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7 Easy Ways To Make Magento 2 Faster

All companies are trying to expand their business by hitting the online marketplace. Availing the Ecommerce development services is the best solution here to develop an impressive website for representing products and services in the online world. Magneto 2 is considered as one of the best platforms for developing an online store.

It can help you in having an eCommerce website with desired features and functionalities. After developing such a platform, the business owners need to take care of lots of things such as – maintenance of the website and keep it running smoothly. Here, you will get some major tips regarding website maintenance and all.

Key Tips To Make Your Magento 2 Faster

Sometimes, the website visitors start experiencing slow website speed. It increases the difficulty for the visitors and leads to a bad impact only. To keep the visitors impressed and boost up the sales, everyone wants to speed up the Magento 2 website as much they can.

#1 Consider Proper Extension Inspection

While building an eCommerce store, there are different types of extensions and third party sources installed for better functioning and lots of features. It offers great comfort to the visitors as well. In some cases, the websites are becoming slower due to the bad performance of extensions or some related errors.

If you are experiencing slow website speed, then don’t forget to inspect these extensions. You have to consider a perfect audit of all third-party extensions. Work on all modules carefully and clean up the cache data. After proceeding these changes, don’t miss to check out all types of pages deeply.

In case you get success in finding the faulty extension, then you have to take preventive actions immediately. Here, you should deactivate the extension and it will help you in getting some improvements in the speed. Along with it, you have to take some more steps such as – reporting such an issue to the extension providing company.

For preventing the bad effects on the website and its functioning of deactivating the extension, you should search an alternative quickly and proceed with it.

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#2 Choose A Good Web Hoster

Web hosting plays a significant role in the case of website speed and performance. If you don’t use a high speed and strong server for hosting a website, then it creates lots of issues like – slower website speed. When it comes to the Magento 2 store, then you cannot make a mistake of working with a cheap virtual private server.

You have to keep the server strong enough to deal with lots of traffic and stress without affecting the website’s performance a bit. In the case of the Magento 2, everyone has to take care of some specific technological requirements like – SSD (solid state disk) and 2GB RAM at least. Avoiding these specific requirements will lead to some major issues directly.

Working with a system with a lower configuration according to recommendations can become a reason for slower server speed and response time. As a result, the website starts consuming more time in loading and serving the visitors. You should not choose a cheap web hoster where you will get less bandwidth as compared to the requirements.

#3 Enable Website Caching

If your website starts getting slower suddenly, then you should check out the cache system of the website first. Sometimes, the website speed getting slower due to the caching system is off. In case you find the same, then you should enable it quickly and as fast as possible. For such a task, you have to get assistance from the professionals.

Caching helps by saving some elements of the website on the browser. Whenever anyone accesses your website, then it will take less time to load due to the half data is already saved on servers. Here, the servers need to work for loading another half only. All these things are going to save lots of time without any problem.

#4 Avoid JS Bundling

JS bundling is one of the special and important features in Magento 2 for providing quality services to users. In reality, it becomes problematic instead of making things easier for clients or website owners. JS bundling is working by gathering all JavaScript based files together and create a group. The main motive behind such grouping is better performance but it does not happen.

This particular grouping system ends up by creating a big file. Whenever anyone requests for the website, then the servers start loading such a big file and due to it, the loading time also gets increased. It is the biggest reason that’s why everyone should try to avoid the use of JS bundling.

For dealing with such a condition and keeping things perfect, many Magento 2 web hosters are accessing HTTP2 and SSL settings. It will encounter the issue easily and deliver the best results with high website loading speed.

#5 Avoid Varnish And Use Built-In-Cache

Caching is highly important for all types of websites. When it comes to Magento 2, then you have two major options for full page caching and keeping the website’s speed high such as – Varnish and built-in application. Everyone has to pick one of these options carefully.

By choosing Varnish, you can increase the website speed tremendously and see improvements in its performance. Along with it, some experts are against using Varnish and consider the usage of the Build-In application.

  • For using Varnish, the interested ones have to install third-party software. With it, they need to take of its upgrades and maintenance as well. Due to it, you may find some things difficult to handle.
  • In today’s time, everyone is serving by using a fully secure website with the implementation of the SSL certificate. In case your website is fully secure, then you may face difficulties while installing Varnish and it may also create issues in its functioning.
  • While using Varnish, all pages may not get cached properly. In case your visitors access random pages, then it may not cached and will take more loading time.

These are some major facts by which you can understand why some experts love to consider Built-In caching application more. You can discuss such a factor with Magento 2 professionals for avoiding confusion and come to a conclusion quickly.

#6 JS And CSS Minification

CSS/JS Minification is a great feature that you will find in the Magento 2 but absent in Magento 1. By using such a feature, the users can easily enable the CSS/JS Minification without installing or accessing any third party extension or application. With it, you have to keep one thing in mind, this particular feature will work only in the production mode.

Minification provides benefits to the website owners by increasing the website speed. It minimizes the complete process and decreases the number of requests sends by a browser for accessing a website. Here, a browser needs to send only 2 requests rather than 50 to 100. Along with it, you cannot ignore the disadvantage of JS bundling that discussed previously.

#7 Production Mode

Magento 2 offers different modes for managing the development related operations and work with full perfection. These modes are – production, developer, and default. In case you want to access the fastest one, then you should go with the production mode.

In the production mode, the file generation process starts functioning quickly and keeps the files ready in advance. This will be useful in increasing the overall website speed and making things better than before.

Bonus Tips

  • Image Optimization – while developing an eCommerce platform, the business owners are sharing different types of images. You should not forget to optimize the images perfectly by compressing the size. It will be useful in decreasing the stress from servers and helpful in loading a website quickly.
  • Magento 2 Updates – there are different types of updates launched timely. You should keep your Magento 2 set up updated and it will help you in accessing some new features as well. Mainly updates are designed by paying attention to lots of things like – issues, improvements and so on. Speed improvement is one of these aspects.

These are some major tips by which you can increase the Magento 2 website speed and provide a great user-experience to the visitors. 

Author Bio:

Rio is CEO & founder of Webomaze Pty. Ltd. He believes in serving the IT industry with some unique solutions with a huge variety of services like – Web Design & Development, SEO Melbourne, ECommerce Development, and so on. 

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7 Easy Ways To Make Magento 2 Faster


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