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The American Black Bear
The Crypto Crew · 15:32 24 Sep 2021
The American Black BearAnimals are fascinating and the more we know and learn about them the better. While I want our research team to present the many mysteries our world offers, I also wan… Read More
Blog Misteri Angie G… · 11:37 24 Sep 2021
 Fiamme d'amorein ogni dove, non luogo,in ogni tempo, non quando.Onnipotenti ed eterne fiamme d'amore,inviate dall'Ineffabile Essere d'Amore,risvegliate la vostra immensa luce,illuminat… Read More
Blog Misteri Angie G… · 09:05 15 Sep 2021
 La follia di questo mondo, ha raggiunto livelli veramente assurdi,  certo anche nel passato non sono mancati periodi folli, pensiamo all' inquisizione, al nazismo... etc., ma allo… Read More
Blog Misteri Angie G… · 07:48 10 Sep 2021
Tenebre, oscurità,insieme al nulla eterno,avanzarono.Nel centro un cuore nero pulsava.Ombre oscure immense,si allargarono sui mondi.Angeli neri come la pece,volarono nei cieli senza p… Read More
What Makes A Bigfoot White?
The Crypto Crew · 21:04 08 Sep 2021
What Makes A Bigfoot White?There are a few theories that are thrown out there by researchers on how some bigfoot or sasquatch are white in color.One of them is that bigfoot and sasquatch tur… Read More
The Crypto Crew · 15:10 07 Sep 2021
Tsiatko by mechmorphDAZLegend of the SeeahtikSome Native tribes say that during evolution when the peoples were changing from animal to man, the Seeahtik did not fully absorb the soul power… Read More
The Crypto Crew · 21:01 03 Sep 2021
The Tatra Mountains sightingsThe Tatra Mountains run along the border between Poland and Slovakia, forming a natural border. It is the highest mountain range in the Carpathians but should no… Read More
Roberto Langella Faq… · 19:12 01 Sep 2021
#formalistasrusos #boriseichembaum #vanguardiasenpoesia Impulsados por las vanguardias de principios del siglo XX, los formalistas rusos fueron un grupo de jóvenes estudiosos de la li… Read More
The Crypto Crew · 15:13 27 Aug 2021
Bigfoot Field Research UpdateThis is a research update from my adventures out in the wilds of the eastern Kentucky mountains. This is from two different days. The dates are August the 12th a… Read More
Schrodinger's Cat
The Crypto Crew · 18:30 24 Aug 2021
Schrodinger's catSo what does quantum physics have to do with sasquatch? In the case of this thought experiment, perhaps quite a bit.First a little info for those who aren't familiar with qu… Read More
The Crypto Crew · 14:33 23 Aug 2021
Artwork Created by Thomas MarcumBigfoot Hit by TruckI got the following report submitted to me a few days ago. The event described by the witness took place near Newport, Tennessee. New… Read More
The Crypto Crew · 22:22 22 Aug 2021
 Alabama White Thang"It stands on two legs, runs on all fours." It even has its own Facebook page with over 2000 members.There have been sightings of this creature for over a  hund… Read More
Selbyville Swamp Monster
The Crypto Crew · 17:33 20 Aug 2021
 Selbyville Swamp MonsterIn the 1920's two men hunting raccoons headed into the Great Cypress Swamp with their dogs. Their day became rather frightening for them.It was when their dogs… Read More
Padepokan Ampel · 04:34 20 Aug 2021
Garam Booster Aura | 0819 3171 8989 Garam Booster Aura sudah mengalami ritual khusus yang dikemas secara modern dengan penggunaan secara instan, mudah, praktis, sehingga tidak menimbulkan k… Read More
The Salt Creek Monster
The Crypto Crew · 20:31 19 Aug 2021
The Salt Creek Monster - orig. artworkby NancyThe Salt Creek MonsterFour teenage boys planned on a fun campout on July 9, 1970. They never suspected that within hours of setting up camp, the… Read More
Cities By Wolfsauge
Alternative World Hi… · 02:33 19 Aug 2021
KD: This was posted by @Wolfsauge as a comment. Figured it was interesting enough to be a stand alone article. I have something and I don't really know where to put it in this blog. Maybe… Read More
Sherman Pass Bigfoot?
The Crypto Crew · 12:47 16 Aug 2021
This photo is the one causing the stir. Sherman Pass Bigfoot? Thinking that WSDOT is having a little fun with their viewers. They seem to like to do that and that's no problem. They con… Read More
The Loveland Frog
The Crypto Crew · 13:31 14 Aug 2021
The Loveland FrogThe Loveland Frog [or Loveland Lizard] is one of those creatures that hovers between cryptid and urban legend. And what I thought would be an easy post turned more complicat… Read More
The Crypto Crew · 19:02 11 Aug 2021
 Rock apes of VietnamMany Vietnam Vets came home from their service telling tales of this aggressive and prolific being.When I saw the title of the paranormal show this spring that stat… Read More
The Crypto Crew · 16:40 10 Aug 2021
Deer People - (part two)So what are Deer People?People have offered several solutions and explanations.The one most offered is mistaken identification. Poor lighting distorts a normal deer… Read More
Blog Misteri Angie G… · 05:27 10 Aug 2021
Viaggiatore cosmico,chiuso in una rete protettiva di  amorevoli atomi,nessuna prigione può trattenerti,se tu non vuoi.Solo compassione e amore.Ti chiedi quale sia la tua reale or… Read More
The Murphysboro Mud Monster
The Crypto Crew · 20:15 09 Aug 2021
The Murphysboro Mud MonsterThe Murphysboro Mud Monster events started in June of 1973 when a young couple (Randy Needham and Judy Johnson) were parked at a boat launch in Riverside park, nex… Read More
Il Sito Del Mistero · 15:43 08 Aug 2021
 di Gianfranco Pecoraro "Naometria" è senza dubbio uno dei libri più misteriosi e inaccessibili, che per secoli solo pochi pri… Read More
Possible Dogman Sighting
The Crypto Crew · 13:07 06 Aug 2021
Possible Dogman SightingHere in my little area of Kentucky, we don't get very many dogman reports. This following report comes from our neighboring state of Virginia. The terrain in Virginia… Read More
The Vault (2021)
Alternative World Hi… · 22:25 01 Aug 2021
Title: The Vault (2021)Tagline: No job is impossible.Genre: Crime, Action, ThrillerDirector: Jaume BalagueróCast: Freddie Highmore, Astrid Bergès-Frisbey, Sam Riley, Liam Cunni… Read More