the end of the road, my eyes darted to meet my friend S’s face, she was ‘glowing’ without a doubt- A color of bright purple.. We continued to walk down the hill, pausing occasionally to have a giggle and stare at random ambient objects which seemed to have lives of there own, radiant with color and beauty the likes of which I could have only ever experienced with the power of my imagination, but instead felt like the reality of reality which the imagination cannot reproduce.

We continued down the path, until we were in the town itself.. By this time, it was 4:30am, cold, and the streets were lined with drunkards. Now, I don’t know about the rest of you but people spaced off there heads on LSD, and intimidating drunks simply don’t mix. By the time we’d reached station and were attempting to buy cig’s, the thought of everyone watching me grew to the point of an almost trip-laced anxiety attack.. However, with the knowledge that if I lost control of the trip it would be the end for me(as you’re NOT supposed to take more than 1 microdot.) in hand, and keeping a cool head, I attempted to steady myself.

Time passed quickly, and I’m not sure whether it was the sensation of my clothes pressing against my skin which caused it, but it felt as though I was covered with water, soaking wet, but dry at the same time. Forgetting that your nose and mouth tend to run alot while on these, I had somehow convinced myself that I was melting from the inside out, and my own voice in my head which was previous telling me: “Don’t worry, you’re just tripping!” had taken a vacation to the next life to see if it could find some dope.

Eventually, we escaped the clutches of the crowded town, and returned to our abode high above the hustle and bustle in the field. The walk up was without a doubt extremely hard, as I was fighting with the raging sense to just -EXPLODE- all over the pavement, and let my soul float free. But managed to calm myself by the time I’d reached the shack once again. My heart was racing, my nose running and my eyes were of little to no use to me due to the sea of colors and flashes of lights around me which blocked all contact with the outside world- Occasionally coming up for air, opening my eyes and getting a glimpse of the happy faces around me, there coloration distorted and flickering with shades unexplainable.

As the night wore on, I dropped off into these ‘Pockets’ of complete mental isolation and trip, detached from the world and lost in a warm sea of beauty, awe and rapture.. Eventually, 6:30am rolled around, and the fatigue of the amount of energy we’d burned finally took its toll upon us. And we staggered home, tripping off of every minute object in our paths to our beds. Where I lay, attempting to sleep, but hindered by the unstoppable blasts of colors, flashes of lights and sounds, singing, laughing, trance music, sensation, taste, existence as a whole was burning down into an infinite spiral of never ending interest. Dimensions of thought and concept were born in a new light…

I need to do this again, hehe.

I think next time though, I’ll stick to my one Microdot.

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The first time I did LSD


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