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Paranormal Blogs Directory

UFO Filmed In Texas
The Crypto Crew · 17:05 27 Oct 2020
 UFO Filmed in TexasThis is a very interesting capture out of Texas. On 10/22/20 the witness was driving and had to stop at a stop light, that is  when they noticed the object. The… Read More
Blog Misteri Angie G… · 08:25 23 Oct 2020
Compassione per me, Compassione per gli altri.In me rivedo le discese umane,  l'intolleranza che credo  non mi appartenga, eppure a volte c'è.comprendo la piccolez… Read More
Bigfoot Seen Taking Apples
The Crypto Crew · 19:04 15 Oct 2020
Bigfoot Seen Taking ApplesI got the following two interesting Bigfoot stories from Tammy. Tammy and I talk occasionally about Bigfoot. Tammy is now a believer after having a sighting back in… Read More
Wood Knocks In Oregon
The Crypto Crew · 18:00 14 Oct 2020
Wood Knocks In OregonThis report comes from TCC's Bobby and Corinna Long. It seems Bobby, his son Hunter and Hunter's friend Mya had a frightening experience. This happened on Saturday Octob… Read More
Blog Misteri Angie G… · 08:04 14 Oct 2020
La vera scienza riuscirà a trovare la prova della vita oltre la morte?Volete leggere questo interessante articolo  ?La maggior parte delle persone in questo mondo, sono cert… Read More
Blinding RED Ligths
Men In Black · 02:00 12 Oct 2020
  EX-MEN IN BLACK .- Cuando escuchas la cancion Blinding Ligths de The Weekend nos remonta a los sonidos de épocas inolvidables de la buena música y h… Read More
My Crypto World Episode 39
The Crypto Crew · 18:58 08 Oct 2020
 My Crypto World Episode 39Holy Resurrection! I finally did another episode of My Crypto World! In this episode I give you some updates and talk about some bigfoot stuff. Who knows you… Read More
Men In Black · 04:31 04 Oct 2020
  EX-MEN IN BLACK .- Estas tecnologías fueron probadas con diferentes prototipos y las pruebas debieron haberse hecho sin duda.Para evitar clonación o esp… Read More
Google Maps UFO?
The Crypto Crew · 16:31 30 Sep 2020
Google Maps UFO?The link, which I'll share, to this google map anomaly was sent to me by J. Anderson. I guess it can be classified as a UFO as I don't know for sure what it is or isn't.Its i… Read More